Psychology: Hold a woman's heart, from continuous trouble, she started

In psychology, there is a Franklin effect that plays a vital role in maintaining interpersonal relationships.

The so-called Franklin effect is to take the initiative to ask others to help you.

If you want to cause attention to others, take the initiative to trouble.

Not you want to help them, but you have to take the initiative to trouble others.

If a man has been helping a woman, a woman will show you that the woman will not be grateful for your payment, even habitually call you.

Once the man puts low gestures in their feelings, women will only hurt anything. Don't need to be too good to women, smart men know how to do it.

If a man takes the initiative to seek a woman's help, women will be surprised.

The woman helped men completed their tasks. The man must express my gratitude in time, and the woman saw the man's attitude, it will feel comfort from the heart.

Women did not think that men will seek her help, and they have never thought of their ability to help others.

The man's request has improved the feelings of women. This memory makes women for a long time.

Psychology discovery, hurting a woman's heart, from constant trouble she starts.

Continuously increase the lens, just to strengthen the connection between two people

As the saying goes, men are not bad, women don't love, men continue to appear in women's vision, is to strengthen existence.

He wants to let the woman see his appearance, but also to let the woman realize his importance.

The man is constantly linger around the woman, just to take a woman to live a place.

Men contact women in a variety of ways, and deepen their understanding by seeking help.

Men make it out, just to close to the woman.

Feelings are needed, and two people who have nothing to say cannot be further further.

Men do not want to strengthen contacts, just to hurt women's hearts.

As men's mirror rates continue to increase, women are increasingly living in men.

There is such a sentence: "The alienation of people and people, never return the message."

If a man does not take the initiative, the relationship between the two people can only be in place. If a man is not going to take the first step, the relationship between the two people can only be placed in the heart.

It seems to find a woman to help, actually want to find a woman to talk.

Even just a simple greeting, you can become the most sincere blessings between each other.

Men continue to trouble the woman, is a woman's heart in a way to retreat.

The man deliberately showing unobstructed looks in front of a woman, that is, I hope to get a woman's concern and love.

The woman saw the man's harbor, and the affection of emotions will be born.

Men continue to find a woman to help, and a long time has become a woman's "home meal".

Women see that men are not from the state of mind, I want to reach a helping hand, her attitude towards men is in a quiet change.

Give a response in time, the real purpose is to pull the distance

Fan Deng said: "When this person gave you a small bus, he has investment in you. He has become a good man in front of you, so he is not willing to lose this in front of you. One component. "

If you have investment, you will hope that there is a harvest, and women have pourmed their hearts on their men. They must be very much looking forward to the man's response.

The man answers a woman in a unique way, and the sudden surprises make women feel unprecedented.

The woman didn't expect a man so romantic, her heart began to follow her men.

In interpersonal communication, follow the "Leverage Principles" most conducive to the harmony of the two people.

Men troublemakers, women helping men, men are grateful, will return women in the same way, women are embarrassed, will continue to help men ... two people helped to help, gradually become the most intimate People.

Women have investment on men, I hope to maintain a good image, and women do their best to help men, they will put this thing in my heart.

The man will not enjoy the care of the woman unconditionally, and the effort is only for the woman, there is a collection of intersections in this, and the two people have constantly rooted.

It is not a key to finding a woman to help, and the improvement is the final purpose.

Both people have paid, both want to get the return, two people think each other, two people don't consciously begin their intentions.

If you want to hold a woman's heart, the man will learn to trouble the woman.

After the trouble, the active returns can reflect a man's gentleman figure.

When a woman appreciates the man's style, she will be completely conquered by a man.

I only find someone to help on weekdays, and the emotions of love is obvious.

I really like this: "Real love, maybe never say love, but put you in the most important position. Never say love, but you hold you in your hand. The best love, you are wholehearted, you only have you One person, no one can replace it. "

Even if you don't say it on your mouth, you can't cover your mind.

Everyone is a smart person, and women will quickly understand the true thoughts of men.

Men will only find someone to help, men are looking for this person every time, it is helpful or confession, women have already gone.

There is only a woman's existence in the eyes of a man. It is a woman who encounters things to think.

The man is close to the woman with a side of the side, that is, I hope to get a woman's attention and favor.

Perhaps a man's means is very naive, but he expressing the true attitude. The woman saw a man's "careless machine", she can't always be indifferent.

Men find a woman to help a little busy, but he will carefully prepare to thank the gift.

Men use actions to prove everything, his payment makes women feel very moved.

In this life, only one person is only one person, I only find a person's "trouble".

The man is not directly expressed, but his confession is not to have a heart.

Maintaining the relationship should pay attention to methods, and must not make wrong order.

If a man wants to attract a woman's concern, it should be invisible to the woman properly.

Strengthen contact by seeking help, the relationship between the two people is increasing.

Just as the politician Zeng Guofan said: "The best way to pull a person is to find him help, and then others."

The best way to pull a person is to find him to help, and go back to him after helping.

Through the two consequences, the relationship between the two people is getting deeper.

Men seek a woman's help, but men will not be able to enjoy.

The man returned the woman with a unique way, and women can feel sufficient warmth in this feeling.

Men continue to appear around the woman, men constantly seek women's help, men also spend women's minds in invisible.

Women began to get used to this help, the feelings are constantly deepening in this back.

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