The girl bought a house before marriage, being rebuked by girlfriends: what to show, harm me, you marry me?

Although we are compared every day, we will envy others in the invisible, but we always want to pursue a better thing, this is not wrong, you should do our best, to achieve your own purpose.

If you want to have a home to the other half, the other party does not respond, or avoid your words, then this means that the other party has never considered this thing, and think even if it is not The idea of ​​marriage, I will not break up with him.

When you encounter such another half, we must not find an excuse, because if you really fall in love, then you can't want to have a good future with the other side, or even you may want to take you home early, so This can only explain a problem, the other party loves you to love deep enough.

Zhao Na's girlfriend Wang Qian is because of seeing her own house, hoping that the boyfriend also gave him a stable home, but later found that the boyfriend was a person who did not think about it, never thought about my own future, so Wang Qian chose to break up with boyfriend. After Wang Qian's boyfriend, he actually let Zhao Na compensate him.

01. Buying a house before marriage, especially envious

Zhao Na and Wang Qian are a particularly good girlfriend, and when the other party encounters difficulties, will always pay attention to all dangerous to help each other, this also leads to very deep feelings, even in the hearts of each other, each other The status is more important than boyfriends.

Recently, Zhao Na bought a house with his own efforts, although not much square, but also a warm nest.

After Zhao Na got the house, immediately invited his girlfriend Wang Qian to his family. I hope that girlfriends can bless themselves, and share their joy.

After Wang Qian came, it was bright. For this house in front of it, Wang Qian liked very much. I think this is the house you dream, and I'm secretly envious of my mind. I feel that my girlfriend is a book, but I have a little resentment. Or is awkward, because girlfriends are good, they are expected.

After dinner, Zhao Na left Wang Qian down, girlfriends began to lying in bed.

"You are really powerful, even I bought a house, I also want a such a house, but I can't afford it at all, I can only think about it."

"Don't be so discouraged, the house will always have, and my work is better than you, but I especially envy you, there is a boyfriend who loves you, and my parents also love you. My parents can't help me. Any busy, so I can only work hard. In fact, I also hope that I can have a job like you, don't have to be exhausted and struggle. So, don't envy me, if you like my house , I am always welcome to live, anyway, there are two rooms, I can't finish alone, and I don't have a boyfriend. "

"Are you talking about? Can I come true?"

"Of course, you are my best girlfriends, in fact, like this house is not expensive, you can buy your boyfriend, and then do your wedding room."

"Also, wait for me to go back tomorrow, I will discuss with my boyfriend."

Then two people were happy to talk about one night, the next day, Wang Qian returned to the house of myself and boyfriend.

02. Have a quarrel with your boyfriend

When Wang Qian returned home, he found that his boyfriend was playing a play, and after hearing himself, he did not export himself.

When Wang Qian, I felt very irritated in my heart, and I also started to abandon my boyfriend, so I was quarreling with my boyfriend.

"You know how to play games every day. We can have more than a year, but you look at it, I still have to live in the house we rent. Have you ever thought about our Future? Even my girlfriends have now bought a house, why don't you do it like me? "

"What is your homony? What is I work? Can I be more than people? And you eat explosives today? Let me fall back."

"Is this me to count you? Do you look at your way you don't ask for it, when can we have your own house? Don't worry about it every day to get out of the landlord."

"I said for a long time, you just saw your girlfriend to buy a house, envy, hate, I don't understand, how do you get such a substance now? Seeing people buying a house, I will buy you too. I don't think about my economic ability at all. "

"My material? For so many years, I have been following you in this particularly small rental house. Do I have a complaint over half a sentence? We are not short, but you have never thought about marry me. And there is no idea to buy a house. Do you think that I should stay with you in this loan? There is no such thing in my life, and I can't live a good life. "

"Bibi, you have to follow your girlfriends, people are graduated in famous universities, and you, just an ordinary two, do you take anything with others? If you say, you don't let me give you Buy a house, what is you doing now? We are still young, and you don't need to get married so much, and I haven't played enough. "

"Oh, old age? I have already 29, I should get married, but you know how to play every day, there is no heart, sometimes, even the rent and water and electricity charges in my family are me. I really don't understand, I didn't look at you at the beginning? I have already said so obvious, you still have to marry me, maybe we are in the beginning, it is a mistake. We break up. " After saying, Wang Qian packed his baggage. 03. Boyfriend is looking for a girlfriend to claim compensation

After Wang Qian broke up with his boyfriend, I also told Zhao Na in the first time, and also said the reason for the other party. Zhao Na said very unfortunately, but also said that no matter what the girlfriends do, She will have unconditionally supported.

However, how did Zhao Na and Wang Qian have not thought that Wang Qian's boyfriend found Zhao Na next day, stop Zhao Na in the neighborhood.

Zhao Na raised his head and didn't ask: "Is there anything?"

Wang Qian's boy saw Zhao Na's cold look, and the heart was very dissatisfied. It felt that she and her girlfriend broke up because Zhao Na bought a house, so she lost his girlfriend now. I should find Zhao Na compensation.

"What is it, harm me, you marry me?"

Zhao Na's rebuker of girlfriends, I felt a little ridiculous, and I was secretly in my own girlfriend, I feel that my girlfriends choose a division. Zhao Na shook his head and didn't want to take care of my girlfriends, so Say that "I took" is going to work.

But the girlfriend boyfriend didn't want to give this, so did not let Zhao Na walked.

Zhao Na was really angry at this time, and began to accuse it for girlfriends: "You are sure because of my cause, Wang Qiancai is breaking up? If you think, then I tell you, a big mistake, Wang Qian just wants to have a stable home with you, and I hope you can go up, take care of your future, but you don't reach her request, but also said her material, so she only I am disappointed with you, so choose to give up your feelings. Ok, I said so much, you will consider it. "After that, Zhao Na didn't take care of the girlfriend.

Although there have been a girlfriend boyfriend, I have tried to retain my girlfriends, but my girlfriend has determined to give up this feeling, so I have not promised the compliance of the other party.

Although each of us has changed his own ideas, we can't make a substance in a moment, so don't always feel that yourself, the other half, just want to have a future, a home If you think the other party, then I advise you to think about it, why do each other will work with you when you have nothing?

Each of us should cherish the other of themselves, should also treat the other half of them, rather than thinking that the other half should follow yourself, do not match the beautiful things, if this is the idea, then we really It is not worthy of the other party.

In fact, all the couples are only lacking a contradictory brochure point, so when you break up with another half, don't blame anyone, you should carefully consider, what happened between you and the other party, then Make up, rather than shirking all the faults into others.

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