Precision for four and a half years, I was eaten by Phoenix male

# 婚 恋 实 #

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When Yan Bin received the woman who had a big belly to me, I felt that my days collapsed.

I am clear that I don't want to have two children. I also know that my mother-and-husband is a traditional person. I always feel that there is no son is the last step. I have not developed in my eyes, there is no Developed to my husband Yan Bin because of the problem of born second birth, it ruled to the place where he was going to be able to find another woman.

I even feel that although I have inconsistent with my husband in the birth of the second child, he still treats me gentle, hurts me, let me think that we don't think there is no difference between husband and wife. In fact, Yan Bin does not have a situation in which it is inconsistent before marriage. At home, he is doing housework, care for me, there is a resistance to me, never angry, work, he is hard to enter, steady, only two years Become a unit leader, the career is successful.

He is very good in our circle, is a recognized good man.

Just in the last second, I was still in a friend circle to show off my husband. At this moment, my dignity was taken into the mud by the woman tall tall tall.

Looking at the woman's Mingyan face, I suddenly started self-defeating. Although I am the hostess of this home, I am the victim of betraying and deceiving the husband, but I am so unconfident, especially when this woman is in the same time, the invisible match, let I can't help but get it.

"I don't want you, I love people, it is her. You have only two roads in front of you, or we divorce, property is scored, your daughter is, or not divorce, but she is pregnant, This child must be born, I owe you too much. For the days, even if we maintain the current situation of marriage, I will live with her. "

Yan Bin is not discussing, but directly inform me, finish these, he pulled up a woman's hand, and the relatives took her left.

I remembered the face of the woman just, my back ridge is inexplicably brushed, a bad feeling let me turn around. In the model mode, the face of the woman in memory in memory has gradually overlapped, and it becomes more and more clear.

Is that woman? What time is she appeared around Yan Bin? She also had twenty-six seven this year, then she is also married. Is it? If so, why can she be pregnant for my husband? What makes her even the reputation, I have to give me my husband children?


I and my husband Yan Bin is when the big four is coming to graduate.

I also acknowledge that when I took the initiative to get close to Yan Bin, the purpose was not just simple.

He is the vice chairman of our school student meeting, and it is also a pointed bio-engineering professional. The long phase is not necessary to say, the height of one meter, the five senses are deep, handsome.

Because I graduated, I've been in love with Yan Bin for more than two years, I have left regrets by the people of the dormitory. I suddenly decided to make a fight. I thought that even if I can't want to know me. Think about his mind. Although he has a girlfriend, and his girlfriend is still very beautiful. This is aware of people throughout the campus, but I don't want to leave regrets, I finally hold the minds of the South Wall, confession with Yan Bin.

Surprisingly, Yan Bin did not exclude my initiative, and even I felt that he was close to me, it seems to have such a silk joy and pride, which made me completely.

It didn't take long for me, let me happen, Yan Bin has a hand with his school flower girlfriend, and stands on my side, be my personal boyfriend. He is gentle and warm, picks up my upper and lower classes, give me breakfast, make milk tea, help me make up the get out of class, and even the big winter will help me wash clothes.

Soon, there are some 懵 我, completely indulge in Yan Bin to my preference and gentleness. At that time, I felt that I became the lucky Cinderella, and I was loved and loved, so I could meet my beloved and righteousness to rush to my man.

My name is Li Qiuya, my head is not high, wearing a glasses, is a long phase, in addition to learning, I have to go, the other is ordinary to women who can no longer have ordinary.

But I was still near the graduation, grabbed the tail of the love, became the girlfriend of the man I thought about.


Our university is the financial school. After graduation, it successfully entered the banking system to work, Yan Bin gave up the study, I chose to have a local small pharmaceutical factory, accompanied by me, let me feel very grateful, I It is also determined that Yan Bin is a man who wants to marry in my life, then I will take him to see my parents.

Parents learned that Yan Bin family is rural, hundreds of unbelievable. In their view, we are not right in the two doors, and the three views will certainly have a lot of gains. It will not be happy after getting married.

Speaking of home conditions, my home is more superior to the family. My parents are the leadership of formal units, and this will only be very considerable. I am a blessing, but also being made by my parents, and Yan Bin's family is a rural. He also has a brother, a sister, his sister just goes to the university. The brother will also marry a wife in the future, and the burden of the old people in rural areas in the future. Will fall on Yan Bin as a long son.

But I don't care about my parents. I even told my parents directly, even if I bare marriage, even if I live, I have to marry Yan Bin. If I still have to dismantle us, I will rush with Yan Bin.

Yan Bin learned about my parents' opposition, I cried for a long time. He hugged me talking about him in my ear, I loved me very much, this is more firm, which is determined to fight with my parents. The reason is very simple, I love him, he loves me, no one can ink anyone. It's just that my parents, I finally sighed, I knew that Yan Bin didn't take the money to buy a car, and I gave 760,000 to buy a wedding room, so, I and Yan Bin finally married.

Not only that, the parents have passed the relationship, and the Yan Bin introduced a large state-owned enterprise unit. From then on, Yan Bin's ability has got a quality leap. In no two years, it became a small leader in the unit.

After marriage, I have been happy, Yan Bin remembers each anniversary day of our acquaintance, and the gift red envelope in the festival has never been broken. In the fall of 2017, we have a cute daughter. When I still remember me, Yan Bin took the moment I shed tears, I felt that I must be the happiest woman in the world.

It's just later, my mother-in-law hits us to see the child from the head of my family, then my family began to turn over the day.


Say to help us bring your child, but saying that your mother-in-law is more appropriate. She didn't know where to hear the baby, if she didn't pinch, if she didn't pinch, the child grew up was the nipple depression, although I told her later that this is unscientific, but she still carrys I, put the daughter's nipples and swell, and finally lead to the daughter's nipple, and the high fever is not retreating. It was born for 20 days because of infected half a moon.

Later, in more than two months, my mother-in-law was noisy to eat food to daughter, saying that it is the most raised people in grain. Although I have already gave the mother-in-law in advance, I told her that the child's complementary food would be able to add, and they have to be a professional baby complementary food, but she still 趁 I don't pay attention, chewing my hoe in my mouth. Spit out to the daughter's mouth, the daughter is so small, there is no teeth, can't chew, causing the daughter, coughing and crying.

That time, I finally couldn't help but send a lot of fire. My mother-in-law saw me got face, I didn't serve the dinner table, and I said that he was so good, strict, she is a qualified Mom, after all, she raised Yan Bin so excellent. She also said that I have a woman who wants to have a long way to have a long way, and it is worthy of her outstanding son.

That time, I cried too sad, my mother-in-law laughed at me, I didn't go up with his tall and handsome son. This kind of words were simply a heart. I don't know the ordinary, I don't know? But Yan Bin loves me, which onion? Why do you finger your hands?

Later, this matter, I took my parents to help me and took the child to tell the child. After all, the maternity fake ends I want to reply, and I will give my daughter to my mother-in-law. I am not tried.

I thought that the contradiction between the family was aroused around the child's feeding problem. The child was tied to my parents. Everything I didn't think of it, but I didn't expect that the mother-in-law was gave birth to the second child.


That, I kept in Yan Bin to complain that my mother-in-law, Yan Bin said to respect me, will help me persuade my mother-in-law.

In May 2020, my daughter had a kindergarten. Yan Bin chose the best experimental kindergarten in the city center, and it is recommended to sell the house in the home, change to the school district near the experimental kindergarten, so that kind of kindergarten plus primary school, you can worry.

After all, it is for the child, I agree with Yan Bin's suggestion, sell the house, take 230,000 from my parents, and more than 80,000 pieces in Yan Bin's hand, I bought 158 ​​square meters. School district room.

After moving into the new house, I thought this is a new beginning. After all, I and Yan Bin 's love is full. The daughter is also sensible. Our husband and wife are stable and smooth, and there is no reason to be unhappy.

But I want to be wrong.

After moving, Yan Bin made a serious idea of ​​letting me have a second child, and he also took her mother-in-law, two people went to go, I want to convince me to have a son. At that time, I was tightly in the critical period. In addition, my mother-in-law heavy men's light girl, I won't look at the child, my parents help me have tired enough, I want to regenerate a child, who comes?

So, I refused to ask him.

That time, Yan Bin was clearly unhappy, but did not say anything, but gradually, he went home to slowly change late, and gradually attributed to my enthusiasm, and even later, he moved to the side Looking back, I asked him why, he only said that it is too tired, and a person sleeping can rest.

I thought this was just that he and I didn't talk about the homogeneity of the second child. When he was sulking, he will still change back to my husband and hurt my husband.

But that day, he took the pregnant woman, appeared in my home.


I know that woman is Han Ling. It is a girlfriend at Yan Bin University. It is the school flower at the time. It is a pair of monks who have been blessed by alumni by alumni.

To be honest, I chose to be with Han Ling at the time, I also don't understand the reason. I asked Yan Bin at the time, Han Ling was so beautiful, why do you give up that feelings. Yan Bin answered me at the time, he didn't want to choose the most beautiful, just want to choose the most correct.

When he was, I listened to it, I took the words of Yan Bin to my confession. After all, I killed the people who defeated the school flowers. It is me. If I am not the most suitable for Yan Bin, it is not his mouth. People, how can he give up beautiful Han Ling to choose me? Can you now?

I am married to Yan Bin, and I have a good feeling, Yan Bin, but also eat back grass, and put the belly of the former girlfriend, and then go to the door to force the palace.

divorce? This is the first time I first think about this problem, I am divorced with Yan Bin? But it is not divorced, I have to watch Yan Bin and other women have double-in, have children lived over the day?

I think of this, I finally collapsed, my heart is gradually rising, and my emotions will slowly become out of control. If you raise your hand, you will smash your hands, and the layer of jarker should be broken. There was a slender crack.

I looked at the broken photos, the big droplets of tears, mixed humiliation and unwillingness, constantly flowing.

Suddenly, I found Yan Bin in the wedding photo, the face hanging on the face is satisfied and happy, but hidden in the left hand on the back of the clothes, the unknown finger and the index finger are overlapping together.

I have seen in a movie, and this gesture represents the vow, the marriage is more regret.

At that moment, I suddenly stayed. I started thinking that Yan Bin was married to Han Ling at the beginning. It may be a family condition of my family. He knows that he has been a newcomer who is just entering society. The city's buying room is almost unreal, but I like him so much, and you will put it. He counts the bless girl in the family. My parents are not willing to eat.

In other words, Yan Bin may not break up with Han Ling, they just separate, then take me as a springboard, get the car house and work through marriage.

If this gesture represents Yan Bin's heart's true thoughts, that is, Yan Bin is with me, and the later marriage and bonus is a planned conspiracy?


I force myself to calm down, pay attention to all things, then decide to let Yan Bin to send out the house, after all, he is out. The track is in the first, and the real estate is only 80,000, the rest is all my parents. If I can retreat, I just got my eyes.

After consulting the lawyer, the results that got me have made me five thunders: If I am divorced in Yan Bin, I can only get halfway by the property and the property. In view of Yan Bin derailed. The court will slightly I am tilting, but I want to make him get went to the house, because the real estate is married after the property, whether it is the money, all the husband and wife joint property.

I finally wake up, Yan Bin reminded me to sell the house for three years old, because the parents gave the house to buy the house is my name, it is a proper marriage property, but now The school district is different. After I don't know how to die, I will have a marriage property.

After a few days, I found Han Ling asked a clear, from her mouth, I learned that he really never broke up, because Yan Bin agreed to her, this life will give her a home. So she waited Yan Bin for 5 years.

At that time, I would like to have a smile from my head. The Han Ling's mouth hangs a smile. The smile doesn't know that the pride of the winner is still a ridicule that is being launched.

It turned out that Yan Bin and his true love happiness life, the original, my marriage, just a means of Yan Bin to seek substances, it turned out that these four and a half years, I just implemented the poverty alleviation of this Phoenix man. .


I have been divorced thoroughly because I lost thoroughly.

I didn't have trouble with Yan Bin, and I didn't go to Han Ling's trouble, but I took my daughter, and I took out this marriage in my own property.

My friend advised me to fight, put this pair of dog men's scorpion, either a lot of people in their units, not to send them on the hot search, after all, I am being deceived. One.

But I still give up.

Think of that I know that Yan Bin has a girlfriend, but also with the heart to pursue Yan Bin. Afterwards, I still have a self-confidence, thinking about it, then I think now, I finally know, the gift of the fate, in fact, I have already marked the price. Want to wear a crown, it will be subject to it.

I am not a good thing.

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