I didn't get in love with Fu Po Zheng Yuling in 16 years. Lu Fangxue: This 16 years is like

In 2008, Zheng Yuling stocks failed to lose 12 billion, and the husband Lu Fang accused her a few words. Who knows that Zheng Yuling is in an empty, and she has made breakup and let Lu Fang have went to home. Lu Fang wanted to drive away the BMW car who had been with his many years, Zheng Yuling said: "The car is mine, I want to drive away, no door!"

Speaking of Lu Fang, everyone in the mind is his "friends don't cry", and "bending moon" and other classic songs. Many people say that Lu Fang is not happy. When he became famous, he just met the "four big kings" of the world.

Plus his height and severe injury he was 1 meter, in front of the "four big kings" in the handsome business capabilities, it was eclipsed in an instant. At that time, after the music of the music scene, Lu Fang also tried to play. However, because the long-faced height is there, he still did not break out.

Who knows, Lu Fang, which is uncomfortable, is also very unhappy in his feelings. At that time, when he and the "big sister" Zheng Yuling in the circle, he was in love, and it was "eating soft rice." Because the two are intended, Zheng Yuling is already a rich woman in the Hong Kong entertainment circle.

Despite being taunt, Zheng Yuling at that time didn't care about it. She is working with all the resources, thinking about pulling my boyfriend. Who knows that Lu Fang is always a fire that is always a fire. Of course, what is Lufang still have a little famous.

But compared with your own rich wife, it is still a big cut. After a long time, gradually Zheng Yuling felt the inconsistency of the family status, and began to feel the feelings of Lufang. For this change of Zheng Yuling, Lu Fang did not put it on his heart.

Because he loves Zheng Yuling, even if he sent a small temper, he also encompassed. Once, Lu Fang made a full of abalone for Zheng Yuling, the finger was accidentally drawn by the knife. For a time, blood DC, Lu Fang quickly shouted Zheng Yuling to pick it up.

Who knows, Zheng Yuling ran to the kitchen, did not see Lu Fang's finger, but in a distressed abalone: ​​"How do you be so unhappy, this is a precious double abalone, it will have bloody, and there will be bloody. A good meal makes you got a little appetite! "

It can also be seen from this, Lu Fang has long been positioned in Zheng Yuling. But Lu Fang still didn't care about it, because he always love Zheng Yuling. Even if Zheng Yuling is not cold for himself, he still will be warm to her every day.

Unconsciously, the two didn't talk about more than 10 years of love, but I still didn't marry. I have been sitting on Lu Fang, who has been yearning in marriage, I can't sit, and then, he has to be an old man. In fact, During the period, Lu Fang also won the marriage, but he was refused by Zheng Yuling.

Because she divorced from my little parents, I don't believe in marriage. Later, Lu Fang proposed two people to have a child, but he was also refused by Zheng Yuling. Although Lu Fang likes a child, but in order to take into account Zheng Yuling's feelings, he agreed because he didn't want to lose her.

The transition of things happened in 2008, that year, Zheng Yuling stocks lost 120 million. In fact, when Lu Fang advised her not to stir, after all, never touched this industry, but Zheng Yuling didn't listen to her. So after a huge loss, Lu Fang couldn't help but say a few words.

What know, Lu Fang smashed his honeycomb, Zheng Yuling called him to break up, and let him get the house. When I left, Lu Fang wanted to drive a BMW car that usually opened. But Zheng Yuling refused to: "Don't think, the car is mine, you must leave."

Lu Fang did not think of it, 16 years of feelings, in front of Zheng Yuling is worthless. Everything is unexpected, and after breaking up, Lu Fang actually welcomed the peak of life. I have encountered Rainbow, which is more money than Zheng Yuling, this girl is not only worth more than 100 million, but the age is still 16 years old than Lu Fang.

After five years of love with the woman, the two walked into the marriage hall. And, when he hurried, his wife also gave him a well-behaved daughter. And Zheng Yuling, there is always a single person.

In recent years, as the age is getting bigger and bigger, Zheng Yuling began to be confused. Today, her news is also the failure of the inside. If this is, Lu Fang left Zheng Yuling, it is really a relief. No wonder he came later: 16 years with her, it is just sitting, prison.

Therefore, people who meet inappropriate, it is better to separate, do not waste each other. Maybe, the corner can meet love. What are you talking about?

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