The relationship is better, please "four don't ask" when people eat, will not be as a fool!

Interpersonal communication,

It is a very common thing to eat.

Not only can you improve your feelings, close your relationship,

Cannot meet new friends, extend the people.

But as a master,

Who is dining, it is very important.

Once the arrangement is not good, it will be unpleasant.

I even brought trouble with my friends.

So even if the relationship is good,

Please eat, the following four people,

Don't request anyway!

1, the character is bad, people who like to make things

People who are bad,

It is most likely to be born,

They lack self-controlling,

No principles and bottom lines,

Especially after being drunk,

Raw, trouble.

Please eat such a person,

Undoubtedly, I will find trouble yourself.

So try to be a guest,

Once the event is provoked,

You also have to lose some responsibility.

Less less contact with them,

Choosing a good person.

2, love to gossip, people who can't hold their mouths

There are always some people on the dinner table.

Talking about talking about people, no,

Talking about talking about gossipping,

Tang others as an entertainment object,

The promotion of Jinjin

Unscrupulous ugly.

If you invite such a person to eat,

Will be doubted by others,

Put your dining industry as a gossip.

You are a person who is tongue, saying that people are non-people.

It will be alienated slowly.

Let your reputation becomes poor,

Give yourself a loss.

3, have a festival, have a contradiction

Everyone in life,

There will be some people who have had a festival.

Although it is peaceful, it is no longer noisy.

But the heart leaves mustard and shadows.

There will be some universal and opinions.

If you ask someone to eat,

There is no sound on the surface.

Very embarrassing in the heart,

Will make the atmosphere be subtle,

There is no insertion if it is conversation.

Will be misunderstood, and once again cause contradiction.

4, mix, drink, don't know grateful

There are always some people.

Facial hypocrisy, self-privacy,

I like it to eat, I like to take advantage of it.

If you ask them to eat,

Not only don't change your gratitude, you will also pick three pick four.

Not halftone is really heart, pay all white feet.

Such a person is a dog,

Warm is not hot, it is not good.

Please have no need to eat.

It is best to set it out.

Slowly alienate, finally disconnected.

Please eat people in life,

This is good.

If you eat with the above four people,

Not only live up to your own mind,

I will also bring trouble.

So please be cautious,

And the best people put the wine,

And heart is often often going,

In order to harvest long-lasting feelings,

Can get gratitude and return!

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