Look at "Orange Red" original: ignorant big wife, is a real role

Mrs, the big wife in "Orange Red" is a woman who loves her husband. Because she can't give birth, she is cold for decades, but she still has no regrets, loves everything, and takes home Well is well.

I also use my own dowry, giving Yaohua's funds, so after 20 years later, she was arbitrarily throwing by her husband, stretched in the countryside for 20 years.

In this marriage, she is definitely the victim in their eyes, but now I will remember the original, the big Mrs is a true role.

1. The emergence of Xiuhe summoned her ambition

The sky is in the sky, the big lady is sitting on the sedan to Li Fushan. When I met the 19-year-old Xiuhe, Xiu He squatted in the rain, don't recover their home. The big wife is soft, let Xiuhe get up, at this time, she saw the same face as yours.

She fell, after a few seconds, she turned back home. She sorted out everything in the past, because she was infertile, so the master will marry the second wife. If Xiwei replaces himself to marry the master, for the family, then the master will stay in myself. Arck, with such an idea, she came again to Lijia.

The big lady went to the money and buried the mother of Xiuhe, and he sent Xiuhe's rents. Xiuhe was very grateful, so he agreed to a big wife.

The big lady is indulging in the imagination of the master, but I forgot the 19-year-old Xiuhe. It is still a child. It is not a child. It is a person who has a blood, only to cultivate Xiuhe to achieve the toolman who realizes Xiuhe.

In this way, Xiuhe will be a three-pointer, and the big wife will teach her step by step, and spend a lot of mind in her body. She made Yao Hui to marry the Houshan too, and let Yao Hui took the photo of the three 姨 太 太 给 老 看.

The old man saw Xiuhe's photos, very satisfied, and there was a story behind.

She teaches how to serve her grandfather, how to speculate on the rhetoric, learn to use all life love, in order to achieve this goal, she does not only use Xihe's kindness, so Xiuhe will fall into the induction of Da Mrs. , I am willing to obey her.

This is the power of the big wife, her ambition has never been hidden in the details, so she uses the way, and she must let Xiuhe stay around and complete her dreams for her.

2. She has never given up their own and has been improving self-worth.

The big wife is 5 years old than her husband. In that era, they are free to fall in love. At that time, the big lady is very good, and it is not a small household, and the two is not the door. The big wife does not value these , Insisted to marry Yao Hua.

Before the marriage, Mr. there is a fortune telling: "If you marry a big wife, then the family must have no." But Yao Hua is not careless, insisted. After marriage, they spent a happy time.

Unfortunately, this wonderful time did not last long. Later, she Luhua took the big wife to fight in the city, and Yao Hua is a man who has pursued the cause. He as a big brother, it is obliged to let the accommodation thriving.

So his head does not return to the city to develop a cause, he is also actually capable, and in the city, he has made a world of heavens, and becomes a person in the area.

Therefore, he handed everything in the country to the big lady to take care. The big lady knows that Hua Hua is a man who is a heavy career. Although she has not yet been done for many years, the Lord did not abandon her, but she left her in the countryside, the master I don't know all, so she sells the orangery, and it is harvest every year.

As long as the orange garden is harvest, she knew that the master would be back, even if she didn't come back, she will bring a basket of sweet and big oranges to her master, remind him to go home.

So she valued in the countryside of the countryside, she even died, working with the factory. Not only that, she is also kind to the child's child Wan Qing and Yao Hui.

She knows that she does not know, it is impossible to follow her life to do business, so she is looking at her perspective, the only place that can be worried about her master, is to manage everything in her family, let the master rest assured.

Undoubtedly, Mrs. Da is very smart. She is finely calculated to manage all the orange gardens and 佃户 好 好 不 不 不 不 不 不 每 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子Child, the master will be grateful to all of her.

In that feudal era, Mrs. Da can't make a lot of leaves, but it has not destroyed her will.

She is willing to stay in the countryside, live alone every day, but also to endure her husband in the city, two, too, if they do not determine people, I have long lost their fighting, daily.

But the big wife is not such a person, she loves Yao Hua, unconditionally tolerate everything, she truly used life to love her husband.

Also feel the same as the husband's perspective, and the country's management is very well managed, I hope that these will be delivered to my husband on a day.

This is not easy. Many people will be defeated, and the most direct is to lose confidence and patience, self-doubt, decreased, self-abandonment.

But the big lady didn't have inner sequencing. She alone in pain, maintaining the rationality of the ordinary person, because her inner convinced a natural law: As long as she cares about the orange garden, let the father happy, then the master will re- Go back to her, even if the Master doesn't need her now, she will always need her in the morning and evening. It is precisely because such rationality and supernatural, she has passed another night.

There is a saying: A person has passed the most bumless time in life, and the heart will become very powerful.

It's so true that the strong heart is in the heart, it is reflected in the face of every tricky thing, she can not be humble, and generous.

Mrs. Second, he came to the countryside, facing this young woman who came to her young, graceful, and saw the world, but she was able to calm, and she calmly refused the second wife.

She firmly likes to be similar to her, will win the joy of the lord. The second martial arts in the city will never last long, because she is better than her husband.

As I seem to, the big wife seems to have no life, no matter what the situation is encountered, she can face it calmly. My husband's relatives have no regrets for decades, and the prostitutes are not full of decades, but she never pays these ideals and never has any negative energy.

3. Forgive the past, choose to start with your master.

One day, she finally waited to return her husband to go home, and she will take it to her, take the initiative to close my box and clothing in her room. She is ecstatic, the master will finally return to her.

They traveled together to walk to the orangery, go to the island to play, this scenario is like the state of their appearance. A few days later, she learned the news of the neighbly infertility. She understood that she had suffered for many years, so the master will be angry and return to her.

However, she does not care, she faces her husband's self-blame, she shows the greatest kindness, says: "For the sake, the woman will not care what he has, she will contain him, tolerant everything."

This sentence brings a warmst to the heart that is Yaohua, and his heart is sour. He is a business man, always thinking that the big wife can't give yourself a child, so I have a full reason to marry the second wife, and my hard-known big wife helped him marry the three lady Xiuhe, a more bitter girl. .

The two people complained to each other. At this time, the two people have long lost their ambitions of the past, and they learned that they were infertile. When they were pregnant, this made him not only do not come to Taiwan, but also Prepared psychological pain.

Therefore, he chooses to return to the country, and it is also a compensation for his past behavior. Of course, I want to escape the reality. Because he deeply knows that only a big wife is the most loved on him, and there is no condition to accept everything, which makes him very touched.

So he wants to make up for his mistakes with rest, so he throws the cause of the city, and the big lady has lived in the country. Mrs. Da got the love of the master, got the happiness of her life, but Xiuhe.

She lost a lot of things, love and freedom, she didn't have it, even she was pregnant with Yao Hui, the big wife won't let her leave.

Because the big wife wants to fully keep the husband's face, it can only sacrifice the love of Xiu Yaohui, in their eyes, the face is most important.

Therefore, the last big wife is willing to be old with the veteran, but Xiuhe refuses the request of Yao Hui, staying in the accommodation in the accommodation, it is difficult to produce.

At the end of the end, Xiuhe has always been a big Mrs. In order to retain a piece of chess, she is good to Xiuhe, but I want to use Xiuhe's young and beautiful to keep my heart, and make up for my life. Regret, she bundled the show with the name of the love of the show, and I intermitted Xiuhe's beauty once again, and finally I watched Xiuhe in order to repay her grace.

Have to say, the big wife's surface looks elegant, but there is no kindness to Xiuhe, she always said that she is a daughter, but she has never truly considering her daughter, so she treats Xiuhe. Using big too much.

She is sleeping in a wedding marriage, but she ruthlessly uses Xiuhe's kindness, and she has taken back to the father. I have to say that this calculation is really strong enough to let Xiuhe have a life.

Write in the last:

Over the years, whenever I see a big house, I will always feel inexplicable sadness when I see a big house.

Women like big lady so smart, but it is still a woman with male consciousness, she will push all the mistakes to her body, unconditionally obey her husband, and stay all their grievances in my heart.

What is more terrible is that she asked Xiu's love to love her husband, because she believes that Yao Hua is a man worthy of love.

In her heart, Yao Hua is a god forever, he is his own belief. But the big wife is forgotten, so much love, I will lose myself. Just like Yaohua, I have said that she said: "I hate you to speculate on my behavior and preference."

This sentence is undoubtedly aware of the sorrow of the big wife. She carefully love her husband so carefully, paying attention to her husband, and finally does not come to her husband, but it is disgusting.

Because in the eyes of Yaohua, a woman who is not self, it will only be pleased, in fact, there is no charm, he likes Xiuhe, not only because Xiwei is very young, the big wife, but more importantly, showHe has self, not obeying and jealous.Mrs. Mrs is touched by the loyalty of love, but lacks yourself, but it is impossible to recognize the idea of men.

In fact, love is alive, but everyone has their own responsibility, and it is hushed on the other half. It is better to learn to love yourself, let himself live in life.That light.

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