There is a true love, called the red knowledge

"Red dust is self-infatuated, I am too infatuated; if it is not a cold, then the plum blossoms; what is the difference between the world, the direct education people live ..."

Perhaps, every time I think about the red confidant in my heart, there is a melody, quietly in my mind. That person, that song, may have become an eternal single loop in life.

The red is known, you can't make a couple, but you have a heart.

Do you have a red confidant? This may be really a tattoo problem. Different people, for the definition of red and confidant, there is a thousand autumn, but no matter how different, it must be beautiful.

If you have never loved, it is said that you can't say it. We always stubbornly, will only love one person in his life. It can be changed, and when we continue to surpass the previous platform, we will meet more people from a higher platform, will meet more people, and people who are increasingly matched with us. .

Love is from appreciation, initial or beautiful face, or a beautiful voice, but can go to the end, must be because of the other interesting soul, just a true portrayal of self-mood. Often feel, the other party always expresses himself, but it is unclear.

Wearing the core is a full-time mother. When the child is five years old, the husband is derailed, and she ran away from her children. In the house bought in the loan, she has not accumulated, she is not coming, she is hard to find a job.

At first, it was the shopping guide from the mall, and then to the store of the store, slowly, she began to engage in online sales. A few years later, financial freedom was achieved. For this past, she always took a smile, and every time they have a woman's image.

Meet He Jun, is at a product docking party, He Jun is very embarrassed, for cooperation, he is more thinking about win-win, so, in several competitors, he finally throws olive branches.

Later, He Jun and Wearing became confidant, not only a business cooperation, but also a close friend who could chat anytime, anywhere. Although He Jun and wearing a core, they have never crossed the boundaries of friends. Because He Jun has a happy home, wearing a heart is not willing to be a sinner.

Two people often complain each other, the troubles in life, often encourage each other. In the case of difficulty, when it is extremely contradictory, it can always draw the power from the other party. Just like a mirror, I take the most authentic idea of ​​my heart, even if there is a timidity, even if there is retreat.

Such a kind of love that does not want to return, maybe I have never experienced people, I think it is a heaven. It is so enviable, jealous, even taunting. What happiness can be owned!

Red knows, it is the people who know you most in the red dust.

"You don't understand me, I don't blame you"! In the face of the lover who stayed on that day and night, it has never been able to walk into each other, and we often use this verse to comfort yourself. Because, love, it is tolerance, it is responsibility. As long as the two people think about it, this home will become more abundant.

Just, people are emotional slaves. The people who have just stronged, they are eager, there is a person, can understand that they are not easy, understand their own persistence. If the lover around you can't understand, the quarrel is not good in the snow. Either drink this lonely alone, or if you have enough luck, you can 邂逅.

Qiuxia is an office clerk, because of the personality is honest, often do the most things, but less than a half point, often as a "outlet". Zhicheng is more than 50 years old, will be retired, not only the official writing is well written, but the extension is well written, still will be flowers.

Looking at Qiuxi's hands, Zhicheng sent her a pot of meat, a basin, usual, and often chatted with her flowers. Gradually, Qiuxia also opened his heart.

Under the guidance of Zhicheng, Qiuxia's work gradually became a hand. In life, it is also very open to open-minded. Although Zhicheng can give young Qiuxia some experience in "coming", I also have all kinds of reality, and he often spits to Qiuxia. And Qiuxia, can also understand the mind he want to express, use young people to help him to resolve her heart.

For this extraordinary friendship, both of them are particularly cherished. Which day is bored, I will find the other person to vomit, don't need to reply in time, even if I don't even respond, I feel that I have found an emotional venting and understanding.

The red is known, worrying for you, waiting for you for you.

The red is known is the most beautiful edge in his life. Thomas Moore once said: "A soul companion is a person we feel that he feels deeply together, it seems that each other's communication and communication is not for the mortal deliberate efforts, but the guidance of God."

Life is in the world, in addition to the nourishment of feeding food, more indispensable and lack of spirituality, only the heart has, and the heart can improve the level of life.

Not all love stories have perfect endings, those who have loved each other, eventually, can only let love buried in the heart. Return to a good friend, change a form, continue to love you well!

Nairo has been in the studio, teaching the children to paint, which is the painting room she opened with Xiaoguang. At the beginning, in order to let the Naivan who did not work, there was a safe place, and Xiaoguang, the school teaching, was invited to join in his own studio. On the one hand, there is no self-esteem, on the one hand, but also make your own specialties have used Wu.

The better the studio, the better, Xiaoguang gradually exited, all of him will be tested. Because of the opposition of the parents, he fails to come together with Nairo.

Nairo even Xiaoguang for his emotions, she felt that she had a platform and carrier with a small emotion, she and Xiaoguang emotions. So, where did she go, I have been going to learn to paint with students.

The real red is confidant, but I can't love, so, this love has become invisible guard.

It quietly, but there is no time. It is awkward, but I can't help but feel deeply, and use this as a mental motivation, let myself be brave.

Author: If the wind is light, it is light.

Your happiness, my blessing.

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