People with good mentality often have a good habit

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Life may not be developed towards the trajectory we expected, there will be many unexpected troubles, facing these troubles, if we want to open natural, if you don't want to do it, you can do it.

Lin Qingxuan teacher once said:

Life is not as good as ten eight nine, often think about it, don't think about eight, everything goes well.

We all know, but don't do it.

I admit that the pressure of adulthood is very stressed, but it is not a big enough to eat. If you can't live, since it hasn't come to this step, then there is still a chance, what is good?

In this world, there is a lot of simple happiness, but we have given it to the lock, but we always want to have, but very willing to accept, always think about your own happiness, it is difficult to adjust your mentality.

After half a born, I went back to find that we were self-torture, with it to suffer, it is better to adjust your mentality, re-embracing happiness.

In general, people with good mentality will have these three kinds of habits, as long as there is one of them.

01: Do not blindly climb

People get along with people, there is self-knowledge, if you don't want to blindly comparison, then painful can only be yourself, you can have a good life, but because it is very tired.

Others have big houses, you also want; others have luxury cars, you also want, but you have to know that others' ability to move, and you are different from you, since it is not the same comparable?

Others may buy a large house is easy to make a confusing. You can help the help of the family can barely pay a set of small houses down payment. This is reality. One person only recognizes the reality, adjusts themselves, can be more happy.

I saw a news for some time:

There is a girl who lives in Beijing in Beijing. It is almost 4 hours a day, walk around 5 o'clock in the morning, and come back at 6 pm.

Everything in the day is acceptable, I will come over, but I will come over, but the time is long, I am afraid that it will not work. It is reasonable to say that such a life will not be happy, it should be very tired.

In the face of interviews, this woman said she is particularly happy. You may think that this is what she specially said for an interview. In fact, she is really happy.

She said that although it will spend some time on the road, it is very happy, she didn't think of buying a house in Beijing, because it can't afford it, since it knows that this is the result, there is no need to envy others.

She is deeply understood, the days are their own, and they are better than what they have.

In fact, this is true. Life is your own, there is no half of the relationship with others, but you don't have to have a relationship. Is this not a typical self-discipline?

People are very short, how have you been, but no matter how much you have to be happy, if you have no happiness, then you will have no meaning.

Carnegie once said:

"Many troubles in life, all from themselves blindly compare others, and forget to enjoy their lives."

In fact, this is true, because we have forgotten your life, ignore the happiness belonging to your own, wait until you really want to understand, everything is late.

People have no need to force it, they can't walk. It is not that they can't get it. In this case, I know that it is not a happy thing to know that it is not a happy thing.

02: Not a positive

In this world, there is no thing is perfect. Since it is not perfect, it naturally has a flaw, we don't have to be a must-have, because the care is to finally let himself suffer.

If a person is a matter, life is impossible to be satisfactory.

I have seen a philosophical story, quite feeling, this story is particularly simple, but it is very good to interpret the harm.

A rich man got a pearl, this is a very good thing, the rich is very happy, but when he carefully observed the pearl, there was a small black spot on the pearl, although not Seeing can't come out, but the rich is difficult to accept.

He found the master to think of this small black spot, the master told him that this small black spot does not affect the pearl, if it is insisted that it is very likely that gloss will be far less than before.

Although the master persuaded, he still insisted on himself, and said that if you don't worry, you can't sleep at night, it is difficult to feel happiness.

Master has no way, I have to agree. After the master of the master, the little black point of the pearl disappeared, and as the master said that the gloss is far less than before.

Although the rich is very annoyed, there is no way.

Many times, we are like this rich, everything always likes to be more than, pursuing perfection, thinking that it can be perfect, but in the end, I found more imperfect.

Teacher Zhou Guoping once said:

"The great wise will be humble, and the big and good people will be tolerant. Only Xiao Zhi people are aggressive, and the small and good people will be more than a person."

If a person's heart is like a sea, it is difficult to don't happen; if you only know that you will be more difficult to embrace happiness, when you understand, it is late.

03: No level

This society, almost everyone is anxious, rich people are anxious, people who have no money are also anxious, as if they are not anxious, they are not life.

Simply, anxiety is nothing is worried that his performance is not expected. It is fear that those have not happened, that is, we look forward to high, etc., it will be particularly uncomfortable when it is not possible.

Don't think, anxiety will bring power to yourself, sometimes it may be resistance. Our best living, is the soldiers will soon to cover the soil, the rest, there is no need to consider so much.

Think about this, what is good for people in this life, can't eat it, or can't live.

Recently, a friend has encountered a bottleneck in the career. It has been special anxiety, the hair is also a lot of big, I advised him not to do this, he said that I didn't understand his bitter.

Frankly, I don't understand, just temporarily encountered difficulties, and not a more difficult gap, as for every day anxiety?

Born, I am doing, sometimes we really can't think of it. I know that anxiety will not solve any problems, and I have always chosen anxiety, thinking that I can take a good day, I don't know if I will have a worse.

Bremen said:

"The real happiness is inner, it can only be found in the human mind."

Life is short, become all yourself.

We have come to this world to seek happiness, if you can't find only pain, then life is afraid of it.

Is not it?

After the rest, I hope that everyone can do not blindly compare, not more than an anxiety, if it is done, how is life?

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