"People": The two people who love me in the world are gone

"The world" has a total of 58 episodes, and 40 episodes have been broadcast last night. For the "human world", the most happy thing is that the climax of the episode is coming, it is a "ups and downs" "excipient": the most sad thing, episodes I also started an endless, the National Day father suicide, Zhou Rong divorced, Zhou Zhigang couple unexpectedly resigned ...

"I really let me feel that she is termination, she has never come again, neither no breathing, nor the heart is no longer jumped, but she is the same, where is it, always followed My, filled with love, I have always turned off behind her eyelids, and I will never look at me again. I think of her, I have been spreading, and I will not turn my eyes, I will halt, Heart pain. I don't believe that Mom can no longer look at me again, just in the spring, Mom also give me Apple. I believe I can recognize her cut from countless apple. Every place to change the knife, there is an arc that she cuts out, and she can cut out the length, which is very strong; just a few months ago, Mom also give me Chinese medicine ... "

After reading the hot TV drama "People", 39 episodes, persistence, people who do not chase, people who insist on tears, in my opinion, either there are other things busy, after all, the New Year has begun, Spring has arrived, a good world, there are too many things that we need to plan, go to implement; or just don't know the true feelings, that is, the iron stone heart plus lack of animals, the root can not experience the writer Zhang Jie in the world The person who loves me has went to "the kind of people's taste.

At the end of the episode 38, I finally got away from the house, I took it away, and my family finally had a number of squares to accommodate themselves. After retiring, I can't refund my father. After returning to the photon film, enjoy the fun of Tianlun; but when you are chess with the grandson, the old disease is recurred, and the people are universities, and they are urgently sent to the hospital ...

Seeing this scene, I believe that I don't know how many viewers' hearts, like it is like it, we immediately thought of the words that had to be thought, think of the inevitable life truth. What I still think of, Zhou Bingyi mentioned it to Zhou Bingkun, "Many fathers will die"; many fathers will really be earlier than their mother; my father has worked hard, in a set of houses that have just been in the unit, I just got the key to the house on the day, suddenly resigned; my old colleague has always been reluctant to wear, and I can't even have to rest, I have to find a way to earn a course fee, and the result is less than three months. , Contribute to disease ...

Mr. Liang Xiaoxis is in the article "Mother like a tree, the father is like a mountain", and the mother is deeply reviewed, especially the father gave her life, the father did not only do their best, but also gave it, but also in the soul And cultivation -

"They educate me a lot of simplicity, which makes me benefit. I think, for everyone, parents have early family education with primary simple humanistic elements. The civilianization in my work tends to, with parents from small My education and influence is inseparable. "I now educate my students often talk about this, write a little first love, depressed, write a little popular and fashion, think more about your parents, if you don't even understand your parents, Talk about how to understand the world. "

Therefore, we don't want to imagine. In the play, for the three children of Zhoujia, it is necessary to get strict and generous. What is important in the outside world is recognized by many people, and it is no wonder. Zhou Bingqin did not communicate with his father in a long time, and even have a father "look down on yourself"; It's the most sad thing to have the heart of my father, now I have a good friend, Zhou Rong ...

Liang Xiaoxis wrote in an article:

"But Dan said that there is a book that is never written in the world. It is a mother. Mother love, is the tower in the difficulty, is the midday of the wandering end, is the simple, the simplest, most simple. But the most memories you can't cut ... "

If the "mother" "mother" in the article is "father" "father love", I think it is also extremely appropriate. In this world, people who love their mother, and people who love their father are not the same. I am willing to come since then, those who love their mother, after understanding their own father, you can love your father.

Episode 39 of the episode, there have been two accidents.

An accident was that the doctor was sentenced to the father of "death penalty", and after sucking two cigarettes in a row, she woke up and lived.

Of course, then we know that the scene is called "return to light back". The father of "returning to the light" is returning home, seeing his loved ones, after the explanation, after all the concerns of this world, can rest assured to put down his pain, and his love, from this to the man,

Another accident is that after the wife who requires the mourning child from the cold Northeast outdoor, he came to the outdoor, in the children's snoring, and the snowflakes of the sky, holding a lover's hand, leaving him She can finally be relieved to leave the world ...

Compared with the first accident, the second accident is more humiliated. This is both a screenwriter, the original, two old do not "leave it, and this" simultaneously "leaving, in the eyes of the person, it is the ultimate romance, and in the eyes of Zhou San brothers, there is already Zheng Juan, no other loved ones, it is the collapse, that is, everyone has become, "orphan" of this world. This kind of "orphans" feels, it has lost several generations of people staying together, having a happiness of ordinary or even mediocre life -

"Happiness is that ordinary people are still. Under dinner, the same person is sitting on the same position, telling the same topic. He is still talking about his own school, old is still talking about himself The denture. The scent of frying fish is like the kitchen, and there is noise in the living room. "(Long Yingtai" happiness is "))

This kind of "orphan" sense is that it is a kind of sacred and horizontal of the pro-departure, "the child wants and pro."

Just as Zhang Jie is written:

"Now I know, death is like this ... until now, I am still not used to turning around, I have been looking for a mother, I can't call a" mother ", I haven't fucking, I haven't fucking. Holding the door box waiting for my life. "Seeing the newspaper no matter who is in the newspaper, I still can't help but look for the old people's enjoyment, more than a mother's enjoyment; seeing a year of mom, The body is very tough, I always want to go, ask if I have a "long life of your old man"? I don't know who I asked in my heart: Why is people still alive? "I heard someone called" Mom ", I will still stop standing, afraid, I can call" Mom "when I can call" Mom ", I can't tell" my mother ", I saw the mother in the store." The clothes, I still don't help but stay for a long time, I will have a one that I bought a piece; "I saw the mini" bus "for rent in the street, I will complain, why this kind of car is only flooding after the mother is going to die, if I have been so prosperous, my mother will enjoy a lot of convenience; "... who can come with me to change the past, the past is full of things ... I finally understand: Lovers can be replaced, but the mother is unique. "

When someone wrote after watching the drama:

I want to say, this is also what I want to write.

When someone wrote:

"This world, only parents have the most selfless, wholeheartedly, wholehearted, do not ask for returns. At the weekend, a table of rich meals, the Spring Festival is full of trunk, weather When the sudden change, the phone is warm ... parents always carefully give us care in their own way. "As a child, we will enjoy the love of their parents, because no matter how much we grow, we are in our parents. It is a child, they can tolerate all of our fault. "But we gradually grow up, but I can't feel that my parents are slowly old, but I ignore them the same needs our concern and love. When they suddenly go to us, they really understand the sentence: the world's most The person who loves me is going. "

I also want to say, I think so, unfortunately I can't write like this. I have written, can only be such a short sentence, no, such a "long hate song" -

"A father mother will always be a child, my father, my mother, I will be deprived." II. I still have countless mothers, I don't shout out. I need a virtual a healthy mother, I need a sound. Repeatedly calling her "Three Chinese three brothers who told your mother's like Hong Kong film and port drama, you are really called the old name," Four You are in the dishwashing in feeding pigs, poured, you answer Our call from non-stopping the business "Five, the mother is not the mother is just the air empty, transparent, the mother who is desolate and the virtual, even if you are air, you need happiness" Six, for me. For me, she went out to ask for people to write money for me, I would like to write to me. "Seven she has seen I wrote Aoe, she didn't see her junior high school composition, she is now empty, I have to be interested in reading me Writing her poem but she is there, she has always made me unfortunately, "Eight except her own, in addition to his father, I may be the longest person with her time, I have been sleeping with my mother to 13 years old. I moved to another. Size, I still remember my mother's snoring and sleeping position "..."

No one is so kindly, I'm ask you, say hello to you, remember your birthday, remember the progress and joy of your little bit ... Mother, this noun may be difficult, alone in middle age When it became an orphan, it is much more bitter than the orphans in children. After the mother also passed the world, I wrote a lot of poems related to my mother, but why did I have written a one? Moreover, I agree with a writer:

"Even if I write all the words, I can write my own love for her, can you tell you? Can you write to her apology? Can you write to her?" That pen friend is still oneThe article warned me that I have repented, and everything I have come and present my friends' friends' friends' friends - "I often think of Taylor: The least waste time is spent.Time and cherish people are together. "I envy the colleagues who parents still happily, can bear the knees in their parents.I also hope that they don't want to reveal the love of parents. I take some time to accompany my parents, chat with them, help them do housework, bring them to visit the park, shopping malls or watch a movie on weekends.Do not leave "child want to raise and don't stay.""

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