A middle-aged man who just divorced to everyone: Don't marry the woman's woman


I am 35 years old. The road to marriage can be described as a bumpy, just married your ex-wife, and your mood is depressed. This marriage brings me a short happiness, and I also bring me endless regrets and lessons. I will tell my story. I hope I can give you a little bit, you don't want to take my old way.

My ex-wife once is a colleague of a company. I met her that year was 30 years old. Since the previous period has been busy, I also talk about a few girlfriends, but I can't finally. I may belong to those who feel the feelings of relatively late, I have been a 30-year-old. So Murong walked into my life.

When I first saw her, I was touched by her beauty. In addition, she said that she said that she was soft and soft. I thought she didn't have the next few or six years old. I can't help but pay more attention to her. Later, I learned that she had died in a car accident last year. She took the child to the current company in order to avoid the original life.

She is three years older than me, the child is 8 years old, most of her parents are helping to bring, she will go back and see. But my love is so inexplicable and difficult to extricate, and I finally got an external factor to choose to look with her.

In fact, she does not agree, I feel that I have now, and I have children, I have not married, even if I agree, my parents in my family will not agree. But I obviously feel that she also has a sense of goodness, and finally loves everything, we are together.

My parents do my work, I also take Murong to let them look at it. After a long time, my parents see Murong not only a beautiful personality, but it is slowly regarded by our relationship.


Considering that I am not small, I am married after our love is a year and a half. After marriage, her mother was sick. She will receive her own children, which is because of this child, buried a bomb to our marriage.

It is estimated that because I feel that I have lost my father, she is more loved about this child, and sometimes there is no principle. For example, the child can always watch TV to ten o'clock in the evening, or it is either endless to play mobile phone. I just started with her education method, but as long as she opened her, she took her care for a long time. I will not say it.

But in the heart, it didn't agree with this way of children. I felt that she gave love but also lost the principle as a parent. Once I came overtime, I went to pick up the child, but after home, I didn't write a job reading but I grabbed the remote control. I had to watch cartoons. I criticized this child a few words. I didn't expect that she immediately started to cry, waiting for his ex-wife to come back very badly. Just because of this, she biting my child is not good for her child, saying that I am not really trying to be with her.

Because this thing we have a cold war for several days and good.

With the launch of the days, the contradiction caused by the child, and finally, even my parents can't see it, say that if we went to future marriage, there is no good result. I didn't expect that I really should have their words.

Some time, her mother was hospitalized, I took my mother from home to pick up the child. Perhaps because it is not a bi-life, this child has a strong contradictory to me. Slightly, she is a little bit of emotions, maybe plus this home environment caused her small age rebellion, she is very early, no matter how I have a good time, her inner heart has always had reverse emotions.

I and my mother can't have some criticism of this child, not only the child will sneak to my early season, and each of us will be twisted by this. Many times because of a little bit of things, I haven't given her a gift to her daughter. When I talk about it today, there is no smile, and the small things such as this began to make my original choice has been shaken.

At the beginning, those sweet and beautiful slowly disappeared in these trivial quarrels.


Because the child brought, we have not had to have your own children, this parents have been reminded, but the ex-wife seems to have some indifferent, I said that she has tried this problem several times. In this way, I have been dragging more than two years, we have to make a child's plan, but my parents let me leave more my eyes, saying that she is not so sincere to me.

To be honest, hear that they say that my heart is also awkward, there is a feeling that I can't say.

Just three years of marriage, I didn't intend to listen to her and my mother. I really let me see what this marriage is what is her meaning. That day I was going to work overtime, but the final work was relatively smooth, so the time to go home is more early.

She called her mother on the balcony, even I didn't find it in the room. I heard that she said that I and my parents were not good, I was not really interested in giving them. Everything always criticized, and I didn't know the child at all. It is also mentioned that the reason why I don't want to have children so many years is that she has never forgot to die, especially when I face this child, I don't want to have a child to deprive this unique love. She said that she could only take a step by step, and it seems that there is not much left because of the feelings of quarrel. I stepped into the bedroom, she also saw me at the same time, when the scene was very embarrassed, I know that our marriage already has a crack.


The last result is because the child doesn't want to get up, causing the school to be late, I can't help but hang, the result is completely broken, and the marriage of rocking. After the marriage certificate, I accidentally calmly calm, although we didn't have a big contradiction in the marriage, but once, because of her brought this child, the contradiction between us is getting deeper. These trivial things slowly penetrate in marriage, and finally finally let the foundation collapsed.

If there is a person who is similar to me, I advise you even if you are looking for a marriage condition, don't look for a woman who is a two-year child, you will definitely regret it.

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