Five people must cherish in the world

1, there is a person in the world,

When you are with you, you always have more wear clothes. Pay attention to safety, you feel very annoying, but feel very warm. When you have no money, he will always say something that makes money, and you will train you, and you will give you a lesson.

This person is called parents.

2, there is a person in the world,

When you are with you, occasionally fight with you, occasionally ambush. He is always grabbing you, always telling a small report to his parents, but always loves you more than anyone, you have the closest and close close relationship.

This person is called hand.

3, there is a person in the world,

When you don't see you, you will always remember him. When you meet, you will be red, and you can't say it. He is always easy to put your heart, so you can't forget, you can make you wanted to sleep well, but you are still sweet, because you love him, he is your sweetest, sweetest load.

This person is called a lover.

4, there is a person in the world,

I know that you don't know the little secrets, when you make mistakes, he helps you find a reason; when you feel alone, he helps you speak; and when you quarrel, you will be crying to find him. You're sorry, you always have trouble to think about him, but you are very fortunate to have such a good one in life. Maybe you have a day together, you have to stay more than the lovers.

This person is called a friend.

5, there is a person in the world,

Always grow up under the protection of parents, locate themselves in hand and foot, find true love in lovers, and get warm in your friends. You know that these people have passed your life and enriched your life. You thank you for all of them, but always say no exit.

This person is yourself.

Always think that happiness is in the distance, can chase the future. I have a look at it in my eyes, and I listen carefully in my ears. I am afraid of breath. Later, I found out that those who have grown it, sang songs, flowing through tears, loved, the so-called once is happiness ...

This is the five people who want to cherish in their lives.

The better you look!

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