Sharing three things, often the evidence of men and women no longer pure, don't pretend

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An important basis for measuring whether a pure male-female relationships is that the boundaries of time to get along.

Although this limits seen or even touched, but adults, often unspoken, see through not to say it is. For example, some things can not be shared; for example, two people close relationship again, it can not have physical contact, not overnight together; such as how to trust each other again, can not no secret, not nosy.

A relationship has been able to go on long existence, a very important reason is: know how to keep a sense of distance between each other, a sense of proportion and a sense of boundaries.

Only these are all done, this affair is pure, or if cross-border friendship will turn into love. Even without officially became lovers, also because of the ambiguous and obscure, in the end will only hurt hurt yourself.

Want to know the relationship between men and women whether pure, only need to look at whether they had shared the following three things to know, this is the most basic interpersonal boundaries.

Even if it had the same share, also shows the relationship between two people is no longer pure.

A: Sharing cutlery

No matter how good the relationship of the opposite sex, nor were drinking a cup of tea, share a set of utensils, otherwise only shows the relationship between two people is unusual, and even have close to you, for me.

Qin Junjie Yang Zi's ex-boyfriend, is a typical example.

Xueying Zhang Qin Junjie and actor, when shooting the TV series "Summer of foam", was photographed drinking from the same bowl of soup Hu, and the two talked and laughed, very intimate manner.

Time, some reporters said the two men are in love, and then, Yang Zi and Qin Junjie did not break up.

Later, Yang Zi and Qin Junjie official declared broke, Xueying Zhang became the target of public criticism of a third party, a lot of people blame because of her involvement leads to the two broke up.

As the rumors intensified, Zi Yang Xueying Zhang himself rumor in social media, said he broke up with Qin Junjie is for personal reasons, nothing to do with Zhang Xue Ying, this is considered to help Xueying Zhang cleared of suspicion.

But as "Hu soup incident," Xueying Zhang's image also plummeted, dealt a serious blow to her career.

It can be seen, even between men and women did not mind a ghost, but share such things cutlery, almost equivalent to the indirect kiss, it is too close.

If you get along with the opposite sex among the dishes for sharing such things can not care about equanimity, then the relationship between these two individuals, they must be better than the daily performance out of more intimate.

II: Sharing clothes

On the one hand, it will be contaminated with the clothes on each other's breath, when you're wearing someone else's clothes, there will be a sense of protection of one kind of wrapped, but also there is a freshness.

If the relationship is not very good friends, wearing his clothes, you will feel uncomfortable, even a little disgusted.

Breath kind of thing, originally by the addition of psychological and emotional changes. Also a men's jacket, a woman in the crush on her body, she will think it is manly, fascinating. He did not in the heart of the woman who wears, is a wind coat, and some may even dislike the smell of sweat.

On the other hand, it is the clothes that everyone can see.

When a woman dressed in a men's clothes in front of everybody, it seems that this man in his oath sovereignty, Zhao remarkable woman special meaning for him.

So, if between the opposite sex can be no hesitation to share clothes, then more or less, psychologically, they have each other Duzhan Yu, want to pass this way, let everyone know that their relationship It is unusual.

A piece of clothing, to convey all temptation and love.

Three: Sharing personal items

In addition to the dishes and clothes, personal belongings sharing relationship is no longer a major sign of purity.

For example: a towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clippers, etc., these highly personal items, if the relationship is not necessarily a good point, is absolutely impossible to share.

Imagine, you go to someone's house guest, will not play hello, the direct use of someone else's towel to wipe her face it? You will not, partly because you have quality, on the other hand, you know, doing so rude, inappropriate.

Personal items, personal items is the reason, it means that can not be shared and shared with others.

Once shared, and it shows the relationship between two people of the unusual, such as between lovers or spouses, it may sometimes share a drink from a cup, sharing a box of toothpaste, etc. This is very normal, because they have been living in together, no different from the other family.

Can ordinary heterosexual friends, how could close to such a degree? If you say that the relationship is not only pure.

Whether it is a friend or lover, this life can encounter itself is a kind of fate, if you do not know how to cherish, we can only face the loss.

If you really cherish a person, then do not let it become pure, otherwise think to restore too late.

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