Don't forget that your world I have been.

Don't forget that your world I have been.

Not everyone who should be shoulders will meet, nor is people who know each acquaintance will worry.

At least we are in this place, in that place, there is no missed when he turned.

When we look at our eyes, I found the fate of love in my eyes.

It is really not easy to meet you on a big earth, thank you God to give us this acquaintance and love the fate.

Don't forget - I have been here.

I used to bring you happiness, I have also brought you happy.

I used to let you be anxious and helpless, and you have also let me wait and hope.

We have also forgotten yourself, experience the feelings of the heart and lingering love.

Just a piece of emotion can no longer continue, someone can no longer be able to compare,

There is a voice that can't stand often in the ear, and there is a hand and can't hold the temperature and comfort of the palm.

Don't forget - I have been here.

Not every love has beautiful memories,

It is not that every memories are so unforgettable.

Since we can't accompany you, let me bless you here.

Because you are already a concern that I will never be sharpened in this life. Just think more and care, you can't change your day.

Losing the first favorite person is this feeling, it is not easy to love you and give up.

Don't forget - I have been here.

Maybe your sentence 'I love you' is a joke,

But I still pay is the true heart.

If you really love me, then I am happy. Even if you can't get the end of the world,

My heart is still worried about you.

I will pray and bless you forever, I hope you will always happiness - peace

Don't forget - I have been here.

When you are not happy, I will tears with you. When you are not happy, I am your pistachi.

When you are alone, I am talking to you. When you are sad, I will be as depressed as you.

When you dream of me, that's what I miss you again ...

Don't forget - I have been here.

Don't give me too much, don't any commitment,

Don't remember me deeply, don't remember everything we used to.

Just want you to think about me occasionally, occasionally think of people who have loved you so deeply,

That used to give you a soft me ----- I have given you a complete heart ...

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