Life is not easy, please be kind to your love and marriage

Recently, netizens have asked, what are the benefits and disadvantages of the divorce rate? I think the divorce rate is highly no benefits to the country, mainly the drawbacks.

The family is a cell, family harmony is conducive to society, and the relationship between husband and wife is the weight affecting the family harmony. The increase in divorce rate means that the family relationship is tense or ruptured, and it is a potential factor in unstable inability.

The case is easily caused. Many of the cases occurring in society are related to family marriage. If there is a family storm, there is a bad habits, and the third party is inserted, the wedding is affordable, and the couple is derailed, these are important reasons for the rupture of husband and wife. Among them, the third party is inserted and married, and it is most likely to cause a murder, and even a mobracted tragedy should cause sufficient vigilance.

Secondly, children and parents against both sides will cause harm. After the young people are divorced, they will face remarriage, and their children have to re-establish families. The innocent children are facing the problem of being separated from the parents, with the stepfather and steps. Is the children are not pitiful, don't you wrote? The young man is shown in a moment, but left to the next generation of pain, you are selfish. Divorce to children's psychological effects of their psychology are very large, and some even have a lifetime, and they will also cause the impact of separation, generating legacy issues, which cause disputes and cases for future mines.

In addition, divorce has a great impact on both parents, and the children are married, and parents are very happy. But once divorced, no matter who is not, parents will distress, such as cutting meat, some even breathably a major illness.

Also, the high divorce rate will undoubtedly increase the cost of life, the divorce is married, and the comrades of the Civil Affairs Bureau have more work procedures? Divorce will cause more losses to the two sides, do not say the feelings of feelings and the wounds of the soul, how many money will be spent again?

Therefore, marriage must be cautious, divorce is more unacceptable.

China is a state of etiquette, and male and female love has been bound by feudal ideas. At that time, the parents' lives, the media, especially after the woman's big sleeves, the gate did not have two doors, men and women, do not look, unless they do not look, unless they are husband and wife. Marry the chicken with chicken, married dogs with dogs. There is no divorce, which is of course too unfair to women.

After the founding of New China, the old feudal thoughts were broken, and of course, they also included men and women, marriage, and so on. The woman's status is improved, and the woman is no longer around the pot. Men can do it, women can do it. Drive, open the plane, and the army. Moreover, the proportion of female cadres is gradually improved, and the one in all units, all places is that beauty is no longer a news.

This means that society is developing, people's awareness is transforming, men and women are equal, and their thoughts are also open. This is of course a good thing. Of course, anything is a contradictory unity, both of the opposite side, also have a unified side, there is a positive side will have a negative side. This is the contradictory view of Marxism. Therefore, there is a difference between the things, and it is advantageous. In this regard, the drawback of ideological openness is a hidden danger of marriage firmly potential.

Especially the current young people, living conditions, more and more comfortable, the thoughts of hard struggle are lost, the suffering days are a story, responsibility and responsibility, but they are also listening, they are right to marriage Love lacks scientific understanding and rational thinking, the more open the ideas, the more lighting the marital relationship.

Some are in love during the middle school, called early love, and some premature happening, premature sneak ban, causing harm to each other. Other than an adult, but unmarried cohabitation. Some is just to pursue fresh, what love, the responsibility of the family is not understanding. These will have a certain impact on marriage relationships and is also an important reason for the rise rate.

In addition, the civil affairs department's mediation is based on marriage. Sometimes the grass rate is just a form of walking, sometimes even in the form of a form, causing marriage to divorce is also easy. Some are marriage today and even divorced tomorrow, and then regret it on the third day, and I will go to the marriage in a few days. From the divorce of the ancestors, the divorce of the ancestors, and then smile, and the hand is closely unbelled. This kind of play will take the people of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

It is good to be in the Civil Code, which is involved in the revision of the new marriage law and has a new regulation for divorce. When the two sides reached an agreement, they need to spend three months of calorie age, and then they can run divorce procedures.

This is a positive measure to maintain the relationship between marriage. Through a cold treatment of the broken marriage relationship, let the two sides calm down, consider clear, don't use the feelings, the brain is hot, regardless of everything, in order to save marriage, break the mirror, heavy circle, Maintain a marriage and family relationship.

Home and Master! Life is not easy, a hundred years of cultivation with ships, thousands of years, a total of pillows, please cherish your love and marriage.

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