I don't care about my friends, how to make changes

People you like, eventually talk about "male girlfriends."

It seems that it is coincidence, in fact, this penetrates a lot of your misunderstanding in interpersonal communication.

1, the boundary is unclear

Have to admit, there is a person, in interpersonal communication, there is a "warm man" temperament, gentle and careful, body picking into the micro, with the pass, will not refuse any request, still willing to warm up in time.

But there is a great shortcomings, that is, girls who are likely to think that you are the same, but they are mistaken by those who don't like them, so good to her.

Love is also exclusive.

If you are doing this for everyone, then you can't deliver the correct signal to the girl at the beginning. Once you release the signal is two orientation, the other party will naturally incorporate you into the "male girlfriend" .

Moreover, most of the girls will not resist "men's girlfriends", how much is it.

In so many men's girlfriends, you have neither people, but always simulated two marginals to test, naturally lost competitiveness.

2, there is no chapter

Many boys thought of chasing girls' "chasing", she ran in front, you chased it in the back, giving her a takeaway, send milk tea, festival to send flowers, giving her medicine, sad Chat with her late night.

You have neglected that you are just the relationship between ordinary friends, thinking that she can understand her, but since each other does not have to admit that it is a couple's relationship, you can directly enjoy the treatment, then why should she take a relationship? Upgrade, cut off the road for yourself?

It is not to say that it can't be good for girls, but there is a principle. Who understands that a person can't be good for another person, but there are too many people like to make it clear, use "male girlfriends" Excusement continues to maintain the relationship that only needs to be enjoyed.

The gender relationship is attributed to the bottom, still needs to be attractive.

The girl likes, has always been the kind "puppy" that will only be turned around.

You just want to exchange the favor of the other party, so many cases, you are just the movement and self-movement of each other.

3, invalid chat

One of the important reasons why the people who like the people are very important, that is, when the initial is very embarrassing, put the other party's good feelings to you.

The relationship between the opposite sex is inevitably consulted by the age of the test marriage, while chatting, and chatting, it will become an indispensable one.

Few people can talk about it in the first time, and they are not only talking to the day, but also work and study, so occasionally occasionally, it is normal.

But you are always afraid that this time I put her away, I didn't have next time. Even if you have no talk, you also use your best to talk.

For example: You just read the movie back to your respective home.

You have to come to the previous sentence: "What are you doing?"

She has only barely reply: "In the report of going to work tomorrow."

You are still saying: "I have to work so late?"

Really, there is no purpose, how to talk, you can't talk.

Attach some tips to chatting with the opposite sex:

1) Learn to transfer emotions

When you chat, you can praise, ridicule, dislike, want to Yang, actively mobilize girl emotions, let her have interested you.

For example, a girl asks you "eat?" If you answer "eat", "didn't eat", etc., this is not emotional, and girls are difficult to have interest.

The correct answer is: "Mixed for so many years, even people who have cooking for me, no mood!"

Such a reply has passed, and your next topic will continue.

2) Change frequency and form

Every day, I will send a phone porridge. I will not let the girl will be curious about you. Instead, the girl will take the initiative to find you, too fixed, will let the girls reduce your expectations, and even not look forward to your arrival.

When you talk to you tonight, you have to calm down immediately, wait a day or two girls to ask you how to do it during this time, of course, you don't want to be stupid to answer what is really doing, even if you go Give the sun sticker, she will not be so interested.

The correct approach is: Back to her, "I miss me,"?

Then I immediately disappeared again, leave her in the wind. No matter what she replies, wait until the next morning, I will reply, "I am too tired, I am asleep directly, sitting in the evening."

It is naturally invited to take initiative, a stone two birds.

3) Pay attention to push

First, it is negative, vomiting, refused, etc., when girls think that you are not interested in her, then pull into your distance through occasional praise, let the girl's emotions produce the same experience.

If one day girls take the initiative to tell you that they are not good, can you chat with her, don't answer this time, otherwise you will look for you, it's very cheap.

The correct approach is: No matter what you are busy, I have to say "I will wait for me, I am a little in my hand, I am busy". "

At this time, if your goddess reply you "Oh, good", don't say she, or just put her long, you can say a little bit: "Who is heavy, I still have a clear ".

As long as the other party retains a little, she fully understands what you mean.If she told you, she said to you, she should not be stupid, she should say: "I will take your thank you back. When I am in a bad mood, you will not comfort me?"

This is a pull, the other party is estimated to have a dress that will wear next time.

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