Happy secret!(Collection of life)

Some people say that it is a habit to be happy as a habit.

Eat more meals you want to eat, do more you want to do, people, there must always be loose, life is taste.

A hundred-year-old man said: "I have no longer history, I am very happy every day."

Actually, health and happiness are complementary relationships, every day, the body is natural and well-being.

People, always have to be happy, in order to have a better mood and energy to face life.

Here is a good thing that makes you happy and gives everyone:

1. There is a self-ridiculous, propaganded heart.

Life is like the sea, I don't have a lot of wind, and there is a lot of hurt, tears will have a lot, so there is a self-ridiculous, proprietary heart, and I will not let myself can't pull it in pain.

2. Have your own thoughts.

A person is different, because he does not only have a different appearance, there are more different ideas.

The appearance is still outstanding. If there is no thought, people are cloudy, and they will only be a flower.

3. Keep a child heart.

The reason why children is pure, because it is simple, and simple is the source of happiness. If you want yourself from sad, let yourself keep one child.

4. Remember to live for yourself.

The child is good, the partner is also good, work is good, will not accompany you the longest, only yourself is your own companion, so remember to live for yourself.

5. Heavy health is healthy.

Usually we always want to take care of people, but if you are sick, you don't have someone to take care of you, sometimes there will be hundreds of people, so healthy us is best.

6. Careful care of yourself and make you lasting.

No matter how old you have, the heart of love can not disappear.

Every day, let yourself drift, and the gods will win the affirmation of others.

7. Love is not the source of our happiness and life.

Although love is beautiful, it is not necessarily for a long time, if you cry more, let go.

8. People who hurt you and say to worship.

It is a very common thing to hurt for love. If it is sleepy, it will only make you unity, it is better to wave, just like a green smoke drifting.

9. Treat consumption cannot be blind.

Vanity, climbing is the weakness of human nature, often makes people lose rationality.

So remember to keep awake, buy yourself, buy yourself to buy.

10. Don't suppress bad emotions.

When you are unhappy, use effective methods as soon as possible, don't make it silt.

Such as walking, listen to the song ...

11. Occasionally make yourself transparent, don't scrap the comments of others.

Some things, boring will only make us more bored, find someone to talk, and it is also a good solution.

12. Treat friends, the sigh of gentleman is like water, and it is true.

The real friend is sincere, not bullying; with heart-to-heart, no negative.

13. Treat "enemy", not self-righteous, do not pay too much revenge.

Remember more than one friend, there is no enemy forever.

14. For those who do not appear, they are treated with gifts, and the distance is increased.

15. For those who hurt themselves, despise and ignore him is the best roof.

16. For the pain, let the time slowly caress, there is no hurdle.

17. For happiness, we try to keep it, let them stay.

18. For work, we work hard but not crazy.

19. For entertainment hobbies, we will not give up, but don't play.

20. For families, we are loyal but not engraved.

21. For money, we pursue but do not trade.

22. For enjoyment, we don't miss it.

People live, not just a happy.

Happy, don't be too gainful, you will find that life is not gotting, but experience.

Happy, don't be too money and desire, you will find that the most important label for you is "health".

Happy, there is nothing worthy of your sorrow, because you can eat, there is clothes, there is road, there is a place to live, there is a good person.

The rest of life is long, so happy to become a habit, let happiness often accompany themselves, with the most comfortable mood, the most comfortable life.

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