New Year's Eve, the old mother crashes: next year or I have a meal, don't come back.


New Year, the most memorable or older meal.

On January 31, New Year's Eve.

A woman in Heilongjiang uploaded a video of a new year.

The vegetables on the table are very rich, meat, fish, shrimp ... there should be, the color fragrance is good. The placement is also very particular, and there are many tableware wine glasses. It can be seen that it is a large family, many people.

The decoration and furnishings in the family did not appear in the picture, but the cement floor without tiled was exposed to the home, which was in the rural hometown.

Paying attention to the fashionable dinner with a simple family, very well, this big family is not living here, is a parent's residence, it is probably the parents don't want to leave the hometown. After the New Year, the children came back with their parents.

The last thing is a table, a very ordinary folding table.

As a result, the family moved the table, all the meals and tableware on the table fell to the ground, and the bowls and glass were broken ...

The woman said: "I didn't eat it, I'm getting up."

And netizens have shown that people who cook more collapsed than eating people.

A good dish that is hard to prepare, if there is an old man, if this dish is done, the old man is destroyed in his heart will be uncomfortable.

So everyone ridiculed: This table can't be in this table, this folding table can only use it in the workplace, quality is not good. Have this lesson, change it.

The woman can also shoot the video to upload social platform, which can be seen this accident, there is no impact on her mood: broken (years) broken (age) peace!

It doesn't matter if the meal is over, you can do it, just worried that there are so many bowls in your home?

I didn't return to my hometown for the New Year, I didn't hurt my hometown in previous years, and a big family was eating. It was only such a large folding table. I only had the old man at home. The old man only used a big table than the stool, but the New Year is more Only the folding table is used. It is always forgotten that you have to change your table. The old man is frugal, the table can be used, they will not change, but I will wait for us to go back. It is too late.

I saw this video, my heart, the table at home has to change.

It is said that we have to honor your parents. In fact, we still have a lot of things that don't think about it!


Speaking of the New Year's Eve, I have to mention Xu Auntie of my hometown, and Xu Ai is a lot of children. Every year, the family is hot, and it is so enviable.

Xu Aunt is almost seventy years old.

Last year, she told me that she didn't think about the New Year.

Xu Auntian and our home are neighbors, she has two daughters, two sons, plus grandson and grandson.

Every time, her family is much better.

Can Xu Ayi said that she is exhausted every year.

The grandchildren of the grandson are still small, the children are crazy, and the whole house is shaking. Sometimes the children will still make a conflict, quarrel fight, the old companion should always look at the child, run with the back, still can't see, not this cry, that is the trouble.

Xu Ayi has been cooking, son, and son-in-law will drink, drink it is endless, add vegetables, to add wine, to wait for the waiter to wait for them.

Daughter and daughter-in-law like to play mahjong, I will go out early, but my ass sticking to mahjong table, no one is called. It is also not a day without night, saying that it is busy, just relaxing in the New Year.

Every year, the children return, and Xu Ayi will have a big disease.

Every year, Near New Year, Xu Ayi said that she is tight.

If you can this year, it really doesn't want to pass again.

A old bone, a person in the New Year's Eve, waiting for a family.

Xu Ayi said that she had a big year in a year, and her physical strength was not brought more than a year. She only wanted to be quiet, the year, the more fear it.


Happy New Year is happy! Is happiness!

So there is no regret? I have to say, regret, more or less will have some, just everyone's heart, I don't want to say, can also say this, just being happily opened by happiness and happiness.

Last year, my colleague came back from my hometown, saying: Unfortunately, I will go home for a week in the New Year. I found a good time to accompany my parents. The result is only a year of dinner at home, but most of the days are in others. .

When I arrived at home, I was arranged, and I met a woman in the town's best restaurant. Therefore, the first meal after home is eaten in the restaurant; the next time, a few classmates, the classmates, junior high school, high school students.

There are also many relatives in the family. Every family has to visit the relatives. I have given the relatives in the year. After year, I will be a little free for a long time, but I have been played by the village. The rice is also issued. The little family has eaten ...

When the return is returned, the trunk of the parents to the car is desperate, and I can't wait to put the whole home.

A parent's sentence "Nothing to eat, you will stroke", let his tears will flow down, acid.

Such a story, I think this Spring Festival will still be staged. Let's talk to my parents, in fact, more is a lie!

It seems that I have a New Year with my parents, it seems that I have not accompanied.


Liaoning Pushun, a woman sent a video, spitting online, obviously going home for the New Year, but did not expect it to go home. What is her? Let's listen.

"Hey, this room makes you make you, like a pig nest, even seams, there is no, Lai Niki is the same as your handsome. Other people's girl go home, can help the mother to pack the house Clean net, Lili Sso. What about you? 啥 也 指 指 不 上 上 上 上 天 天 你 手机 手机 破 你 手机 破 破 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 子 子 我 辈 子 子 辈 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子I am so happy that you are mad, I am happy! "

What is the daughter of this mother, is we with the same paragraph?

Hubei Xiaogan, the girl went home on the 10th day by my mother "disappeared".

In the morning, the girl is far from the bed, my mother has multiple times outside the door to get up, the girl is hard to pretend, not hear, hiding in the nest. Subsequently, the mother took the broom to rush into the room, pulling the curtains while holding a broom rod, and hit the daughter in the nest.

The girl took out the nest, scared to drill the nest, pursued the head and hugged, and the road was hit by the wall.

Even if you don't help parents in the New Year, even if you do things, get up to eat breakfast, how many times is useless, it is a bit too much.

There is a netizen to tell this, usually only the old couple at home, the children go home for the New Year, and the family will become eight adults plus 3 children's big families.

And two daughters, a married south, a married north. The two son-in-laws have different habits, and she has to do two tastes every meal.

More people crazy is 11 people, different work habits, some people just got up, some people sleep until the day.

In order to serve this family, the old breakfast, the old couple will be hot a few times a day.

Which is the New Year? This is tortured.

Hard work, raise the child, the child is big, don't understand the parents, but also when the grandfather is waiting?

More people say that this is the epitome of many families, the New Year, the old man is a waiter.

No wonder the old man complained: I am really afraid of the New Year!

The old man has worked hard for half a generation. If you can't reduce their burden in the New Year, it will give them to add chaos, let them rest? It is better to send some money to the elderly, let them go home for the New Year, you don't need to bother them!

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