The first time I went to my girlfriend's home overnight. What happened?

Last summer girlfriend invited me to go to their house, I received the news and tense, because I didn't know how to get along with her parents. I am afraid that I am very embarrassed. But I am so good to comfort me. When I was approaching that day, I went to the store to buy smoke and wine, I can't get too much for the first time. So I bought two bottles of five grains and two Chinese front and then spent 4,000. However, a batch of hearts, because I saw her parents, I liked me that I couldn't set the date of marriage.

I have a car with a car with tobacco and alcohol and buy a good fruit to their home. I smelled the smell of the meal, and she took the thing I bought. Uncle Aunt said how I bought something too much. I heard this, I think she didn't have less uncle's work at home. Don't be happy. Sitting, I started to be scheduled to eat, my uncle poured into wine. I can't stop it, and the aunt gave me a good tableware. Just when I have a chat, I asked all the routine issues. Basically, what is the family and what you do. I replied to my uncle. I didn't know that I didn't know a glass of white wine. I feel that the courage is big, and I dare to say anything I don't dare to say. Of course, these words are not bad. Uncle Auntie saw that I was more sunshine, the smile on my face couldn't cover it. A pinch into my bowl.

After dinner, my uncle makes me rest at home. They have something to go out ~ After a while they go out, I am falling asleep on the sofa. I don't know how long I have slept, and I'm faintly asked to hear the voice of the king's glory. I looked up at the beginning, she was playing the game, lying on a cool brick, playing games. It may be because it is relatively simple at home. Let me see what I don't know if I have seen a big man.

In the afternoon, I have seen the sun to go down the mountain. I am going to leave their homes. Who can think of uncle aunt back ~ Hard to let me stay at home, and said that the sky is dangerous at night, drinking wine at noon.

No way, I have been going down. I walked into the kitchen, and my uncle's aunt said he would cook. Said that girlfriends cooperated, uncle aunt is can't wait for us. I am in peace, and I will boil the oil in the pot. I will scent. After a while, I fired 4 dishes. Uncle aunt is praised by me during dinner.

After the meal, I prepared to pack things to drive home. While my uncle took me, I said that I stayed overnight, and I didn't safely drive so late. I saw my girlfriend, she pretended to cough. I will know what I mean when I mean. I stayed smoothly and lived in the room at night.

Fast New Year, the brothers and sisters who have not married are one year old. With an object, you must seize every opportunity and strive to put your marriage. I wish you all a lover, Orli is given [Lingguang flashes]

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