After the divorce is divorced, it is a man who has passed or a woman.

Marriage is a beautiful sweet. The husband and wife have long, and it will be inevitably quarrel. The student couple is married. Whose life is more disabled? This problem cannot be generalized, and it is not rude to evaluate someone, it is good, or it is not good. It depends on the man woman, before the quality of their own quality. Generally speaking, the man woman, his mind is more flexible, and the emotional business is relatively high. Under normal circumstances, this kind of person should be, it is better after divorce, because this kind of human business is relatively high, it is more slender, it can suffer Die hard, I have an effort, life will not be worse after divorce. If this person is not high, it is not flexible for people, and work is not working hard, and the players are idle, and they hit a day when the day. Such a person, it will be very disabled after divorce, it is very unhappy. When a husband and wife live together, some people teach someone to urge it, and the husband and wife will live together, one but the separation is great. People are a high-end animal, not anything depends on others, relying on others to teach others to supervise, one but no one teaches no one to urge, life is not a target, no direction. Such people are like parasites, they will only eat drinking will not earn. If your own self-esteem is strong, you will only pick someone else, don't recognize yourself wrong, you can't get along with the husband and wife, will only noise. The husband and wife are not separated. If a man, a woman is going to open his eyes, recognize each other, can't marry, so as not to get married, there is no good day. Finally, I have to be separated, the price is very big.

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