The 64-year-old man regrets: Put the family as a relative, almost ruined my daughter's marriage!

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In our life, you have to deal with a lot of shapes. The bigger the age, the more simple, the more simple, the legacy, and it will be far from it.

In numerous relationships, it is difficult to divide it clearly. After all, it is difficult to connect the marriage between the small couples, and it is difficult to completely contact.

The relationship between the family is very subtle, they don't have the same interest as friends, and they are not like blood relationships between lovers, but just to rely on children's marriage feelings.

So, should your family be alienated? Is it better?

Many people think that the family is often moving, the two relationships are harmonious, and the feelings between the little couple will be warmed, but many times, this kind of dress can't be asked to be "pro-tricks", but more It is easy to think about.

65-year-old Liu Ayi said that he is too close to the family. In fact, it is not good at all. He is too close to your family. It is her experience.

Liu Ayi has a only child. When this year, I found that my daughter was a matter of being a thing. That is to go to the Spring Festival.

The daughter is married for six years. In the past four years, it is in the mother's house. One year, because of the inconvenience of pregnancy, I stayed in Liu Auntu for the New Year.

This year, Liu Ayi did not intend to hear the debate between daughters and son-in-law. They wanted to go back to their home to go to the New Year, and I hope that lover and children can be accompanied.

The daughter said: My parents have a hard to get the child. We will not help, we must go to your home, take your child, walk, two old people, it is too big, more acid . I don't have to live in my house, a family is very fair? Otherwise, in your home for two years, I have a year in my family.

The son-in-law said: My parents are far away. I don't have a few children in the first year. I am looking forward to the New Year's greetings. You are doing it. Directly break away this thought, the father-in-law is with the children every day, just leave for such two days, how to Isn't it?

Liu Ayi looked at the two people quarrel, and the heart was anxious. In order to relieve problems between the two children, Liu Ayi proposed that they could not have two new year.

Liu Ayi thought that the age, cultural level, and family conditions of the two old people were almost the same. Every family is all children. Every year, the New Year is cold and clear, so that the problems of the two sides are solved, and the New Year is also more red. .

So Liu Ayi was installed inadvertently, and the idea that two children who wanted to be lively and lively. The two children were agreed, and they were like this, and the family's father-in-law was taken. Due to the urgent view of grandson, I also want to get along with grandson. A few days, I received it in advance for a week.

Friends live far, the opportunity to get in contact is very small, just seeing it is very passenger, both parties have an inch, saying compliment each other.

There are fewer words between men, that is, there is chess, drink tea. There is a touch between the two sides of the mother, it seems to have a feeling of changing the evening.

But there is a lot of words, and some feelings are easy to expose. When Liu Ayi's family, when she lived in the third day, she began to criticize her own daughter-in-law in Liu Ayi's daughter-in-law. The work is not excellent enough, and there is nothing of his son.

Liu Ayi heard her daughter like her mother, natural my heart was not happy, and I can do it on the surface, but my heart is like falling a big stone.

Once I cook, Liu Ayi arranged her daughter to go to the hand, the daughter is busy with what, did not move. Liu Ayi saw the mother's mother, and I thought I said that my daughter was lazy before, and the four sheds were unstoppable.

At the attitude of their own daughter, Liu Ayi's daughter is first, but I will go to work.

After that, Liu Ayi's daughter pursued her mother. Liu Ayi first closed, and she still couldn't help but say that her mother-in-law is poor, but also like to be lazy, let her daughter are diligent in front of her mother.

Liu Ayi's daughter is unhappy, but there is no anti-revision, but it is just awkward, nor does it look at your son, and housework can be a finger.

Liu Ayi was waiting for the family with joy, but when the family lived in the fourth day, she was like the ants on the hot pot, looking forward to the year.

In particular, Liu Ayi took a family and went shopping. When I wanted to visit this city where they were uncommon, my family had a feet, and the son-in-law seems to blame this responsibility to Liu Ayi, saying that Liu Ayi only took care of himself. Don't take care of your mother, after all, life is not familiar.

It can be practical that Liu Ayi has greeted that the family is walking forward, and it is a close-up of her mother.

The biggest problem happened to the day before, I was very happy to eat at the dinner table. I was very suitable for new clothes for my family bought. I suddenly turned my husband and said to my son: Don't give my mother to my mother this year. This clothes are not cheap.

After listening to the mother, Liu Ayi said two, they have always helped the small two children, the grandson's various expenses, but also subsidizes home from time to time, but this is the festival, never I have seen any red envelopes, gifts, and most of the words are grateful, but they are blaming when they love their children. I haven't waited for Liu Ayi to react, Liu Ayi's daughter has put down the chopsticks, saying to the son-in-law: You come to the house with me, I have some words to tell you.

It turned out that the son-in-law gave his parents filial piety to carry Liu Ayi daughter. This, the two people just slowed their mood, and they had disagreement. Later, even the evil war, two people also threw to divorce.

Although Liu Ayi's daughter finally did not divorce, this year is very unpleasant. For your family, it is also acceptable for a short time, and time a long time will have a contradiction, a multi-event.

Papi sauce has been published: Said that she and her husband have returned to all ages, and the two family have not seen it.

This is a way to get along with a distinctive husband and wife. It is always self-satisfied, and I am in my own. Although most ordinary people's lives cannot be the case, at least we have to set a safe distance to the parents of both sides.

Even sometimes this safety distance needs to be set between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, father-in-law and son-in-law.

Because too many examples tell us, no matter how close, people are close, or to keep the right distance, sometimes the familiar people are non-conflict, the more it is. There is a sense of inhibition, and each other can reach balance, and the family can be more harmonious.

At the same time, as an old man, it is necessary to strictly constrain your own words, and add trouble to your children, but also to make your old age. This issue is shared here, like South-South welcome, pay attention to and forward, let's see you next time.

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