Your love should continue or let go?

01 Can you still feel that love?

A short piece of time was touched me.

There is such a couple who have been married for many years, more and more feelings.

They can't find the kind of passion and sweetness, live together in the same way as the execution instruction, plain.

On this day of his wife's birthday, men finally endured this life, put forward divorce ...

Yes, every feeling has the so-called itch, no matter how good your partner is good, you will always feel that Ta is no longer full of charm, it becomes unbearable. How many couples are spreading in this time, shaped with the road.

After the husband raised divorced, his wife sleavefully slept all night, she was unwilling to leave.

So, the wife puts a condition for her husband: As long as the husband meets all the requirements she proposed in the next month, she agreed to divorce.

It seems that the last January of the seemingly contract is like an emotional crack of the two people, and still endorses this home.

She is also very simple to her husband, but she wants her husband to hug himself before going to work. Before going to bed, I said that I love you, I personally get up in the morning.

At first, the husband was bored with the request of his wife, but I have been in the past, but he once again experienced love.

He remembered the promise of his proposal "" I will take your hand every day, hold you, kiss you. Are you willing to be with me? "

It turns out that the feelings did not change, it became only their perception and patience.

Under the patient's patience, they reappeared the true love.

02 true love, how to build?

When we were young, we always thought that there was a warm and enthusiastic. Some people can re-found the love of the heart to continue, but more people have fallen deep confused.

Friends after the dancing period often said to me: "I can't find that feeling, I am not sure that I am love TA."

I love TA? Is it true for TA?

Is TA love me? Will I not fall too deep but I can't get the return?

I don't know if we have any future?

I believe everyone has this question. In this period, we lack a standard, an answer.

So we began to reduce relationships, and even choose to avoid, become violent.

But if you really end the relationship, will you regret it?

So how do you judge whether a relationship should continue?

Still let go?

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