Tuhao big brother chasing temperament female teachers: 2000 pocket money every month, self-driving tour, love

If you love someone, keep a love.

You can go to the green in early spring, you can go to the lottery together, you can go to the survival in the brightest autumn, you can go to seekum in deep winter.

Not tired, but happy; not ordinary, but it is flat.

So this life has no regrets!

Have a sincere love, is the chase of each of us, he is beautiful and 璀璨, beautiful and gorgeous.

May everyone be able to be happy with the favorite people.

It is necessary to talk to the heart of the ceiling.

Big Brother saw the object of the heart through the show, in order to meet, carefully prepared flowers to each other.

Big Brother is also old, old, and the big brother has had an ex-wife's shadow every daily mind, this short time, big brother has been embarrassing in the shadow of his wife.

When the mind, the wife's image often appears to be similar. When the situation is serious, the big brother turned over and couldn't sleep, and said that the big brother is really feeling in the deep tears.

This big brother is also because of his wife's arrogance, find an old companion, no longer alone.

The big brother's wife once got him to find a old companion, but the big brother did not look for it, but the wife said this way, you have to find one, find a better. It seems that true love is always thinking about the other party!

The big brother is Lu Gajie. It is a primary school teacher, Lu Sister and the ex-husband divorce, choose to retire to Changchun life in advance.

What is the big brother?

Big Brother frankly: In the first phase of the blind date, he saw Lu Si's performance, it was not sloppy water, it was very refreshing, the room was clean, it was a clean venor.

Good guy, big brother is to pay attention to Lu Shu for a long time!

Big Brother once again watched her show. At home, I also repeatedly admire Lu Sister, this is, don't grasp the arrangements, the big brother will not have to learn more patients!

So Hong Niang came to Lu Si's home. Her name is Lu Xue, 52 years old, divorced, pension 4,500 yuan, live in Changchun, 50 square meters of housing area.

Lu Xue frankly: If you don't help me, then there is no progress.

Red Niang said to Lu Xue: I have been waiting for us to call you recently?

Lu Xue is straightforward: Can you not expect it, since signing, anyway, I will give you.

Lu Sig sister is also an object waiting for the heart.

So the red lady introduced the situation of Sang Brother and the love of her love.

Lu Xue felt that the big brother's age was 7 years old, this a bit beyond her gathering range.

But after weighing, if all aspects are consistent, just the type of she like, you can relax the age of age.

Lu Sister said that she would not miss any opportunity, if the fate is coming, it is of course very happy.

Listening to the big sister, the big brother will have the opportunity to win!

But the big sister is now looking for an object, she is going to return to the post in Spring 2022.

Because it is the final contract period, if you don't go back, her small education is not signed. When I retire, the salary will be quite a lot.

If she is going to, the other half can follow her, I will stick to the two years in the field. Of course, she said that the cold summer vacation is still back to Changchun.

Is it a problem with this problem?

This is not a big brother, I have to see the big sister, the big brother's mouth is no longer, dressed, I hope to give Lu Big sister a good impression, don't just give her gift to her, the big brother is going to send a bunch of flowers.

Big brother in order to leave a good impression, but also carefully bought flowers, the big brother is worthy of the big brother!

I finally selected the bouquet of the "one heart" theme, the meaning is also the lever, and the big brother's mind and love, the big brother has finally seen the big sister.

Big Brother frankly: I have never sent a girl, this time is a little nervous.

The red brother said to the big brother: Think about meeting the first sentence to the big sister? The big brother is a face, and the red brother reminds the big brother to say a happy holiday.

The big brother is coming, and the big brother is also nervous to organize the clothes, and finally send flowers to the big sister.

Lu Gajie felt very happy, thinking about what, he is very careful, Lu Sister said: In addition to her daughter, I received flowers for the first time.

This flower is not lost, the big sister is very touched, the big brother listens, the heart is beautiful.

Come, get on the bus, the big brother takes you home.

Lu Sister said that her favorite is lily, her net name is actually called Lily, for many years.

The big brother said: Lily is better for a hundred years.

Hong Niang asked Big Brother: After seeing big sister, think it?

The big brother said: Very good, the big brother is slightly tension.

Big sister also said that I am also a little nervous, saying that last night is almost two in the middle of the night.

The big brother also said that he didn't fall asleep twelve.

Sister, I don't know, my big brother, specified to be a dream smile. This is all in the face, the big brother, you have to grasp!

After tense, they began to talk, Lu Sister asked the big brother to drive tired, how many years of driving.

Big brother is very straightforward, there is more than 20 years of driving.

Lu Sig sister also said that he also had a driver's license. In 2008, he took a driver's license, which was insufficient actual driving experience.

Before the big brother, I also said that I will drive, I will go out to play, the travel travel can be replaced, one is too tired.

The red brother will tell the big brother's idea to Lu Si, just a big sister also has this wish, two people go out to travel, there is a replacement in each other, and save tired! Their thoughts are really unspeakable!

Big brother will drive the big sister and also add a good sense. At the same time, the big brother also wants to know the gathering standard of the big sister.

Lu Sig sister felt that as long as the eyes were going, they would be a world, and the three views were relatively positive, and the living habits were good.

She felt that two people were aged, don't be grieve each other.

Big Brother suddenly took a sentence: Do you want to drink this habit?

Lu Sister said: This alcohol is uncomfortable, and it is uncomfortable.

Big Brother said: My family is more wine!

What a pot does not open, the big sister will know, the big brother is playing!

After the event, the big brother said to the red mother: Just a joke, he knows that Lu Sister doesn't like to drink, mainly there is no, quite embarrassing, asking her to like to drink! Look for a topic.

Red brotherma mediates: Big Brother teasing you, the big brother, his family, although the wine is much, the big brother is also a dripping.

Lu Gajie is also very unhappy. I feel that the big brother wants to know yourself. It is definitely that he will not go to the muzzle. Since I come, drink, can you drink?

have to! Big sister put the psychology of the big brother.

After the incident, Lu Gao said to the Red Niang: He is trying himself. He is actually knowing that he is most mindful. He is a joke, Xiao Yan, this I know.

Big brother is also the follow-up of the big sister, and immediately asked the color gift.

Lu Si said that there is no color gift for the first time, as long as you are willing to marry you, you will see if you have the charm.

Big Brother is a face: What is this charm?

The big brother heard the charm, I didn't know how to show it. I took the big sister to look at the future life environment.

Big Brother said: There is a swimming pool in the community, the international standard swimming pool, and the community environment is good.

Lu Gajie also felt beautiful in the community.

Big Brother continued: The summer is green, the fountain is quite beautiful.

I heard the big brother of the big brother is also a beautiful.

Lu Gajie entered the door, praising this family, and I think this room is very big, just ask how big?

Big Brother said: This house is 230 square meters.

Such a big house is clean and clean, this impression is better, but it can't look at the advantages.

The big brother said that his blood sugar is high, and now it has insulin pump, with four years of time.

For this insulin Lun Sister is still a bit worried, insulin is definitely influential for husband and wife, but the big brother is still very confident.

The big brother said that although there is no great impact on the life of the couple, this age is not like a young man.

The big brother also said that he has another shortcoming, that is, it will not cook, but this is difficult to reverse the big sister, Lu Sister said that his cooking is still quite very powerful.

Big Brother said: The general rice can still be done, but the big meal will not do it.

And Lu sister said that the family will often eat, really have an uncomfortable, don't let people take a takeaway, she doesn't like to take the takeaway, never point. And she can't pick it up, as long as they are cooked, you can eat.

Sig sister seems to have not understood the requirements of the big brother, waiting to come to the red mother to explain it.

And Lu sister said that he would not be able to pay, and Lu Sister said that even if you don't have a good job, it is also possible to play it with yourself when you cook.

What she want is like this, that is, it is difficult to don't fall, and the two people are running with each other, and the big brother can be refundable.

After the big brother said, Lu Gao Jie also said his concern, that is, work problem.

Big Brother said that I didn't care before this issue, but I still asked in detail.

Lu Sig sister intends to go to the field for two years, you can comment on the senior title of the Xiaogong, so that the retirement is almost about a month, which can trigger the big brother's Lights.

The big brother said: Then I won't go, I will give you two thousand one month.

Lu Sister said: the thing in a lifetime! elder brother!

Big brother is also so cool to say: Then you can see you for a lifetime! I will give you a penny for a lifetime.

Big brother is not lacking, but the big sister's consideration is also reasonable.

The big brother finally made a concession in this matter, the big brother agreed with Lu Sister for two years, once again, it seems that the big brother is very 中国 卢 大姐, I thought I have to succeed, but Lu The big sister threw the ultimate bomb again.

Lu Sister asked: You feel between husband and wife, or between the wedding couple, can this mobile phone password can be made public?

Who can think of this problem is not a problem in the big brother, because the big brother does not have any password at all.

Not only that, the big brother also took the initiative to show mobile information to Lu Si, although the big brother usually works some work, but there is no abnormal information with the opposite sex, this behavior directly gave Lu Sister bad,

Lu Sister said: Big Brother is a man worth relying on.

The big brother and the big sister are indeed quite common. The two sides are also very good, I hope that the big brother and the big sister can be happy.

Finally, the big brother said to Lu's sister: the future, treat you like the love people who have passed the world,

Sister Lu Sister is very satisfied with this. It is very recognized by the big brother. It is very recognized by the people.

In the end, the two also succeeded.

After all, the elderly is different from the young people, to consider real problems, family problems, children's problems, health problems, living security issues, etc.

Not just a man only looking for young, women only find economic strength!

Suitable for it is the best!

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