"Mom, your wife's wife is milled, I am coming to serve you" "The hospital is too guilty, you let her"

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People have selfishness, it is extremely normal. Parents love their children, and they are also extremely normal.

But the attitude towards your child is compared to outsiders, you can understand this kind of pro-skin, if you treat children's companions, like foreign people, it is not very good, this is an unbelred manifestation.

People who have a good heart, they will care for every person, and they don't have to say it. Wisdom smart parents, will be very good for daughter-in-law or son-in-law, at least polite and respect.

Because they understand, the woman is good, in fact, it is also a good person. Let the son-in-law feel the love of their elders, feel that they pay more, they will be grateful to their children.

Of course, this kind of love is good, it is not humble, not to be good, not there is no principle bottom line, not good looking, but an elder feeling naturally, it is not a clear "investment".

Unfortunately, many parents don't understand these, don't do it, don't do it, even have some completely opposite movements, let their children's partners are cold, cold, so they will have a separation or even vivid, naturally it is impossible. emotion.

This is also mutual, if you don't have to respect your elders or later politeness, then you will not give back when you need to care for your help.

When I got there, I don't want to have a lot of complaints. After all, we will not have the same gain, let alone a malicious, and how to look forward to being kind.

Netizen Ahua, I have encountered a mother-in-law that I am a family, there is no kind to you, so that I have better consciousness for her son. Usually, a flower is not concerned, anyway, life, it will not be coherent.

I have a good feeling with my husband, but I don't think that my mother-in-law is cold. When I met the holiday, my mother-in-law is very obvious about my son, but it is very perfunctory.

Although there is a little unhappy, I didn't show it, just later pregnant children, I hope that my mother-in-law can help, my mother-in-law will not come.

When you have a child's mother-in-law, you will see the grandson, but you refuse to take care of a flower. The Ahua Niang's mother is not good, and then only the month will be invited. The couple's wages are not high, and there is not much savings, so it is quite tight.

My mother-in-law didn't come, and the husband of Ahua was very angry and had a noisy with his mother. Although the Ahua feels tough, but her husband makes her attitude toward her own attitude, he will go to the salary card, and it is also very considerate to himself.

These have offset the dissatisfaction with Pacon to the mother-in-law, just want to close, it is not easy.

Later, the child was three years old, and the mother-in-law was hospitalized, and the phone was called to the son: "Let your wife wait for me to the hospital!"

My son is not happy, I didn't ask a flower, I replied directly: "Mom, there is no matter what she is sitting on the moon, now calling her to serve you, she will definitely revenge, will not go, or I will come to serve You! "

My mother-in-law said: "I am an elder. She still revenge? I can't blame you, I blame you too much, the hospital is not too guilty, you don't come, say you have to go to work, she is idle, come Is it not what? "

The son is angry, answering his mother said: "Mom, the Ahua is married for a few years, you still have to be outsiders! I can't go in the hospital, I can go? She is iron man? She is not afraid Is the hospital environment bad? "

My mother-in-law is not a son, and later said that it is not to talk to friends and family, saying that she is confused with her son, not filial, and not obedient.

However, Papahuan is on the husband, or go to the hospital to take care of his mother-in-law, respect, and because of being busy, no more, mother-in-law is later taken care of the hospital.

This case is actually warm, the son and the daughter-in-law are not confused, but the mother mother is a bit confused, maybe where is not satisfied with the wife, but for his son, reluctance or helplessness.

But since it became a family, the son is also good, when the mother should have a good attitude, when it is supported, when it is good for his son. The eccentricity is too powerful, and it is obvious that the daughter-in-law is the attitude of outsiders. It is really not too high.

If you don't care about the month, after all, many young people are different from the concept of the elderly. When they take care, they may not be harmonious. But after the illness is hospitalized, I have to wait for myself to wait for myself, I have a little over.

Fortunately, this son is also a masterpiece, not because the mother's confused, standing on her side, she follows her to take her out. Because of his care, his wife can accommodate tolerance or forgive her mother-in-law.

The most feared, my mother-in-law is confused, my son also follows her mother, obeying her, then marrying such a home, it is really sad.

The contradiction between the mother-in-law, although various, but many times, as long as the man is handled properly, the relationship can also be relaxed.

So the choice of my husband is the key. If the mother-in-law is not good, the husband can protect his wife behind him, and can also handle this relationship correctly, and will not let your wife are wronged, and will not be too much for her mother. .

Of course, the focus is still reminding those who have a mother-in-law, what kind of woman choosing, is what he means, if you can't read it, you can suggest, but if you can't change it, you can only accept it.If you don't get along well, you can avoid it, but it is also necessary to accept the avoidance, the daughter-in-law will have no feelings and even obligations.Don't think that you don't have to pay for the yourself, but you can take care of her and ask her.

There is such an idea, which may generally touch the wall. If it is a few words, it will feel embarrassed.Because there is a relationship with love, it is necessary to maintain and accumulate yourself.

Otherwise, when you need someone, you may be willing to respond to you.

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