When people come to her later: The brothers and sisters will understand that they are very old.

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Wen: Tang Guangming

Life is lonely, can accompany you to the end, only your shadow.

Today, Xiaobian is to share with you an old man's story, saying is very real and realistic. I hope that you can inspire your old age.

Knowing the day, my wife died. I have not married, and I am alone, so in the only son has adult, look at him to make a family, I finally finished the work to give me the job, loose a breath.

I don't know if my father is handed over, is it good to have excellent results? Just every step, I am trying to do my best, not a little vague, I have already put all my best, and I am doing well.

I didn't want to bother my son's life, I lived in Xiaoyu Village, leaned against the livelihood, and the days were simple and dull.

I have no desire to life, my son is happy and beautiful. I am free, I keep constant temperature, not cold, eat ordinary food, wear ordinary clothes, from this to the old.

However, a person has a good blessing, and his son suffered a car accident. After losing his wife, I took another white-haired man to send the pain of the brunette. I was unhappy. I was lying for a month. I barely supported it. I don't know why Follow

Two years later, the daughter-in-law was reorganized with her granddaughter. I sent a blessing, gave her own savings, this is my grandfather's mind, I hope she can live a complete and happiness in the new home.

I still guarded the small fishing village, fish, selling fish, wind and rain, time to send time in the hustle and bustle of the city,

In this way, it is fifteen years, I am more and more old, my heart is getting more and more lonely, and people become very nostalgia.

Open your eyes every day, there is no person who can talk, no one is cold, even if you raise a few drawings, mix a few mouthfuls, you are good, four look, only my shadow.

I have to consider my own old-age, I don't want to go to the nursing home, there is like a collective dormitory, only the warmth, no family warmth, our age, the thoughts are a bit turned, and they are not willing to accept the original sadness of life. Curled in a corner of the nursing home, and passed the last time of life.

The reorrived daughter-in-law, no obligation to give me the old age, granddaughter has their own survival pressure and life is not easy, I don't want to disturb.

I have a brother, and there is a sister, not in a city life, I can't see it in a year, but I think of a phone call, give them some selected sea products, express my for them.惦惦 and care.

In the days to return to life, I am very familiar, how is their days? Is your body bad? It became my thoughts.

When you are young, you can't live in life. At the age, our family is like a tide, and the heart of the vicissitudes, there is nothing tomorrow, one is not careful, maybe there is no chance to meet each other.

I have a little luggage, prepare the brothers and sisters, look at them, talk about my heart, I still want to see who they are wide, I want to find a non-desolate home, I am enough for my own pension, just I don't want to consume in the nursing home, with the brothers and sisters, in the companionship of family, but the last year, I have been eager.

All the way rushing to the big brother, I have been reunited for a long time, I'm happy.

After gossiping home, my brother is tears, because they have a high year, and their children arrange them to go to the nursing home. They don't want to go, but there is no words: "People are old, just like a dead leaves, not where you want to go Where to go, but the wind blows you, just where, if you can meet, you have to go to the nursing home to see us. "

The big brother is sad, I can only hold his hand comfort, at least the big brother is still big, there is a speech companion, and I am alone.

Big Brother here, self-loss, no one of my seats, accompanying a few days, I will leave, go to the big sister.

After the brother-in-law died, the big sister living alone had been free for a few years, and the grandchildren watched the grandson. She lived in the grandson and took care of her grandson. I took care of their diet, a old man, busy one day, backache, daily super load Tired, you can say: "Can you move, I will pay now, I hope that the men can miss me, I can't move in the future, when I need to take care, I am bored, give myself morality. "

The big sister, let people get the sour, can't bear to listen, think about if the big sister lives alone, we will help each other, and the realistic is that the big sister is not good.

Finally, I went to the younger brother, he was a master who could toss and uncomfortable, and I still love to say something, I have made a lifetime business. In the end, I lived in the apartment room in a living room, and said to me. The money that earned in this life is not finished, the lights of the lights are too late, and now I just want to live simple, clear, and retreat.

But the younger brother secretly told me that the younger brother tossed, the debt was tired, and the relationship between the child was also tense. But his mouth was still tough, and he didn't know the wrong loss, not with his child, and he was only desolate.

The brothers and sisters came down, my heart was very lost, and I also understand a truth: people are not good, no one should be expected, I can only rely on myself, life is lonely, learn to get used to loneliness, to bear loneliness, this There is only your own shadow who doesn't leave yourself, this is a cruel reality.

I am going to go to the big brother, and I will go to the nursing home with them. It is our most suitable home ... Write at the end:

The old man's homes, but let us feel the old age crisis of four elderly people, respectively:

Big brother is old, there is no words, and the body is not from the homepiece;

The big sister is still busy, and is strong and lived, and the blessing is a blessing for his own cone.

The younger brother bankrupt, the child is tense, and the disguise is strong, and there is suffering;

The old man is gone, and can only accept reality, accepting lonely.

This paragraph experienced a dedication of different life.

When the old man is in the years, it is difficult to place loneliness. Everyone knows that there is not much time, and there is a relatives of relatives in my heart. However, it is impossible to face the loved ones who have lost their attention, but it seems to be very ruthless. The fact is helpless, and the taste of it is clear.

When people in the world, the best life is that there is no day without leaving home, and the brothers and sisters eat in a pot, parents do their best to raise their children, and children are worry-free. After the respective growing up the family, it is busy in the heart of your lives.

When I went to my parents, the native family was disintegaled, and when everyone was busy with their own career or the future, when they had no heart, they looked back soon. Lonely, lonely, I want home ... I will remember to see brothers and sisters, maybe you can stay again, but I don't know their reality and I don't know.

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