Xiaoba married the 81-year-old husband, after the selling heritage: now many people chase me, but they all figure my money!

Xiaoba married the 81-year-old husband, after the selling heritage: now many people chase me, but they all figure my money!

In 2017, foreign media reported such a thing - At that time, a 79-year-old British old pastor Philieclement was retired, and the identity of the same sexual love and came out of the house at the time of only 24 years old Romania. Fresh meat florinmarin!

Although this cross-55-year-old sexual love is not being optimistic and understood by people, then they still married regardless of them.

Subsequently, the father of Philie in order to be with the other side, but also sell the house in the UK, and the two came to Romania to buy the house life.

At that time, he was crazy in Florin, and even said this:

"I love him to the extreme, if we are always separated, then I will be the most unfortunate people in this world!"

At the beginning, the two people were married and the feelings were like a glue, and they always went shopping and watch movies.

As a result, it didn't think that Florin didn't have to go to the nightclub and ghosts alone.

The father of PHILIE in Romania is lonely is very lonely, and the language is unlikely, there is no person who speaks.

Later, the contradiction between them was constantly deepening, and finally selected separate but did not divorce ...

What to say is that this story is not finished, but it is still constantly reporting - on May 31 last May 31, Philie's father was separated from the unfortunate heart disease, and the year was 81 years ...

According to the will of the father of Philie, he hopes to inherit the property of 100,000 pounds, 250,000 pounds (2.26 million yuan) property, which can be bought by lover Florin.

Not only that, Florin can take a lot of insurance from his life insurance, and as long as he is no longer married, he can continue to lead his pension!

Although this legacy is not a huge amount, but add up to safety and steady and steadily.

However, what never thought, Florin has rejected any relatives of the father of Philie after receiving this!

People who feel that eye, the "leeches" is directly to the "otter" that is compared to the blood in the interview.

At that time, Florin revealed the diagnosis of the media after the death of Philie, but also verified the metaphor of those families.

The ruthlessness, no matter who listened to it, it will conclude that he is just the money of this old man, it is not true:

"There may be many people think I will be the kind of widow who wear a black hat all day ', I am really sad, but it is enough for two days.

After all, Philie didn't want me to cry, he hoped that people can be optimistic, no matter what happened.

And I don't want to show my feelings to people because of the passage of the ex-husband, some people will use this, and I am happy with others' sorrow! "

Drake Philie's father has been in the past year, and foreign media has recently reported a full situation of Florin.

Now that he is 28, he has been very comfortable after the heritage is, it is said to be "pursued by a big boy".

As for his treatment of the heritage of Philie, it also has a new dynamic.

At present, he has sold the inherited house, and take the money to buy a new apartment and the car.

This move can not help but doubt, but Florin gives this explanation this:

"This is all over the past, I want to live more relaxed, so I decided to sell the house left to me.

I think there should be many people will think: 'Florin is the end of the road? '

How can it be dear?

I sell it just because I want to change the way of lifestyle, not because I need money!

I sold it because I want to end this story, let myself have more relaxed, but I don't say I don't think about my ex-husband.

I just want to start a new year, have a new life, live in the new house,

There are many memories of my and philie, I want to stay in my heart and my mind, not staying in that house ... "

It's so young, I will have a plan to find a new partner?

For this, Florin also admitted in front of the media:

"In fact, I also tried to start a new relationship. After all, Philie has always said to me before:

'After I die, you will find the next half of the new one, I will not mind! '

So in order to satisfy his wishes, I started to try to interact with others, but I have never been successful, because I always think about him.

I always like to talk to those who have encountered these past, about Philie's past,

Then I will start sad, then I don't consciously pop up such an idea in my mind:

'No, I don't want to have any relationship with you! '

So I refused them, but I will change it again after I hope ... "

In these pursuits, there are no shortagers, which is also the point of Florin is now worried.

After all, he inherited the heritage of Philie, and therefore heard a lot of media headlines. It is also a "financial owner" in a famous arrogant. According to his statement, many people are obviously seeing his money to express him. Pursuit of desires,

But he is not stupid, and he will look at the other party ...

In addition to visiting Florin, the media also asked the family of Philie's father - his brother Anthony against this.

First, the heritage is taken away by "outsiders", then it is not allowed to participate in the funeral of my brother, and Anthony is obviously:

"I have always been with my brother before, Florin is just a big golden face, a greedy face,

And from the moment they meet, I started to lie to his money. Now the guy has already wanted it!

Originally, we should inherit the legacy of Philie, but now it is taken by Florin,

This is not the problem of money, I would rather let my brother live, so that we are angry is his way to him!

When I quarried it four years ago, I was comforted when I was comforted him, and I would like to remind Florin to don't have the heart!

I usually have a very savvy person, but unfortunately, I can't see this thing ... "

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