Psychological test: Who do you like most rain, testing who is in love with you?

Psychological test: Who do you like most rain, testing who is in love with you?





A: You don't have anyone who is secretly love you. It is just the opposite. The people you secretly have, but it is not your people. It is not your people, but you all want to think, you like him, but you It's too long to play, he already puts you the image of your buddy in your own brain. If you think about him, you may wish to find someone trying to try his bottom.

B: Your squad leader will secretly love you, because you are a very cheerful person, and will also hug for the students. Sometimes the squad leader can't think of things, you actually know, so you will be able to duty, slow The slow squad leader will find that this person is very good, and he is just not bad, you can also complement each other, after all, outstanding people are popular!

C: Slag will be secretly loved to you, and the scientific slag is more blood, there is a kind, they are actually clear and bad. Although your academic performance is very good, you don't have a good student's shelf. Sometimes you will help those students who don't understand the questions, and you don't mind with bad students, this person will like it. ? So your class is homework, you like you!

D: Banli you are in love with you, you are a person who often helps you learn at the same table. He is a boy who has a bad study in a class. It is not subject to the teacher in the class. Your table and you have been in this time, gradually got an emotion to you, secretly in love, therefore, Ban You are secretly love you with the table, but he can't confess you. Wait until the day he succeeds will confess you. If success, you will be secretly in love.

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