Yan Ni is very good and the front in-laws, the tears of the divorce, saying that I am your daughter.

I know that Yan Ni's people must know that she has had a marriage, although she ended to the divorce, but she had to admit that Yan Ni's marriage was successful, because she and her father-in-law relationship Very good, even in her divorce, her father-in-law has been tears, very reluctant to leave Yan Ni, but the reality is the case, their husband and wife have no feelings, only can go to divorce. The road can be two suit, but in the divorce, Yan Ni said, although I can't do your daughter-in-law, but I can always do your daughter!

It is understood that Yan Ni and her husband met because she was admitted to the troops a literary troops, and her husband is also a soldier, two people walk into the marriage hall, two people behind the marriage It is also very good, and also give birth to a daughter, because the work of both of them is very busy without time, her father-in-law actively assumes this task, and said that they have two people who are in peace. They will take care of them at home and children, and this is more happiness than many women.

When I arrived in 2005, Yan Ni, who has been obscurity in the entertainment circle, received an invitation of a TV series, and still starred in the protagonist, the TV drama was changed the TV series "Wulin Biography" in Yan Ni. When Yan Ni told her husband, she got a message on a sunny day. It is understood that Yan Ni is cooking at home. After her husband returns to her home, she said "we divorce" directly, maybe because the smoking machine is too big, Yan Ni thought she was hungry, did not When she was waiting for eating, her husband repeatedly repeated the phrase "we divorce."

It is also this sentence, directly ending their husband and wife feelings. At the time of divorce, her father-in-law is very dismissed, even I have been asking "Is it really possible?" Yan Ni didn't know how to answer the old couple at this moment, but divorce is the common decision of their two people. It is not that she can make a master. But the old couple is really very good to her. She is also reluctant to end her and finally. "Although I can't give you a daughter-in-law, I still do your daughter, I have been your daughter."

After Yan Ni divorced, she still went to see her father's mother-in-law before idle time, and the relationship between her ex-husband was not very disgusting, and even after the matter, she still got her for her to help. Both two people will discuss with the future development of their daughters. Their daughter finally inherited the mother's clothes, entered the entertainment industry, Yan Ni will bring their own daughter every shot, and their mother and female will go home to visit her former public mother-in-law. And even went to their home to give them two old couples. Perhaps, for Yan Ni and their old couple, although they are not their own biological parents, but they are more like their own parents!

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