The flight attendant was kidnapped in the morning for 10 hours, and the details were exposed: how to self-help it.

Girls are outside, must protect yourself.

A thing happened recently, it is thrilling.

A flight attendant was hijacked, bundled with a rope, a tape sealed, a knife threatened, and it was good after 10 hours.

How did she do it?

I hope that after reading the article, we can also benefit from it: How to get into the threat of personal safety?

Back to the matter itself.

On October 13th, after the flight attendant, Yang Li took off a park, and he was pulled by a man from behind and was pulled to the coupe.

Then a series of operations makes the women's air multi-play.

Fortunately, the gangsters are in the words, and the grace is not changing. It means that the money is not in the hands, people are still safe.

But all things are absolute.

Yang Li knows that in this case, the mood of the gangsters is his life-saving straw.

So, even if her face, neck, the thigh is scratched by a gangster, she still maintains a job.

Nothing panic,

There is no greatness to resist.

On the contrary, she shows the gesture, just like "the lamb to be slaughtered".

She is first chatting with the gangsters to alleviate the original nervous relationship, and is also equal to telling each other: Although you hurt me, I don't hate you.

Then, she said, there is no problem, the premise is not to hurt my life.

After obtaining the trust of the gangsters and consensus, she pretended that the belly was uncomfortable, she had to take the bathroom, defrauded the opportunity to get off, and took the opportunity to escape and reported the police.

After 6 hours, the gangster was successfully captured.

It is worth mentioning that the gangsters are a habit, special women picking up.

That is, they are likely to have a scope of the victim before committing crimes.

Then, the opportunity to move.


In 2016, there was a screenshot in a circle of friends.

Simply put, a single woman suffered from kidnapping.

Time is not three more nights, but at 1 pm, it can be seen that the gangsters are daring.

At that time, she has been tracked for a few days, but it is unfortunate.

She just stopped in the garage, one door opening, and two men who were suddenly appeared.

She was shocked by the electric rod and was smashed his hands, and finally looked up, stuffed into the car.

Fortunately, she did not completely lost their consciousness.

"Save me! Save me!" Her call rescue attracted security.

Two men didn't panic, took out the "military officer's card", and if there is anything affairs, "We are going to handle the case, to take her back to investigate."

Fortunately, a police officer arrived, breaking out the lies of the gangsters, control them, and the danger will be released.

This is unfortunately, the woman is only scared, affected by the skin.

Otherwise, once it is taken away, what happens to be unexpected.


If you say, where you go back home, which place is the least in safe, the elevator should count.

In a closed environment, it can be called every day, calling the land.

At this time, resistance is inexpensive, and obedience may cause the gangster to be more mad.

I have seen a case, the incident is Xining.

Ms. Liu's home is in twenty layers.

She first entered the elevator in front of her feet, and there was a strange man immediately.

What makes her surprised that the other party is not pressed down the floor.

Just when she was a little doubt, the man quickly stepped close, while holding her waist, while stressing with a knife.

Ok, Ms. Liu thought of a law.

She told the gangster who he just came to the phone with his parents, waiting for too long, they would come out.

After listening to the other party, the idea was clearly shaken.

Ms. Liu took the opportunity to take the money on his body, and the other person wrote, and quickly put her, and ran away.

Ms. Liu is fortunate, because she is sufficient, the gangsters are enough.

But we can never pin your life in your luck.

Changed a more arrogant, more arrogant gangster, will be full of variables.


On August 1, 2018, Henan Xinxiang had an incredible thing.

The police officer of the local 110 command center received a strange call.

The other party did not ask for help, just said that there is no head without brain, "You give me some food, I am in Hongmen Town, XX Township."

At first, the policeman thought it was a prank. Just confirmed it, "What is it?"

The other party repeatedly said, "You send it to me, send some food, I will book here later."

The policeman emphasized patiently, "This is the 110 alarm center."

"I know."

"You have to eat, do you take a takeaway?"

"I know, I know, I don't want to, I will have that, I will be booked with you, how come you come with me? I can't go."

"Sorry, 110 can't send it."

"I know, my sister, I know, how do you not understand what I said?"

When I came here, I took the policeman who had already periphened, and I asked the other party to confirm that the other party was really stressed.

Afterward, the girl was saved smoothly.

It turned out that she met a man on the Internet. The other party used "introduction work" as an excuse, and she lied her to Xinxiang and trapped into the house.

She lied to the man to take the takeaway, got the phone, and turned the corner of the police.

A dilemma has a clear end.


Never lack malicious, especially for women, especially for women.

As the saying, you can take a thousand years.

Careful, always more than the negligence. If you encounter unpredictable dangers, don't panic, use the counterfeit method for preparation.

First, let the gangsters relax.

When our personal safety has been threatened by a gangster, do not try to resist.

Otherwise, under the sense of gangsters, the victims are hurt.

It is better to meet the requirements of the other party in verbal, reduce its vigilance.

Then, find the opportunity to get out.

If the real example starting in the text, hip to help others in the toilet, and finally arrested the criminal.

Second, carry a whistle with you.

Many times, gangsters will pick a time that is the most favorable.

At that time, people's vigilance was the lowest, and call for help is not necessarily effective.

Plus women's power itself is small, once in the case of changing people, it is difficult to get rid of themselves.

If you have a whistle, it is not as alarm.

It is not possible to keep it calm with force.

It is very likely that the security and others have not arrived yet, and the gangsters have already fled.

Third, carrying the anti-wolf spray.

Sometimes, the gangsters do not necessarily be robbery, or it may be "robbery".

This means that the danger of girls may experience when they travel.

After all, people who see color are not.

Because the anti-wolf spray is small enough, it can even disguise the red, under the unexpected, the gangsters will not move in an instant.

Fourth, call for help with exception information.

If you are unfortunately held by the gangsters, don't miss the excellent hovering opportunity when you encounter your friends and friends.

I have seen a good example.

After a woman was held, he hated his husband called.

She can't help directly, so she is working out with her mother.

But her mother has already died, it is this abnormal information, let her husband and time alarm.

V. Pretending to be alarm.

If you encounter a gangster, but you can't help the alarm, or there is no way to call the police?

Don't panic.

You can pretend that you have connected 110, shout, "110? I want to report the police ... here is ..."

Gangsters are also people, will also measure risks, and they will be afraid.

Use this way maybe you can scare him.

6. Tell family or friends their own dynamics.

When single women go out, it is best to inform my family or good friends to go, probably when I go back.

In this way, once you can't contact yourself, they will take appropriate measures.

Don't think that this is a big problem, but it is not a rain.

When we are dangerous, we can notice that it is not right for the first time, and can only be the closest person.

Talking about, "Never ignore the evil of human nature."

The back of the light is dark.

We can naturally condemn the evil of humanity, but for its own safety, there is less than half a protective role.

We don't believe in the kindness of the world, but do not hinder the preparation of Wan Quan, to resist the evil in the world.

Case Review:

Xi'an a flight attendant was hijacked at the morning! 10 hours of machine intelligence tactical exposure

Bundle, tape sealing and threat intimidation

Cheeks, necks and thighs, etc.

The criminal suspect is scratched ...

Recently, Xi'an, Shaanxi

A escort person was hijacked on the morning of the morning

After near 10 hours with the suspect


Related topic triggered netizens concerns and hot discussion

The woman is hijacked from the morning.

On the morning of October 13

Xi'an Xixian New District Public Security Bureau, Xincheng Branch

110 Command Center received a victim alarm phone

Weigh yourself to kidnapped


Female victim Yang Li (pseudonym)

Is an airline ventiator

get off work in the morning of the 13th

Walking home through the park

Being a man with a knife and threatened

Subsequently hijacked on a gray car

Continue to be bundled again

Tape sealing and threat intimidation

The man's statement is not a life

I want $ 30,000 to cash to it

In the meantime, men hijacked victims

Driving to other jurisdictions

For those who want to be "safe"

Further implement kidnapping money

Torn with gangsters 10 hours, borrowing toilet escape

In the past 10 hours of confrontation

Victim cheek, neck and thighs

Scratched by the gangster

But it is still unfolded with a hard psychological quality

Between, victims and criminal suspects

Keep chatting, close relationship

Let him relax

And call yourself is willing to cooperate

Can give money, don't hurt life

Adopt delay tactics to steady each other

Avoid making the other party

10 o'clock in the morning

Victims look for excuse

I don't feel comfortable with my stomach.

Put the criminal suspect

And use the machine to drive away the vehicle

Later, quickly alarm

The police arrested the suspect after 6 hours

Victim alarm 6 hours

The police finally locked the criminal suspect

And successfully captured it

Upon review

Criminal suspect

Returns to Xi'an two years ago

Due to family changes, add often unemployment

Economic tone, life distress

遂 产生 恶 恶 恶

At present, Ma Moumou is criminally detained according to law.

The case is under further investigation

The suspect said

Special regret

I hope to give another opportunity again.

Netizen: Admire the brave and wisdom of the flight

Please severely punish the suspect netizens, have praised the witty for women.

"It's a wisdom and brave like a"

"Too cow!

Fortunately, her wit and her psychological quality have been hard. "

As early as 2008

Shanghai also has a flight attendant

The hiker is successful

Create a case of robbery in cross provinces for the police

Provide important clues

Many people may have impressions on this matter

Miss Hou told the scene she escaped from the car. Iranian Youth Daily


"After being hijacked, the head is blank"

Incident occurred

8:00 pm on August 23, 2008

Miss Hou driving a car

Down to Tongchuan Road, the red light is slow

A gangster quickly opened the car door

Jump on the bus

Men's right hand with a steel knife

Her waist

Left hand hosted her neck

Miss Hou quickly calmed down

She does not resist


The gangster let Ms. Hou stopped

Let the companion get on the bus

"He took out latex gloves from black bags

Subsequent nylon rope

Troubled my hands back

Tread my feet again "


"I have tears, the gangsters also tears"

on the way

Miss Hou tried to talk to them

I beg you not to hurt her.

"Because today is my mother's birthday

If you want money

I can give you

But don't hurt me

Because this mother will be very sad

You also have a family "

When I said my family

Xiao Hou couldn't help but tears

At this time

The gangster actually tears

Seize the opportunity

"Safe, I have to save"

She and the gangsters

I tried to solve the rope

through hard work

The nylon rope on the hand was broken.

In order not to let the gangsters

She still keeps backhand posture

In order to facilitate escape

She also took her shoes.

Miss Hou patiently waited until the red light turned green light

At this time, the car has more

She quickly opened the door barefoot to the road

Sign over

Stop the passing vehicle with the body

A taxi stopped around

She opened the door and jumped on the car.

Screaming: "I will drive! I was robbed!"

Driver's eye

Seeing not far away, there is a police car that is patrolling.

I will open the police car soon.

Xiao Hou jumped off the taxi before rushing to the police car,

"I was robbed! I have to save!"

Police reminder

Condensation should be calm when encountering danger

Do not irritate criminals

Looking for opportunities alarm help!

Men's derailed flight attendant, throwing nearly million to divorce her, find another lover

The flight attendant girlfriend has jumped out of a message, stinging Shen Yang (below the pseudonym) nerve. The other party uses "Yakkin" relatives to my girlfriend, and my girlfriend has dodge the things.

Shen Yang did not expect, his girlfriend was placed with his new housing, picking the diamond ring, while giving a male colleague overnight. When he rushed to H city from Changsha, waiting for him, a double toothbrush in the washing cup, belonging to his new toothbrush, has been used.

Shen Yang once thought of forgiving everything, married to his girlfriend, but I just got about the parents of both sides, and the next day girlfriend regretted.

For my girlfriend Xiao Fang, Shen Yang Zeng Dafang throws nearly million. For the current ending, October 15th, Shen Yang is asked Xiaofang, he wants to discuss herself.


Empty sister lovers

Shen Yang and Xiaoyang acquired after a grand fireworks. Xiaofang is a flight attendant, living in Hyex, often coming to Changsha because of work reasons. At the beginning of 2019, the 23-year-old Xiao Fang, who had read the fireworks in Changsha, stopped a horse back to the hotel. Beautiful Xiaofang attracted Shen Yang's attention. He opened the car chasing the hotel where Xiaofang lived.

Since then, the two will start with WeChat. "We have known soon, she discovered my wife's social account, I know my situation." Shen Yang said that before he and Xiaofang's first date, he put his situation and trail, he and his wife belong Entrepreneurial partners and colleagues relationship, the two have accumulated a certain wealth, and they have no feelings between them, and they only talk about work. And Xiaofang has chosen the acquiescence, saying "I can be used as not known".

I remembered that the two of the two were in the time, Xiao Guard was not sound, and he continued to repeat "I am really wrong." At that time, Xiaofang was attracted by Shen Yang. Although the man in front of her is 10 years older than her elderly, it is a wide, and it is a slight to her body.

The process of love is sweet, Xiaofang often invited a long holiday to go to Changsha, and live with Shen Yang. "He will help me with me every day, he is really good for me."

Shen Yang's generous and considerate, reflecting all aspects of life. Only on Alipay and WeChat, Shen Yang has transferred more than 660,000 yuan to Xiaofang, and pays $ 2.40,000 yuan for Xiaofang's Mercedes-Benz.

Usually, Shen Yang will help Xiaodanda breakfast, take some takeaway, take a afternoon tea, ask her friends to buy a afternoon tea, give her family to buy a head and other cabins, bring her shopping mall shopping, buy luxury goods, jewelry, watch , Bags, etc., never hesitate.

As long as it is a small armament, Shen Yang will meet one by one.


Divorce with wife

I found that my girlfriend has a shameful object

In August of this year, under the strong demand of his wife, Shen Yang was divorced with his wife. At this time, he and Xiao Fang have been in contact for more than a year. For marriage, Xiaofang at that time agreed, not only in the information, the willingness to show marriage, but also started to pick up a wedding ring, study the renovation of the new house. In the chat records of the two, they live together with a better life. The emergence of "Xiaoye Cat" information has begun Shen Yang to leave a heart. At 7 o'clock on the evening of August 6, Shen Yang and Xiaofang met in a hotel in Guangzhou. He didn't intend to find a WeChat trumpet, and a man called her "Xiaoyan Cat" in WeChat chat. The man is Xiaofang's colleague, Xiao Fang only admits because she loves her little cat's expression package. To this end, Shen Yang was quarreled with Xiaofang.

The doubtful seeds began to germinate in Shenyang, and the things happened later made Shen Yang Xin as cold.

He is still as usual, often gives a large amount of Xiaofang, but Xiaofang has repeatedly hanging from Shenyang's video and phone.

"On August 9th, Xiaofang went to the city. She called her during S, she didn't pick it up.

A phone in the middle of the night, Xiaofang took it, the phone came from the man's voice. "On August 12, Shen Yang hurriedly flying to H city. He faced Xiaofang's denial, he still chose to believe. As next day, he took Xiaofang to see wedding rings, and other colleagues with Xiaofang at night. See the face.

And the two of the first two, start to provoke the luxury necklace, wedding rings, ready to marry, Shen Yang also sent a pair of 28,000 yuan of bracelets worth 28,000 yuan.

On August 24, Shen Yang and his wife were officially processed by divorce. I didn't expect this there, Xiao Fang began to appear without answering the call and video.


Girlfriend admitted to bring male colleagues overnight

On September 9, Shen Yang took the earliest flight, arrived in H City at around 8 pm, and his eyes stabbed him. On the bed, the carpet was hair and traces, both toothbrushes were wet. He went to adjust the elevator monitoring, and found that Xiaofang and a man came out at home. When he questioned Xiaofeng, she admitted that he had taken a male colleague to go home overnight, the male colleague is the person who called her "Yakan".

"I really didn't happen to him. He didn't make a bad thing for me. Shen Yang can take the bed." Xiaofang explained, at the time, she asked the colleague to help repair the car, because when it was too Better late, let him barely squeeze.

When the relationship between the two, Xiaofang's mother found Shen Yang persuaded.

"Her mother wants me to forgive her, saying that she is not right, let me give her a chance, I hope we are good. Her mother also said that she would not let her hurt me, let her receive the heart, will take the account to H City Shen Yang said that when Xiaofang Mom alsomed a pre-marriage agreement, I watched the wedding before the approved a marriage. After marriage, I went out of the deck. If there is a riot phenomenon, I will stop marriage immediately.

This time, Shen Yang still chose forgive, as always, the shot is generous. On September 25th, Xiaofang made Shen Yang to her parents and restaurant, about the National Day to discuss marriage. When Shen Yang is expected, on September 26th, he waited for the news of Xiaofang to completely repent.


My girlfriend regrets the marriage, I am not prepared.

"I don't want to be with him again, he is terrible."

In Xiaofang's story, it is very uneasy with Shen Yang's upcoming marriage. He threatened me, to make the previous things to my unit, I am worried that this will make me very faceless, and I will realize that he is extremely extreme. Because of my work, he has no sense of security, I can't Imagine next to his life. "

Xiaofang once revealed her with the story between Shenyang to the colleague around him, but was consistently opposed. "They say that he has children, the burden will be too heavy, and my future is not guaranteed."

Why is it a marriage with Shen Yang, and the side is not swaying? Xiaofang explained this, she was young, and she didn't think too far, and even did not expect Shen Yang to divorce. When Shen Yangzhen divorced, when she began to talk to her marriage, she began to realize the existence of many problems. On the one hand, she likes Shen Yang's gentle body stickers, and she is wide. I don't want to separate. On the one hand, I have not prepared to get married. Under such long-term entanglement, Xiaofang repented.

"From us, you will know all my things, you have to get married many times in the process, I also hold this kind of purpose, will be so good to you, otherwise, do you talk about a love spend millions?" Xiaofang's explanation, Shen Yang can't accept it, he asked Xiao Fang to return 700,000 yuan, and there are other spending costs such as the car.

Currently, Xiaofang did not accept this condition.

Lawyer said

Hunan Jinzhou Law Firm Lawyer Yi Xu said, 1, marriage spending part: Under normal circumstances, give the lover to give a gift "gift", according to the provisions of Article 185 of my country's Contract Law, Gifts refers to a gift from people to give their own property, and the auditors expressed their contracts. In this case, if the man and his wife did not have the agreement of the division of profits, the man's marriage is the flight attendant, his wife can explain the Judicial explanation of the Marriage Law (1), that is, the common property of the husband and wife The husband and wife agreed, or the 153th article of the "General Law of the Civil Law", that is, gives a loving gift for the prosecution of the prosecution of public order.

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