50+ divorced women still desire to marry?Listen to 2 women's hearts

Nowadays, there are more and more 50+ women in life, because the feelings between husband and wife, or because the husband is derailed outside, I have to bear the divorce?

So some people want to know that 50+ divorce women are still eager to marry? So 50+ divorced women, in the heart, still desire to be married?

Today I interviewed 2 50+ divorced women, listening to what they say.

01, Ms. Xiao, 51 years old

I am 51 years old this year, divorced with the ex-husband, because he has been with the outside, I have been married for 20 years, there are 2 children.

Although I was a kids married, I truthfully, I really love my ex-husband, because he is not only handsome, and can say that he will say that the time with him is particularly fast.

Therefore, there is no opinion in the two people, and we have been married in their two, but I can't think of it after marital, my ex-husband is not only let me like.

It is also easy to make other women like it, just when I am pregnant, my ex-husband will betray me, at that time, I really don't want children.

But I went to you, I won't be sorry for me again, my parents also advised me to say, the prodigal son turned back to the gold, so I forgive my ex-husband.

I knew, my ex-husband later betrayed me again, so, I was really can't bear it with him at the age of 44.

If you ask if I have experienced a failure marriage, is it still eager to be married, tell the truth, I will throw your love, but I will be careful.

Because I don't love him very much unless I have loved my, I can't think about remarriage.

02, Ms. Li, 50 years old

I am 50 years old, divorced, I am not because of what kind of orcharior is not because of the personality, I can't go.

At the beginning, my husband was married, when my ex-husband family had money, anyway, compared with my home, a person who had money.

I was only 19 years old, I didn't understand anything. My parents made me married, I will marry, after marriage, I discovered that he particularly talented, because he wrote poetry, also published on the newspaper.

And I didn't graduate from a elementary school, and I have lived with him, I always feel very humble, I feel that it is not as good as him.

In this way, in the end, we were married. After divorce, I feel that I have finally not suppressed, if you ask if I have experienced a failure marriage, I still want to be married.

I think love and marriage are fate. If the fate is coming, I will not resist, if the fate is not coming, I will not force.

Conclusion: It seems that 50+ divorced women are still eager to marry? This problem can be learned through 2 women's hearts.

50+ divorced women are still eager to be married, but that desire, only in their hearts, because regardless of the life of 50+ divorced women, it is physiologically habiting to live with a person.

Therefore, 50+ divorced women even desire to marry, and will not be able to find a man casually, and they will marry themselves. They will be married.

Then the man who makes 50+ women can be married, it must be understood, and she also loves, otherwise 50+ divorce women, this life will be Ning Licheng to the old.

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