"I should know today" 30 years ago: I was sent to the nursing home by the 62-year-old wife.

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Psychologist Rogers has a point of view, "Being yourself." It is intended to express: the most precious life is yourself.

But in real life, many people have to hide their initial heart and go to others hope. This is a surface that looks "light" and substantially "bitter".

Li Ayi was 63 years old. She felt that life after marriage was a "" word, this is more than 30 years. Today, she wakes up: There is only one success in the world, just in the way you like.

Li Ayi's marriage was in the first two years. She and her husband were aware of the blind date, and the typical first married. However, after a running, Li Ayi felt the idea of ​​two people, and the behavior was very different.

Three views of different feelings, the quarrel will become a homemade, no one can understand the other party, and they all believe that they are correct, refuse to compromise.

Li Ayi has some cultures. Her husband is an authentic rough, and she is noisy but Li Ayi, not telling the truth. But it is hard enough to have his fist, so, this field is married, from the initial quarrel, cold war, upgrade to fighters.

Marriage falls to the ice point, Li Ayi returns to the mother. Looking at the green purple on the daughter, Li Ayi's mother just pulled her hand, but did not agree with her divorce.

In this way, Li Ayi lived in the sadness of the mother for two or three days, and the husband came to pick up, Li Ayi came back to her home in his family's persuasion.

Such an anti-repeating complement is normal.

Until Li Ayi made a child, after giving birth to his son, the husband seems to be gentle and considerate. She thought she had a good day, who knows this is the beginning of a nightmare.

Li Ayi's husband has a woman who is married, and this feeling is good and bad, noisy, directly affects the attitude of Husband to Li Ayi.

Plus the birth of the child, the more antagonists are over. Husband also has to take money to support the emotions of our new, love.

If Machi said, pain is no meaning: "In most cases, pain must not improve people's cultivation, can only make people become rude. Poverty is also a pain."

So, the stability of this family drops to the bottom of the valley, the economy, and the emotions have not guaranteed.

Li Ayi has been known for a long time, her husband has this marriage relationship. She once again raised the divorce, but she looked at the young children, listening to the family's persistence, Li Ayi has compromised again.

At this time, the husband almost no longer homes, and the number of times returned home is also possible. This, let Li Ayi have a sigh of relief, but Li Ayi's husband occasionally occasionally, Li Ayi and children have become uncomfortable.

If the husband is drunk, or the face is not good, Li Ayi and the child are like a thin ice, the war is awesome.

Li Ayi is so strong, and the mother is divorced, he is afraid of a joke, and there is a humilian style, which has become a stone in her heart. She doesn't want someone to see her own, only the wound can be deeply hidden.

The age is indeed unfamiliar, but in order to avoid the "tongue" of others, I will thrown myself into the abyss. Is it worth it?

In this way, Li Ayi supported the life of the child, and the days were gradually getting better and better.

The husband came back to get more and more diligent, and the temper appeared to be peaceful. Li Ayi is not willing to talk to her husband, but it also avoids dispute conflicts.

Just when a husband raised his hand again, his son rushed over. He looked at the hand that was about to fall. .

After the divorce is raised, Li Ayi has suffered hard, and it is hard to cry. This time, Li Ayi hid in the quilt at night, crying.

Later, the husband was hospitalized, half-length, Li Ayi called the hospital. At the age of 60, the husband was 60 years old, perhaps it was contaminated with too many wine, the sound of dogs, and I have bored my body early.

Women who are married have long, I don't know where to go, watching the man who is thrown in the hospital bed, Li Ayi only feels no love in his heart.

The person took back home.

The husband began to be very humble, and I didn't understand the mistakes, but I also said soft. Turning out your own salary card, saying that he has some savings, and there must be a pension immediately, it is estimated that it is afraid to be abandoned.

The human nature is difficult to change, and there is no such thing as a few months, and the husband has dinner, and Li Ayi wants to drink. Li Ayi didn't give it, the husband broke, saying that Li Ayi looked at the inconvenience of his own action, and it was avenge.

Li Ayi only said calmly: I will give you, it is really harm you. After that, I closed the door. I don't know if I want to pass this sentence, when Li Ayi went home, her husband didn't say anything, no more.

Once, my son went home. Looking at the father lying in bed, said to Li Ayi: Mom, only you can complain with morality. For such a person, hey, why you have to work hard.

Li Ayi said, forget it, so in a lifetime, don't let others look at jokes.

Hu Jianyun said: "People who don't do do, I like it's okay." After another time, I didn't get satisfied. After the dispute, Li Ayi's husband was lying on the bed and ignited the quilt.

Li Ayi's husband was sent to the nursing home by her. There is not much pension of the husband, so the conditions for the nursing home found are not good. Until at this time, Li Ayi's husband is willing to admit that this life is, giving Li Ayi's misfortune for a lifetime.

He is not willing to go to the nursing home, Li Ayi has made a determination this time: "You should know today, I will only hate yourself too late."

"Head text D" has a typhoon: "There is only one success in this world, it is to spend a lifetime in the way you like."

Obviously, Li Ayi spent a lifetime, not what she hoped. There are also many opportunities, she can change the trajectory of their lives, but she is not. She too ignored her subjective will, but too much about others' opinions and vision.

There are many times, for others, if they are expensers. This is really no need. Some people have appeared, just to remind you, life is unbearable. So, why bother to him.

For those who hurt us, they have to hurt, don't be trapped, don't flow into inertia. In fact, let go, more simple.

"Slowly grow old in the way you like" is a hope of some people. Some people are expected, and some people are doing this.

If we want others to see "success", we must use the sacrifice of his happiness as a price. This is not a "success", just a deceived gamble.

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