53-year-old woman is looking for someone to "pick up the man", she said: You pay a living fee, my salary is still loering

As the saying: "Marrying Han married, dressing."

The meaning of this sentence is that women and men are married, just to eat and wear. In ancient times, the female status is relatively low, they don't work, so I have to rely on men.

But now in this society, there are still many women who still believe in this sentence, think that the two are married, the man has to pay unilaterally.


53-year-old Wang Auntie is very savvy, looking for a man as "picking up the man", she let the man spend a living fee, her money is left, it is used to make a mortgage, and Uncle is directly listened. Have their blinds to scatter because of economic problems?

The 53-year-old Wang Aunt is a chef and the monthly salary is 4,500 yuan. She bought a house, she leases a room to the rent, to reduce economic pressure.

Wang Ayi is a state of separation, and the ex-husband is very shovel. I can't spend her spending, and I will be angry. In the marriage of the upper section, she and the ex-husband's economy is independent, each flower.

At that time, Wang Ayi's mother was in bed, she went back to her mother twice a week, and the ex-husband was very angry. It is estimated that I haven't had a wage in her two days.

She spent her money, everyone is distressed, and blames her not to live. She can't stand the ex-husband's jealousy.

Today, Wang Ayi is coming, I hope to find a clean, heart, good economic conditions, the most important thing is to be the old companion of her.

The first of the red brother's first introduced her is the 59-year-old Dad. Uncle has retired from the company, and the pension of each month is 3400 yuan, with a set of more than 20 square meters of houses.

Two people have a good impression on each other. They sit down, Uncle is put together, and the two discuss money.

And Wang Ayi disagreed. She said: "If we have a good feelings, it will take his money in the usual, if he encounters things, it is very difficult, I will pay."

When the two people chatted, Wang Ayi asked the men's houses, the man didn't say the bedroom was 11.9 square meters, a total of more than 20 square meters.

Wang Ayi listened to the man's house so small, the face became uncomfortable.

Hong Niang asked the man to find the old companion, where is the two people going? The man has been low and does not speak.

Wang Ayi took the initiative to say his idea, she felt that since she was looking for her old companion, then she went to the man to live, renting her house, the rent can be used to make a mortgage.

The man's salary is lower than the female side, the house is also smaller than the woman, and the character is relatively bored, Wang Ayi can't see it, the two blind date failed.


Wang Ayi said in an interview that I want to find a humorous wife, so the red lady introduced her a 54-year-old Made.

I saw it in the door, I was very fat, and the smile of Wang Ayi disappeared.

Dad Shu felt that the woman was pretty, and Wang Ayi said that she saw the man's side did not want to enter the door.

Dade, Mado, is a state of separation. It is the marketing manager of Unicom, and the monthly salary is four or five thousand.

Dad, Wang Daxie, took a woman to visit him more than 90 square meters of big houses, and Wang Aunt who was unsuccessful, smiled without his mouth. It seems that the man has a big house to make up for the shortcomings of his appearance.

Wang Ayi said that the man's room is good, but unfortunately, it is a bit far away from the place to work. Uncle said that he can live with his father, and it is close to her. Uncle's words are very happy.

This is not, the front of the king, who has no mood, slowly changed the idea, saying that she and the man are very good, and they are really real.

Then Wang Dashang explained his own history, the first feeling was with the ex-wife, the second sentiment was in the same year of his colleague 17 years, but there is no certificate.

Subsequently, Wang Ayi said his true thoughts, she said to the man: "My money is left, I spend your money!" Because she wants to use her own money to make a mortgage.

Wang Ayi said: "The man married a woman, he should give a woman money. Marry the Han married, dress all the clothes."

And Dad, Dad, also expressed its agreement. It seems that Many Shu Zhen Zhishang is, he said that two people hoped that two people spent his savings, don't stay.

When the two people exchanged, Dad Uncle Wang did not have to look back.

He knows that he is in the abutment, it is more fat, his face is not handsome. He asked the woman to have a eye to him? Chen Ayi did not speak late, Wang Dade said he understood. In the end, the two failed.


emotion analysis:

(1) Who should the life expenses after the two people will remarriage?

Wang Ayi's ex-husband is the legendary "iron cock". The two are all spending money, not only this, he still can't spend money. This makes Wang Ayi feels hard, so when she wants to find a man who is generous to her.

In the blind date, the woman often asked the man to be twisted money or gift. And Wang Ayi is not going, just saying that the man is responsible for all overhead, she wants her money to make a mortgage.

Like Wang Ayi, this kind of person, they think that it is advisable to let the men bear their own lives, but not every man accept this idea.

Some netizens commented: middle-aged and old age will be married, both parties should live a birth fee, why do you make men a person?

This issue has no standard answer, and different economic conditions and different people's ideas will be different.

If the man's economic conditions are not good, then he will definitely hope that the woman will take a part of the living fee. If the male side of the male party is good, then he will be willing to pay a living fee. (2) Do you have a reservation?

Middle-aged and old people are very realistic because they have experienced a lot of things and know the importance of money.

And because it is older marriage, most people are in order to get a long feelings, so many people are not willing to pay too much. In order to give them more guarantees, they will reserve.

For example, Wang Ayi uses all the salary to make a mortgage, and then eat drinking, wants to let the man be borne.

Some men have listened to the woman with this idea, will definitely be unhappy, think she regards men as a dining ticket.

However, each flower is all eye, Wang Ayi may also find the man who doesn't mind her saglo.

However, eat people's mouth soft, take short.

If women are completely attached to a man economy, they will lose their air and dignity in marriage. Therefore, in the capacity range, the woman still needs to pay, such as a part of the living expenses, do housework.

Some people have said: Whether in love, it is still a workplace, don't believe that the unilateral pay can be exchanged for long-term stable relationships, that is a crap, you don't have the value of the value of the value, you will be kicked!

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