(Executive Tongren / C / Fan) Valentine's Day Special Cup

The Dao Dynasty and the year, and it went to the sky.

(Vertebra name and perspective)

To speak Valentine's Day, then the festival of the couple, in this day, many lovers will let them go, dating.

When people also made a thoughtfulness, preparation and favorite people in Valentine's Day.

Just, the first Valentine's Day is on holiday. Blinking, seeing three cute dolls, is a birthday present, and the most important thing sent by important people.

Then, look at the calendar, February 14th Valentine's Day, say that Valentine's Day should be a chocolate to give the Qinglong?

It should be said that it should be done according to the tradition. Then it should now be done. In fact, yesterday should develop a plan, let me find it ...

Turning with a book, I successfully found the paper that I wrote the plan in a book. Bennick and Valentine's Day Chocolate Manufacturing Plan begins.

Inspirant ruthenium, try it, actually not sticky, can be inlet. The taste is relatively light, not too sweet. I have also received chocolate yourself. I will understand chocolate. I don't like too sweet at all. According to observation, the Qinglong did not catch a cold for sweets. The first is the material desire, and his room has almost a tool for tea and some books. Well ... The clothes in the wardrobe have barely come, except for the few clothes buy together. Although this, this is probably the first Valentine's Day after the intention of the Qinglong, and it is not impressive.

Focus on approximately, the sun is high.

Unconsciously, time has passed from me for 2 hours.

Since the production of chocolate has been completed, then it should be invited to meet.

The first is to choose the location, this time, I still chose the library.

Here is the place I am familiar with. Due to holiday, people who come to the library will not be too much. Unexpectedly, I haven't come to the destination, I have hit my boyfriend on the road. Even, I didn't invite him. Is this also called fate?

But he did not pay attention to me, so ...

I am walking quietly to the Qinglong sitting on the bench. I look close to it. He is watching a direction. It seems that he still didn't pay attention to me, and looked at the direction he gaked, but he looked at a time.

Suddenly, a hanging heart was slowly calm.

Then I slowly get close again, temporarily the screen is quiet, and then look back to my Qinglong. I understand that you must be ready to get it, you can't let the Qinglong catch the flaws.

Finally, I stood completely behind the Qinglong. But what do you do? He seems to be completely scared.

In this case, I extended my hands and obscured the sight of the Qinglong. However, he did not resist it at all.

"Guess ... no longer guess, such a soft and lovely little hand is definitely my lovely girlfriend is coming."

I dooded my mouth, some dissatisfaction, and failed.

"When is the Qing dynasty noticed that I am coming?

I was naturally sitting next to him.

"Occasional long-overlooking can be calm down"

Qinglong thinks about thinking and answers. I don't know if he encounters trouble, or it is looking to the distance.

Quietly, in this campus, I am close to Qinglong, not to spoiler, but want to accompany him.

I want to know with Jun, and I have no life in the long life.

Accompanying is the most affectionate confession, the road to go is still very long. At least on the road of peers, I can watch flowers and Yunxia with you.

Sitting on the same bench and living under the same sky. Watch the same landscape, walk on the same way.

Sitting around him, looking for his hand, holding it slowly. Waiting for him to pay attention to it gently back.

"Do you have anything to do so?"

Looking back, his eyes have been concentrated on me. This seems to be easy to be shy, but I don't think I hate.

"It is ready to go to the library, and to the library, I want to invite the Qinglong, but I have met Qinglong on the road, causing the trip to change some change, now, go to the library together?"

Nature, Qinglong will not refuse my proposal, and notice my plastic bag, he helps pick up. I didn't ask what this is, maybe he already knows.

Although it is noon, the blown breeze can also feel slight cold. Also bathed in the sun, taking the lovers' hand, even if it is walk, I have received peace of mind, I am satisfied.

Inside the library

"Even if you are holiday, the people in the school are still very rare."

"After all, I have to go to the school first, I have to put on the uniform. After all the holiday, most people in the holiday are not learning, and then the holiday time is not much. Therefore, this time may be friends gathering, agreeing to some Place, or shopping, naturally there will be a couple's dating "

"Speaking of a couple ..."

"It is natural to let people think about Valentine's Day, I still haven't forgotten this, after all, one of the purposes of the school also wants to find the day, I want to have this full of significant Valentine's Day."

What's more, this kind of words are really a somewhat foul. At this time, I obviously feel that the face has pouring heat.

"The Qing Dynasty turned completely into another person, and you before starting school"

"People are always changing"

It is indeed, people will grow, they will learn, they will use their own double feet to measure the land, turn unknown to knowledge.

"Well, this change is also a good thing, at least I like"

"I think it is important to treat lovers directly to express their feelings." Yes, Qinglong often expresss their feelings directly. This is only a conclusion, just when the flowers are blooming, the views appreciate. It is difficult to notice that it is a hard process before blooming, and the growth in the process is also the most needed things in a life.

In this process of treating love, I will also intend to be in the place where people are in many places. It's all necessary to swear your own sovereignty.

Therefore, I also agree with the elegance of the Qinglong.

"This is also one of the charm of Xiao Xiao Road, of course, I am also very distressed."

I doodled, and I said these words were distressed.

The boyfriend is charming, but sometimes this is also troubles. After all, from the mood, I don't want to have too much contact with other girls.

"I understand this is the gentleness of the day and the unique, it also understands the day and there will be such an idea. Because the vertebrae and the unique charm? "

Call, really this kind of thing is still very interested.

"Is there famous on the list?"

Look at the vote, it should actually have something in the first semester, and I have not been pressed yet. Sure enough, most high school students are very interested in some gossip things ...

For a while, I slowly took out my chocolate.

"Hey, happy Valentine's Day"

Natural, the expression of the Qinglong has a subtle change, which seems to be surprised and joy from this expression. Then I saw the Qinglong to accept the chocolate.

"Do you have a chocolate you have made?"

"Well? Look at the style of the Qinglong, I don't believe in girlfriend can do chocolate."

Since the relationship between and the Qinglong, I understand that I have a lot of places, and then I will start learning. I remember that a learning cooking was hit by the Qinglong, and I didn't do it at the time.

"In fact, the chocolate is much better than the cuisine, how to say that the Qinglong does not believe in my ability, I am still hurt,"

I put a good expression and said my feelings against my boyfriend.

Then you can feel a weight on my head, nature is the hand of the Qinglong.

Gradually, the dissatisfaction is gradually disappearing, no, this is not not full ...

"So can I open it now?"


Looking at the cleaning of the Qinglong gently opened the packaging of chocolate, I don't know how to feel nervous, although I have tried it, but it is afraid of not harmonious taste.

The Qinglong picks up a piece of chocolate. He said before, I really can't let go.


A simple feelings, let me feel relieved.

"Qinglong likes it"

"In fact, I am not a lie. I do this, and I do this, I am very hard, and this chocolate is not more sweet, the entrance is instant, light and not bad. The distribution in this chocolate is also Just right ... "

I hurriedly graded the mouth of the Qinglong. From the beginning, I understand that Qinglong wants to explain that he has just lying. But the shy thing will be shy is something that there is no way.

"I'm very happy, but also ..."

Shy, there is no saying. Suddenly, I lost my balance, and then he hugged me. In this case, I also put into the arms of the Qinglong. Sure enough, the church is the most reliable.

"This is also my first time I received chocolate."

"Is that right?"

I don't know the past, and now I know that this is the first time in Qinglong received chocolate.

"This is actually, and many of the first time, I feel very good, I feel very good."

"The day and the shame of the day has always been a fan, but this should be a cute day and charm."

"I also hope to have a Valentine's Day with Qinglong."

Looking up at the boyfriend in front, then, just waiting quietly, then, the lip is passed. Not only I passively accepted, I took the initiative to caching the Qinglong and feel the tip of the tongue.

After the deep kiss is over, this time the Qinglong buckled my hand and kissed again ...

"Good long ... and why is it so skilled in the Qinglong?

Some don't understand.

"Because I don't want to make the day and uncomfortable"

In other words, you are also observing when kissing.

"Losing again"

"But feeling not bad"

Yes, feeling, like the taste, is also a happy taste.

May I be as good as the moon, and the nightlight is jealous.

It has a long time to have a long time, and this hate is endless.

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