60-year-old mother-in-law crying: Daughter-in-law divorced, my son sent me a year of shadow, I will drive me out of my house overnight.

Sometimes, not just when the daughter-in-law will worry about the contradiction, when the husband will worry about it, so many Ming Men's men will take their parents before marriage, don't be difficult for their own wife, and a lot of parents. I will also understand the idea of ​​my son, but some in-laws will start playing.

They will show the affinity attitude towards the child in front of their sons, and they will be very good for the daughter-in-law, and as a son, they will definitely do not want to think about their parents without any reason, so these sons will be assured, Once they leave, the parents will change the way, and the people are demanding, martyrdom, or indifferent.

This is what we often say is a bidwork or actress, and there are many daughter-in-law people who have encountered such a mother-in-law. They often have to be hungry for family harmony. However, after they arrived, they wanted to mention contradictions, as if they were specifically to find, so the mood is very terrible, and it is the most heart-cold.

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Double-sided people mother-in-law

Xiaoli is a city girl, and Xiaoming knows when he graduated, Xiaoli's parents got into the daughter, so agreed to introduce Xiaoming, I would like to leave Xiaoming and Xiaoli after marriage. Local.

Xiaoli's parents have a person who has the ability, Xiao Ming selects promises after thinking about it, and Xiaoming's parents have chosen to think for their son's future consideration after they know that there is no objection.

Just like the two people have been married, the wedding room is still a small parent, because the time is tight, so Xiaoli only met the marriage in front of the marriage, and I have seen my in-law in the wedding, and after the wedding The in-laws go back to the village.

Until half a year, the mother-in-law suddenly called to check a tumor in the body, but not very tribute to the doctor in the township, I want to see it in the city.

Xiaoli and Xiao Ming naturally agreed that Xiaoli also packed the room in advance, and also bought a new mattress to her mother-in-law, I was afraid that it was too hard to be too soft mother-in-law. And my mother-in-law is also very polite and loved, and the hand pulled a small hand has not been loose.

When I was waiting for the next day, because Xiaoli had a self-stop, I only had a little one in the family, I was originally alone and my mother-in-law, Xiaoli was afraid of 尴尬. However, let Xiaoli surprised that mother-in-law does not love to take care of themselves, even if he takes the initiative to talk to her mother-in-law, mother-in-law is only when he didn't hear.

This makes Xiaoli's two feet can't touch the mind until the evening is Xiaoming to go home. The mother-in-law is like suddenly changed a face, and he is passionate about Xiaoli to go to the kitchen, Zhangkou, closed, wait until the evening The room, Xiao Ming also said to Xiaoli, "My mother looks really like you."

Xiaoli is not a fool, my mother-in-law is cold, a cold, soon, let Xiaol understand how her mother-in-law is a thought, not in front of his son, actually doesn't like himself, too lazy Do you get along with yourself?

But Xiaoli is not a soft mortal, although I know that my mother-in-law is a double-sided person, but Xiaoli still decided that as long as the mother-in-law does not provoke yourself, I am too lazy to expose my mother-in-law.

Mother-in-law starts bidding

But in fact, since the mother-in-law has already set a big idea to be a double-sided person, it is impossible to only be limited to attitude.

After the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law was behind himself, Xiaoli has been far away from the mother-in-law, but after all, live under the same roof, it is impossible to say that it is impossible.

Especially the distinction between mother-in-law is not just attitude, but also usually in life.

Because Xiaoli's work is relatively easy, it is late to get off work in the morning, and it will be early at night, so there will be a lot of time to get along with your mother-in-law. But as long as Xiao Ming is not at home, his mother-in-law will always be like a thief, and the good eaten in the family will never take it out, and the meals do it are also a place.

Once Xiaoming came back, the mother-in-law is like a master like a master, and it is also a good thing to do, but also to do it in a small taste. Xiaoli watched the mother-in-law, so it was difficult to install a happy look.

However, it is clear that Xiaoli, which is a victim, because Xiao Ming also said more than once and Xiaoli, let Xiaoli treat my mother-in-law with this attitude.

Xiaoli has no evidence in his hand, and it is not to challenge this thing when you have just come, so even if you hint, Xiao Ming is not very confident.

Because of helpless, Xiaoli Xiaoming took her mother-in-law to go to the hospital, quietly installed the monitoring at home, I want to take a different look after the mother-in-law, let Xiao Ming look good to see what kind of person is his mother. .

Xiaoli In order to increase persuasiveness, Xiao Li also thought about it for a few days. The most is how to take it for a few days, but you can drive your mother-in-law, it is also worth it.

Therefore, Xiaoli has been waiting for a month, but it hasn't waited for Xiaoli to take the video to Xiaoming. The mother-in-law determines the condition in a time, crying and smashing.

Such a scene Xiaoli can not mention the mother-in-law, and only the inquiry of the mother-in-law can only be installed. In your so good part, gave me these more than 300,000 operating expenses? "

After divorce, my mother-in-law was driven away.

Xiaoli was a moment, but still got off the mother-in-law's hand, "You are good to me, how are you? I don't drive you, you still want me to pay. "After the saying, Xiaoli regret it, but it is not regretted so uncovering the true face of his mother-in-law, just regretting Xiao Ming still didn't see the truth, heard himself will definitely be angry.

Sure enough, Xiaoming stood up directly, and a confident question, "Do you just say? I didn't know if you were so vicious? My mom is ill, even if she really does it really? Let you be dissatisfied, you shouldn't say this. "

In the case of Xiaoli explained, Xiao Ming also refused to watch the video on the air head, and the more fierce the two people, the more fierce, and finally the divorce.

Although Xiaoli does not resent Xiao Ming, the divorce is a big thing to be lifted by Xiaoming, Xiaoli is also just a moment, I chose to promise, and finally two people will be brought together.

After the divorce, Xiao Ming also did not figure out the property of Xiaoli, which should be moved, Xiao Ming also made very happy. Looking at this little, Xiaoli is inevitably have a confusion, and it is afraid that Xiao Ming is destroyed by the mother-in-law, and finally put the monitoring video to Xiao Ming.

Later, Xiaoli didn't pay attention, but because Xiao Ming's work is looking for his parents, Xiaoming has lived in the unit, and the mother-in-law has also passed. So when Xiao Ming gave him a 60-year-old mother, the mother had moved out of the mother, and naturally he was passed to Xiaoli family here.

What is even more, my mother-in-law is even pit, and Mingming is just that I can't really happen to her. My mother-in-law is not to sit in the corridor. "Daughter-in-law divorce, the son sent me a movie award , I will drive me out of the house in the night, it is not filial, not filial, how do I live, life, and hard.

Finally, under the high super acting skills of my mother-in-law, Xiaoming's work has been influenced. It can only completely send the mother back to the hometown. The surgery does not do it. It is changed to conservative treatment. This mother-in-law finally regretted.

A lot of husbands are not uncomfortable, but as a man, as a son, they are hard to understand the contradictions of her mother, so for parents, they can only be simple, for their wife, they can only It is a simple comfort. However, there is some mother-in-law, I don't understand the pain of my son, and the mold is installed every day.

Xiaoli met with such a mother-in-law, a properly active school, and I didn't want to be with my mother-in-law, but finally caused her husband to not believe in myself. It's hard to prepare evidence, my mother-in-law is inch, and I have to pay my own money. As a result, the last couple did not discuss well, so they were ruined by the mother-in-law.

I don't know if Xiaoli's mother-in-law has regretted, but there are a lot of playful mother-in-law that she is like her, because the marriage is not easy, not all daughter-in-law can tolerate her, and the son finds the truth, nor It must be accepted, so this choice harms others, or thinks twice.

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