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Tired, stop, don't pretend to be strong if you don't have anything else. Go home, sleep well, tell yourself: slowly, everything will pass. After waking up, continue to work hard, continue to smile, continue to live. Life is like tea, will always suffer, but will not suffer in a lifetime. Over the past, there must be a new warmth will continue. After waking up, there will be a new force to let you reinvigorate the kit, then start again. Just like this: "Life is in the world, grievances, troubles, snakes, is inevitable. What is important, you have to turn over. Because there is always a blue sky opposite the dark wall." Yes. " The mountain is one-round, the water is one-round, after the scenery along the way, the quality has passed, give yourself a smile, looking forward to the years. Don't be too difficult to get yourself, this life is short, there is less satisfactory. We are all very simple, life is simple and fascinating, and people are simple and happy.

There is an illusion in the feelings, just leave TA, you can't live. But the fact is, leave anyone, you have a better choice. You can still grow your trees, poured your flowers, dress yourself, drift, go to travel, go to meet, go crazy, laugh. Really let a person, you remember TA, but never for TA. Just like a car flying, it is far from a dust, it's far away, the dust is scattered. And you still have to believe in life, believe in love, slowly feel the changes in the four seasons, enjoy the gift of time, don't worry too much, you only do yourself, everything is on the road.

The love of two people is like a passbook, and every day, I have been moving, and the number on the passbook can get more and more, love can get more and longer. Good feelings are mutual achievements, and it is growing together, it is the most solid relief of each other. One sentence says: "Heart hurts you, you can don't ask for, you can talk, you will pick one." Yu Sheng, I hope that one person will walk into your heart, talk to you, love for a lifetime.

People who don't love you, don't have to use your best to entangle, the best way is one other side, each is well. Mrs. Sun Yat-sen, said: "I can't stop you from going to better people, the only thing I can do is fulfilled." The deepest love is not the same, but it is all, the deeper one, the more I hope that he is happy, it is like a bright spring into the green leaves and safflower, like the winter snow, the frost, the cold, like the wind and rain, sunlight The branches and lost willows. And you are looking for a new direction and start a new journey.

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