The daughter is sitting on the moon, the mother-in-law wants to give a fry, the son-in-law, she has a bowl of her mother.

Emotion is an unique proof of people, everyone has different emotions, but everyone's story is very small, hello everyone, I am Lele, pay attention to my text, walk into your heart!

The embankment of a thousand miles, collapsed in the ant hole.

Many families do not have a clear black and white opponent, which can be clearly distinguished, and the accumulation of small problems that are defeated by a little bit.

Recently, Mr. Zhao and Ms. Guo have bright red lights, and the problems between them are going to start from Ms. Guo.

In fact, many things are predictable, can be fired, see our attitude towards these alerts and how to deal with it.

Ms. Guo is living with the monsters. In the moon of Ms. Guo, Ms. Guo's mother came over to accompany Ms. Guo. Ms. Guo and his mother-in-law are unpleasant, just because of a bowl of soup.

Ms. Guo felt that the mother-in-law gave him a lot of soup concentration, and there was less water. Just got a mouth with my mother-in-law, the soup is best proportionally, it is strong.

Although my mother-in-law is unhappy, I have returned: What do you mean, I will not put things to eat? Although it is not forgive, the soup is really strong.

Ms. Guo and Mr. Zhao said, I want to let Mr. Zhao help to relieve the relationship between her mother, but the reaction given by Mr. Zhao is: Don't tell me, don't like listening.

So in this heart of the mother-in-law, this little thing settled a cockroach.

Contradictions in the month

The above incident is just a small episode, and the truly dispute is on a weekend.

My mother-in-law fried a green pepper silk, Ms. Guo said that the mother did not eat green peppers without a moon, just changed another dish. Ms. Guo's mother-in-law also said that it is, and I have been busy in the kitchen.

At this time, Mr. Zhao felt that the other party was deliberately in a mother, if you think that there is a problem with yourself, why do you want your mother.

Mr. Zhao couldn't help but fell in a bowl, swear. And the mother of the mother is also weak, directly responsible Zhao Mr. is 在? And Ms. Guo said that you are still in the month, he can break your mother, you can't care, respect you.

After that, I had to take my daughter back to my family. At this time, Ms. Guo's in-laws also came out to accuse the son, to persuade Ms. Ms. Mother and daughter, and this field of storm is calibrated.

For this matter, Mr. Zhao explained: I feel that my mother is coming to accompany his wife, and it is purely to add trouble. The mother is nothing, just chatting with his own girl, but his mother has to do more people, but add a burden.

And Ms. Guo's explanation is: When his mother has just come, he must help, but Ms. Guo feels that his mother is not familiar with his mother, and it is not convenient to appear in someone else's home.

But this is a thorn, a thorn, Ms. Guo and Mr. Zhao, so I don't want to take the initiative to resolve.

Family gathering

Good scene is not long, when the New Year, Mr. Zhao prescribed from the common practice. Zhang Luo family gathering.

Mr. Zhao has a lot of people, and the parents' brothers and sisters have to be 15, and the difference between Ms. Guo is in that, don't call Zhao's cousin's cousin, a family of three, also call the party.

Mr. Zhao said that the practice of the year, the cousin is coming to the beginning of the first three, this time, this time I don't ask others.

Ms. Guo's opinion is that when it is convenient, please take a meal to eat.

Because the in-laws and children have caught a cold, the child also placed it. After the first year, I bought a hygiene, I bought something, I am a person, and this party has to be responsible for one person. It is too tired to come.

I didn't expect that Mr. Zhao fell this again, and broke the mouth and broke the mouth. At the same time, Ms. Guo did not make people, and Turning and saying and my mother-in-law, I will go out tomorrow.

Turning and Ms. Guo said it will pass, can't pull down. Ms. Valley said that Mr. Zhao is this sentence every quarrel, so it is especially sad.

Ms. Guo, who feels grievances, packs the bags at four in the morning, and three people in the New Year return home. Ms. Guo spent half a month in the mother's home, but Mr. Zhao did not play a call. But Ms. Guo, who cares, or chooses to return to his wife.

Ms. Guo felt that his life returned to the origin, helplessness.

Purchased with the father-in-law

In the past few years living with the mates, Ms. Guo did not only communicate with her husband, and they lived with the living habits of the elderly. In order to reduce friction, they could not move out.

However, each time you get is negative, Ms. Guo, who has already been dismissed, but because of his father-in-law, it has achieved his "wish".

Ms. Guo's father-in-one is at home. It is more love to watch TV. The first thing to get up from the morning is to open the TV. When you go to bed, you will close your TV.

Ms. Guo's daughter returned to her home, always excuses to drink water, go to the toilet, eat something, etc., and go to the living room to watch TV. Every time I drink water, I don't drink five or six minutes.

Ms. Guo felt that her daughter always came to watch TV, so there must be an impact on her study. Ms. Guo made that if the child is at home, the public can not watch TV.

Ms. Guo said that the other party had touched his bottom line and said: That happened, smashed TV tomorrow. As a result, it didn't expect that Ms. Guo waited for the child on the next day, I really moved up the TV.

At that time, Ms. Guo gave his son to make a call and let them move out. Mr. Zhao agreed, but when Ms. Guo is not willing to move out. She felt that she took the initiative to live, and I was caught out is not a matter. And I have negotiated with my husband so many times, so many years, it is not as good as the father-in-law.

But Ms. Guo changed, and this is not as expensive, it is better to take this opportunity to move. But let her unexpectedly, this moving candidate, but only herself and daughter.

So Ms. Guo moved to the rental house with his daughter, and Mr. Zhao still stayed in his parents.

Mr. Zhao's concept is: "The husband and wife feelings and filial piety are the same. Guo Ms. Guo has not done. If you have a person in the future, you will have a person, and another person will wait. And Ms. Guo , Can only be separated. "

Love you, don't mean all your own

Do unto others, do not impose on others. This truth is understanding, but there are very few people who can do.

Mr. Zhao's request for his wife is that if you love me, you have to contain my parents, tolerant me.

Good marriage is not a way to ask the other party to accumulate, but in this basis, I will go to resolve the contradiction between the two sides and solve the problem.

Fulder is not true filial piety, but buried problems, but left a real hidden danger.

Operating a family, the components and difficulty have multiple, how high, people I want to have experienced.

Mr. Zhao asked his wife to include his parents, but why do he enable the other half of his own?

From the perspective of the other party, it is the necessary conditions in the marriage

In "Historical Records": Father's filial piety, Fu Xin wife, home is also.

If a member of a family, only from the perspective of personal perspective, then this family is inevitable.

Ms. Guo can come from the perspective of her husband, her mother comes to accompany the month, nothing, does it to add burden to her mother-in-law. Don't pick the haap, don't pick your mouth, and you will be intimate on the language, both sides are better.

Mr. Zhao should also see from his wife's point of view, even if the mother is nothing, but can accompany his wife in emotions, and the woman is unfortunate in the month. It is not a contribution?

At the same time, Mr. Zhao and his mother have lived in a month, and they have not been able to endure. Why do you want to live with your parents for a few years?

The best filial piety is not to bundle it together.

There are many more time you think it is not the other party needs. It is not the best filial piety to bundle it.

I have a good day, I'm going to look at your life, and the old talent will be very happy and comfortable.

Many times in marriage, couple relationships are above all relationships, we must respect the opinions of each other and face problems.

Ms. Guo, Mr. Zhao, has made a willingness to move to Mr. Zhao many times in a long time, but eventually arrogant, a phone call.

The generation of this drop must be that Ms. Guo is cold. If Mr. Zhao can find some face-oriented problems, solve the problem, if the contradiction between Ms. Guo and the in-law is not so fierce. It's better to come here today. Lele hopes that every story can bring a little about emotions. If you like Le Le, please pay attention to me, give the article praise the collection recommended, thank you, we will see you next time ~

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