Zhang Lan shouts the big S: My son is from warm male, the slag man is all your forced.

Unconsciously, the big s Wang Xiaofei has been divorced for a while, Wang Xiaofei is hot because of the new love.

Not only is it taken to go home, but also taken ten fingers, there are some kinds of clothes, and even the live broadcast room is the same, suspected that they have already lived.

From the time line, when the two were together, Wang Xiaofei has not divorced.

The big S and Wang Xiaofei divorced, the public public opinion is biased toward Wang Xiaofei, I feel that the big s is too good, and the man who loves to love the child is still unfounded.

In fact, there is no problem with others, and the big s has her problem, Wang Xiaofei is not good.

The husband who is unwilling to booth on the big S is, and her mother-in-law is also a person who is a person, including the sandy shadow finger, and it is embarrassing.

Zhang Lan is now a net red, relying on the heat of his son, often in the online live broadcast, sales is not bad.

Netizens ran to ask Zhang Lan and asked Zhang Lan to respond to his son and female net red gossip.

Zhang Lan's words make people fall in the glasses, Zhang Lan said that women don't pay too much, don't force the warm man to make a living, you have to reflect on yourself, too selfish!

You listen, this is called the mother-in-law? What is the three views, my son is derailed, you should be a son, not a strange child.

Seeing the character, I have never said that Wang Xiaofei has never said that Wang Xiaofei has never said, Zhang Lan, Wang Xiaofei, is always intentionally unintentionally connotation, really unnecessary.

They used to have a good time, when the big s saw Wang Xiaofei, there would be a feeling that they will end.

The big s long-term vegetarian, in order to break the commandments in pregnancy, began to eat.

Big s is before the beauty king, in order to change whitening, do not hesitate to do all the price, but for love, she gives up the body management, pregnant is fat to 200 pounds.

For the baby in the belly, she cut off his long hair, she really cherished her hair, boyfriend could not touch her hair.

Big S, in order to give Wang Xiaofei to a good word, and chasing the second child, the result is a few days in ICU, and escapes in the dead.

Zhang Lan has a grandchildren in the friends of the friends, and there is no sense of distressed daughter-in-law.

Here I want to plunchestration, I used to glow when I was giving birth, my mother-in-law accused me not strong, my husband is also the same attitude, I cried to almost bleeding.

In the second year, the little girl had a child's pain, and the mother-in-law hurts her daughter suffering, constantly praying, sitting upset.

I witnessed their families obvious comparison, I was cold and half, and after reading the self-awakening, I also released it. In my eyes, my daughter-in-law is outsiders.

Even if you are better to her, bought her little cotton jacket than her daughter.

Looking back at the past, I will let me, but I will never forgive!

Going back to the big s Wang Xiaofei's marriage, the big s wedding after returning to Wang Xiaofei participated in the show, when she was a three tires just aborted, her face was unwell, and the voice was weak.

The spirit of the big s, talking is also very small, Wang Xiaofei is taking care of her, and the big S is awkward by the netizens.

The big s is very wronged, and it is necessary to marry a pseudo-giant, but also she heats the hotel, on the variety, she needs to be a home store platform.

Every family has a difficult experience. At the moment of Big S decided to take the baby to study, she and Wang Xiaofei marriage have been destined.

The fall of their marriage, Zhang Lan also had a responsibility, she blamed a person in the failure of her son's marriage.

The marriage has come to the end, it is impossible to be caused by one person, two people have a responsibility.

As a mother-in-law, there should be the heart of the same reason, and the woman is pregnant with the birth of the child, and it is necessary to withstand physiological and psychological pain. If you don't care, you can easily postpartum depression.

Life is very bitter, marriage is to find someone to hear, together with wind and rain.

Find a pig team friend, the wind and rain brought, good mother-in-law should be a marriage binder, a bad mother-in-law is a wedding catalyst.

Looking for an object, don't look for mom, they put my mother in the first place, saying that my wife can marry again, my mother has only one.

He is ignored, and the child's mother only has one. After marriage, the mother can only be a relative, and the marriage of the son's daughter-in-law, what kind of marriage will be scattered.

The little agu is the same, over-intergransing the marriage of my brother's nephew, putting myself as a family, excluding the scorpion as a foreign man, combined with my mother-in-law, and the ending will not be good.

Have you listened to the arrow? Those words that you have dial, you will finally be like a back arrow, some retribution is not until it will not be reported.

I would like to have a temple, not to destroy a marriage, and finally I want to say to Zhang Lan, your son is so good, then you stay with him!

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