60-year-old grandfather annual salary 200,000, you have to find a young and beautiful wife, aunt: I don't accept the hazy marriage

The people who love beauty are all, and a young and beautiful wife is the dream of most men, however, and beautiful women need to have certain conditions.

Since ancient times, there have been "talented people", if men have talent, many beautiful women have actively offer diligent, male stars and male singer never lack beautiful women, the reason is.

Some men have economic conditions, they can meet women's requirements for material life, such men are also beautiful women choosing objects. Many businessmen, entrepreneurs will marry young and beautiful women, which are both symbols of identity and status, but also make his face on his face.

According to reason, the man should be pragmatic, it is a bit, and find a woman who is diligently holding a family and he is a woman who has once again. However, many Universities still have to find young and beautiful old companions, this should be the same: "Men, no matter how old How big, I like 18-year-old girl. "

Sang Uncle is 60 years old, widowed, a person lives for many years, and the grandfather can't stand loneliness, he sprouted to find a thought.

Sang Uncle is not high for the other half, he just wants to find a young and beautiful wife, he said: "Women marry me is falling into the Fuwo, I don't miss, I can let her eat spicy, The days are beautiful! "

The grandfather said that it is not a letter to open the river. It is the so-called "money is a man's gallbladder", and the grandfather has a strong economic strength. He has the capital of a beautiful woman.

When you are young, the grandfather can dare to fight, lay down a solid economic foundation, now Sang University can earn more than 200,000 every year, and he makes money more than a lot of young people.

In addition, Sang Uncle has two houses, a set of 230 square meters, another set of 126 square meters. Sang Dade's house decoration luxury, home appliance furniture is very late, the objects placed on cabinets are very expensive, and they can see that Sang Uncle is a person who is not bad.

The red lady arranges Lu Aunt to come to the blind date according to the requirements of Sang Uncle. Lu Aunt is 52 years old, divorced, is a in-service teacher. Lu Auntie has a beautiful temperament, maintained very well, from the face, is a blessing person. Lu Aunt has a culture, a color value, and work, she meets the gathering criterion of Sang Uncle, can they cherish the spark of love?

In order to be carefully prepared this time, he personally drives to the Mom, but also bought a bunch of flowers to Lu Aunt, he equipped with a sentence: "Flowers send beauty". The grandfather has a set of sisters, Lu Demo is naturally happy.

The grandfather is very satisfied with Lu Aunt. He praised Lu Aunt, and Lu Aunt always kept politely, and the scale was just right. Sang Grandpa asked Lu Mom to do not have to give gifts, Lu Aunt replied: "It depends on your charm!" Lu Aunt's performance is more contributing to the mind of Sang Uncle.

When I came to Sang Dafa, Lu Aunt was shocked by more than 200 square meters of big house. She left the face to show an envy and agreed expression. The grandfather has a superior economic strength. Lu Aunt is inevitably looks at. She is temporary while watching: "Whoever is a hostel of this home, it is necessary to work hard, every day, clean your health!"

The grandfather took the initiative to tell his own shortcomings. He said that his body is not very good, high blood sugar, and diabetes, but these problems are controlled, do not affect normal life. The elderly have the same problem, and Lu Auntie can understand, but Lu Aunt has a concern.

Amama said: "I can't accept the hazardous marriage, I have a normal demand, I hope that we can take a photo in this matter." Lu Aunt's worry is not reasonable, after all, the grandfather is not young, plus his body There is a problem, if he meets the needs of Lu Aunt, Lu Aunt will lose a lot of fun.

Sang Dadai replied: "People are uncomfortable, I can't be like young people, but it will not be too bad." Lu Aunt said in a question: "Understand, understand."

For this question, Lu Auntie explained: "He wants to have that function, don't have to be my business." Lu Aunt is a person who pursues life, she doesn't want to get married, because of this inconsistency, tell things in advance. Undoubtedly a wise move.

One wave is not a wave of waves, and the grandfather causing a trouble. He said: "I won't cook, I used to eat for me before, I didn't want to learn to cook in the future."

Lu Aunt replied: "You can't cook, but when I cook, you have to help, you can give me a hand, I can talk to chat, enhance my feelings."

Lu Aunt's words did not leak, she expressed his idea with Sang Uncle, but also revealed that she was very living, facing such a woman, the grandfather was unable to fight. The grandfather said: "This is no problem, cooking is also a kind of happiness!"

The grandfather said: "As long as you follow me, the conditions are just mentioned!" Sang Grandpa will be strong, talking is full, Lu Aunt is quite satisfied with the house, and the economic strength of the mulberry is not doubtful. Such a high-quality man can not meet, Lu The big mom is happy.

Shu Mom said: "I still have two years to retire, I can't give up the job, now I will take more than 1,000 yuan for more than 1,000 yuan for a month, it is not worth it." Sang Uncle responded: "You don't have to go to work, I Give you 2000 yuan a month! "Lu Aunt didn't want to abandon your career because of love, and was compromised by the uncle.

As the saying goes: "Every successful man has one or a few women behind", Lu Aunt worried that the grandfather had the same problem, Sang Grandpa took the mobile phone to handed Lu Aunt: "You can check, I don't have a female friend." I have you, what else should be done else! "Sang Dafa's earthquistence once again won Lu Aunt's heart. They have reached a consensus on all issues, and they are very successful. They leave contact information and intend to further understand and develop.

The grandfather has the money and has a house economy. He just wants to find a young and beautiful, you can accompany him a good time. Lu Auntie has a beautiful, and there is a taste of cultural taste, paying attention to the quality of life, and it will not be too much attention to the material. They are very suitable.

This blind date is successful, and there is no more than two points below. First of all, they meet each other's mate selection conditions, followed by providing additional chips for the other party, thus making marriage more happy family more happiness.

In other words, the grandfather can meet the needs of Lun Aunt's material life, let Lu Aunt live at a comfortable life; Lu Aunt can meet the vanity of Sang Dynasty, and improve the quality of life of Sang University, improve the spiritual level of Sang University, they Each takes the required, resource sharing, such a marriage combination will be more secure.

Do you think Sang Grandpa and Lu Aunt will happiness? Do you think men are relieved by a beautiful wife? Welcome to the message discussion.

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