The woman said "I am ill," said that "more hot water" is very low.

The man is too stupid, will not lurt the woman, can grasp the woman's heart, let the woman love the bones? I don't know how to marry a woman, the woman's heart will not be sweet, will not recognize men, and will not marry men.

The woman said, "I will go shopping", the man said "good", received such a response, the woman is very unhappy, because this sentence is hinting the man, go shopping with himself. No men are accompanying, all the way they are themselves, really lonely.

Too straight men, will make women feel tired, there will be an idea that wants to end this feelings. After coming with the woman, I want a woman to completely fall in love with you, I have to be a romantic man, I am touched by the woman, let the woman warm.

When a woman needs you, you don't say that you are very busy, I can't come out. At the critical time, you are not, the woman is cold, waiting for you to appear, you will find that she is like a human.

For women, the most important thing is not money, but a man's companionship, be a smart man, don't think that the woman is the most intended is the money, who has enough money, she will talk to those who talk about love.

There is a man, you have a general, there is not much deposit, but it can make the woman pay sincere, say "I will only marry you." This man is very smart, know what the woman wants, knows how to do it, women will not marry themselves.

When a woman is most needed, the man is busy, far away, but also. The woman says "I am ill,", replying to "more hot water" men, mostty of orders.

"What disease, serious?"

When people are sick, they are most want to hear. When a woman is sick, the first thing that thought is that a man, a woman will send a message to a man, and will tell the man himself.

Those low-vendors have always thought that hot water is ill, no matter where women are sick, men will reply "more hot water." When a woman received this sentence, he didn't want to say a word. After returning, "I know", I ended my chat.

If you have received it, if you don't want to receive it, you don't have anything you can talk, you will not continue to talk. Every time I am sick, it is the saying, the woman is no longer telling her to himself.

You are not single, you are already a woman's boyfriend. You have to pay more attention to the woman, don't think she doesn't need it. She told you that she is sick, you have to ask what she is ill, strict is not serious, you need to go to the hospital.

When she said that the woman wants to hear, she will feel that you are right, she will pay for you. Men, you have to contact your woman, you must understand women, you have to know that women don't like to hear "more hot water".

"Wait for me, I will go right away"

A part is uncomfortable, the whole body will be uncomfortable, lying on the bed, but can't move. At this time, women need people, I really want to have someone to take care of her.

You are her boyfriend, this should be done, so you have to take the initiative to come to the woman, talk to her, tell her, tell her. She saw you, a lot of mood, you told her so much, she is very satisfied.

When a woman is sick, it is inseparable from being unhappy. Don't think that you will drink more hot water. Be a smart woman, firmly grasp the woman, let the woman only love you alone in a lifetime.

"See you, I am very distressed"

Woman tells you that she is sick, that is, in implies you, she needs your care, she wants to hear you talk. When you receive this sentence, you don't say you are very busy, but ask her, then immediately appear.

When you see her, don't like it, think that people who are sick are not you, there is not much relationship with you. She is your woman, you have to hurt her, to say "see you, I am very distressed".

This sentence, you have to say anything else, don't talk about it. It's going to have a responsibility to the woman. When she is helpless, when you are, when she is sick, you will take care of you.

Two people are together, it is very difficult, don't think that I have encountered someone, I will walk so far. Men, you have to treat your woman around you, don't let her lose.

Emotional message:

The woman told you "I am sick", you don't want to go wrong, don't say a word "drink more hot water, just sleep well." What she needs is your concern, you have to care about her, ask more questions.

She wants you to come to the side, you will put down your hand, appear around her. When I saw you, her heart was a big, she also felt that you are right.

Before you have a woman, you can be stupid, and after you are with your woman, you can't be so stupid. Be a smart man, retain the woman's heart, holding a woman's hand, have been going over.

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