The blind date boy invited the girl to eat the night market, paying the bill AA system after meals, but the girl decided not to marry the boy.

Our encounter is a dust in the sea, but a dust refractive sun is the most dazzling. I hope you can talk to you, and I will listen to your voice as the best listener. Ok, here is "A Yu Love Love Studio", I am Ayu ~

Many people say that the world is so big, people so much, when can I encounter the one who makes myself, and is in my own life?

In fact, this is not difficult. We are in the rest of your life, as long as you carefully, you are willing to pay attention to some small details in your life, you will find those people who have considered yourself three views.

He may not be outstanding, but he can know your joys and sorrows because of your eyes; he may not be rich, but he is willing to handle the only apple in his hand to your mouth. He may not say sweet love words and humorous jokes, but he is willing to withstand your small and small temper.

However, before encountering this "White Horse Prince", you will first encounter a "slag male", he will deceive you because of your simple, and use the sweet words to deceive you, wait for you to "lie to your hand", then use breakup The way hurts you.

In fact, life is so long, and each of us is inevitably encountering a very bad person. However, this rotten person is also worthy of our feast, because we recognize the poor people, so we have more courage to face the beauty of life; we can more actively discover, what kind of person is, it is your right A total of people who have a lot of life.

Some people say: Everyone encountered in your life is destined. Whether it is the prince of the White Malays, it will give you a bad man who hurts you, will let us learn to grow, learn to meet the goodness and evil in the feelings.

There is a 23-year-old little girl, gave me a message, telling me about her blind date. She said that the first impression of the boy is not very good, but after several contact, she found the boy is the prince of the white horse destined.

In fact, this may have some sloppies for a young girl. After all, I am still small, very small for the feelings, just because of a few days, can it really determine a lifetime event? Let's take a look at the message of this girl first.

do you know? I don't want to fall in love, I have fallen in love with it, a blind date male who can't afford to eat! Is it very surprised?

I am a college student who has just been graduated, called "British", 23 years old, only girls. After I graduated, I made accounting in a company. When I heard my name, I thought I was a "busty" boy. In fact, I am a "sister" such as a fake package.

I think I think I am lively and cheerful, and I don't pay attention to many things. My friends around me said that I am their pistachi. I am happy to listen to them like this, because I know that although life seems to be long, who knows what will appear. So, how to be a day, it is better to open a heart, happy every day.

I started from graduating from the first day of my family, I was forced to end by my parents, and quickly find a suitable boy to marry.

I have been in this kind of feelings, I have been holding a natural attitude. The fate is not arrived, how can I force it, it is impossible to be together, even if it is hard, it will not be happy. Of course, after the fate is here, everything will be a matter of water to the stream.

After all, like I am only 23 years old, the 30-year-old distance is still far away. At least seven years, let me enjoy the beauty of this world.

But my parents, but think that as long as the child graduated, I have to find an object, otherwise I will not pick it up later. I just started, I thought that my mother was very annoying, but I thought about it. Now I have a lot of older women, it is east to pick up, the west, the result from the flower season, becoming "Gold Saint Seiya".

Plus, the "old sisters" of my mother, one is very enthusiastic, even more urgent than my mother, hard to fight a train. When I gave me a photo, I still said: "Just pick, casually, all the small fresh meat, all are small handsome guys."

In the end, those aunts, so I had a hard scalp, closed your eyes, just picked up from many photos.

"What is the intention?"

This is my father who advised me. Originally, I didn't intend to seriously "blind date", because I haven't played enough. When I was going to school, I made all youth to the school, and now I am easy to graduate. Do you have to give youth to a "unfamiliar man"?

However, the choice is selected. No way, I will look at the information of each other. He is called "Zhiyuan", 26 years old, is a children photographer. Hobbies are anime, especially when I love "Doraemon". People are good, and the head is not short.

"Hey, I will say it, the fate can be coming. Look, the hobby is the same, although it is three years old, but the boys are bigger than the girl, know the girl. Still a child photographer, definitely very Patience and love. Daughter, you are gotting. "

This is what my mother said, just like she is going to go with people. However, she is quite reasonable, the interests of interest, people can still, or try it?

But the first time, my heart is definitely there is no way, after all, others are really excellent, and I am a college student who has just graduated, and even a little social work experience is not, if I am in the same, I don't have people. I am not very embarrassing in the phase. Since it is a matter of spirit, it is the experience of accumulating life this time. After I convince yourself, I will no longer worry.

We agreed to meet in a western restaurant, I pushed the door to pay attention to the boy sitting in the corner, he had a lot better than the scheduled time. Because from his hundred bored expressions, you can see it.

"It's really fate? Even the clothes wearing the same paragraph, just the color is different." After the quantity, I smented. Is it difficult to say that someone revealed to him? But it is impossible, when I got clothes last night, I took a few sets. Besides, this western restaurant is from our home for five or six minutes away from me, from me, to my restaurant, a total of more than ten minutes.

And Zhiyuan is far from this Western restaurant, and the cycling is at least more than 15 minutes. If someone discloses to him, he can't catch up.

What makes me more feeling is that we are two people, even the electronic watches wearing are exactly the same, but only the color is different.

I don't know, I am sure that I thought we were a couple.

In fact, he was also very surprised at the time. He usually worn as a mood. He said: "Before I went out, I felt that this suit looks good, so I wore it. I didn't expect you to have the same as the clothes. This is really fate."

From our chat, I found him or a very humorous person, and I met my "taste" in an instant. Long handsome, ghosts wear the same clothes like the gods, and even the electronic watch is exactly the same. This may be my fate.

In fact, I am still a more cautious girl. Although we have so many common points, I still have some "alert." After all, this is a blind date, who wants to take out "show" with the best side.

Just like a sister of my classmate, I took the precious jewelry of my first few people, all of them. Who would like to think that when she met the other party, I found that the other party was a brand name, even the card package is a brand.

At that time, I didn't have an urgent decision. After all, I met for the first time. I have to keep one girl. That time, we didn't eat together, because there is a small episode in the middle, he received a call from a colleague, it seems to have any urgents, but must drive back the company.

Later, he had a few times a few times, it was a relatively low-end place. Once, he also gave me to the stall. That time, I'm telling the truth, I am a little disgusted. Please ask a girl to the stall at night. Do I really look like a "father"?

I am angry, combined with his previous performance, so I went to the appointment.

At that time, I decided to determine the relationship with him.

Because of the rain in the day, there is a lot of rain in the evening, there are many water on the road. Just when we were about to go to the place, a car gave birth, the water on the road was going to splash my body, who knows that he is not in front of me, then face me, show out A bright laugh.

Perhaps, this is something that is a small enough to be small, it is not enough to move. Is it really? Not necessarily. Think about many times before, I think about every detail of him, I found that such a boys are the best.

Before eating, he always gave me a stool first. I waited for me to sit. He joined them; go out to go shopping, he won't leave me at the moment, will follow me, I laugh. We all like watching anime, I like to watch classical books, I like to eat a toothpick in my mouth after eating.

If this is what it is, then what can I be called?

If these can't be used as an advantage, then one thing is really let him completely account for my heart.

Just before we arrived in the night market, there was a "begder" in the wheelchair next to it, and he had been reaching for a hand, but few people made him. After seeing the Zhiyuan, I touched the clothes, and then looked at me again, I have been hesitating or gives the other party.

Later, he was still worried, and took a red ticket from the wallet, stuffed into the disabled person, and said to him: "Just finated, the weather is cool, go home, don't catch a cold."

This may be a small thing, but in my opinion, he is really excellent. Because, others have not given it, he can not give it, and he has been hesitating. Don't give it. Maybe everyone think he is "playing" to show me, but in my opinion is not.

That day, after dinner, we are AA.

Originally, I also thought that he slammed the door, but he later his performance, but I thought he was sincere.

After dinner that day, he touched the clothes pocket, then looked at the wallet in his hand, turned and turned over the backpack, like something to find. After that, he got up and talk to the waiter, and I didn't listen to it, because the distance is too far. However, after a while, he turned back to his head.

I asked him what happened, he said that his money is not enough to pay. Originally he took enough money, but it was not enough to give 10 disabled people. Then he lowered his head, some embarrassed: "I haven't yet opened the salary, the money last month, I haven't been made to make a mortgage. It is not easy to get to the end of the month, but I caught up on the weekend. So ... ... "At that time, look at him, like a Doraem, a dream. I laughed with "Hey", then took his shoulders and said: "This meal, I will ask you. You have asked me to have eaten so many times, this time I am."

"This can not be. Two people come out to eat, this boy will ask for a meal. Do you want to borrow me first, wait until you have sent a salaries, I will give it to you." It is like a child who has made a mistake.

His performance made my heart suddenly touched. In fact, Zhiyuan family is very general. He is born in the countryside. From these aspects, he is a person who is up.

Plus, he can care about me in many small details, take care of me, and he still have love. What's more, our two have so many similar places. So I fell into.

That time, I told him, then AA. After waiting, let him ask me to eat a big meal. That time, when he sent me home, I laughed very bright.

Maybe everyone doesn't believe in the fate, because it sounds very mysterious. And, there is no scientific basis for this kind of virtual.

Of course, I don't believe that there is no scientific basis. However, for the feelings, there is really a connection between each of us. If it is right, both parties know that the other's mind is, if it is wrong, two strangers can only pass by.

In fact, some people don't have to say anything, they will know, he must be the people they want.

Although Zhiyuan is three years old, it can be seen from his kindness. He is a simple person, and it does not work. He and Yinghao are very similar, with common hobbies.

Is there a love? People who have encountered the right, then put the other party in the heart, then pay attention to each small detail of the other party, I really feel well in the same half. If the two people have a three-way, it is difficult to take a good day.

In life, we tend to ignore a very important point in marriage, that is, simple.

It's not stupid, but two people treat marriage attitudes. Like this kind of marriage is not doped, any material and desire are simple, just want to stay with him / she.

Maybe you will think that such marriage is unrealistic, it is very stupid, but it is originally a marriage. If your marriage is not simple from the beginning, it is a purposeful. I believe that this day is difficult to have long, it is more difficult to be old.

Maybe you will think that only two people complementary are more suitable together. Some families are a man who is a man, and a woman is only responsible for it. Naturally there is some strong woman who has an overwhelming advantage with a three-inch impermeable tongue.

In fact, there is no so-called strong weakness, only mutual respect. You love her more, let her more, just this.

A beautiful person will always meet a beautiful person and a happy thing, and this better is superimposed.

Good time is always short, thank you for reading here, I hope that the story between us will continue, Ayu is ready to listen, is your story ready?

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