The wedding scene bride holds a former boyfriend, the groom take off the dress: the person who bid farewell is me


Different people's love is a successful happiness.

But if the love has become a person's unreason.

That is a hurt game.

Next in the case, the male man in the case is on his wedding, and the bride and other men don't know.

Among the best hotels in the local hotel, there is a farce.

Originally a grand gorgeous wedding, there was an unexpected dog blood event.

It turned out that the groom officially canceled the wedding on the spot.

The guests of the two are now detained in an orderly, and the company is even less regarded.

Scene is so confusing, and today's groom segment Jingyang is a fierce sniper wall.

As a groom, he is very handsome today. Just, his bride lost his face.

What happened, what happened to a new couple in the wedding day, what happened to be rare?

In fact, this is, or the bride's front boyfriend is broken.

The bride is called Xiao Qiong, the beautiful and beautiful face is in the abnormal movement of the wedding dress.

But now she is being accused by her parents, a few tears are also hung on the face.

Just just her and the former boyfriend embracing on the scene of the wedding, thus leading to the situation of groom turning face.

The story of these three people has to come up three years ago.

At that time, Xiao Qiong just broke up with the former boyfriend, and the whole person was very low.

So Jingyang saw the opportunity and began to pursue Xiao Qiong.

To be honest, he secretly secrets Xiao Qiong long time, but it can have been suffering from no chance.

So this time, he took out the efforts of twelve points to pursue Xiao Qiong.

I know that she has just lost love, and she will become happy.

It's not to take her a big meal, which is a holiday.

Finally, after half a year, he became a boyfriend of Xiao Qiong.

On the day of success, Duan Jingyang didn't sleep well in the night, and the brain is a bit drop with Xiao Qiong.

But he didn't know that Xiao Qiong did not forget to overboy, and his love was just a treatment.

Therefore, after in love with Duan Yang, Xiao Qiong still secretly secretly secretly and the former boyfriend.

This is finally found in Duan Jingyang after a few months.

On that day, they were eating in the restaurant, and when Xiao Qiong went toilet, her mobile phone was on.

It is seen from the first sense of the man, he looked at an eye.

SMS shows: Joan, I dream of dreaming.

This text message, let Duan Jingyang suddenly turned over the waves.

When Xiao Qiong returned to the seat, he only dared to put it if he didn't matter.

He wanted to ask, asked why he had to make a silk and filament with the former boyfriend.

But he really has no courage, because this love is his dream.

He is now cautious and humble, just because it is too love.

After that day, he began to double the Psychum. He believes that under his efforts, they will be completely broken.

So he made more efforts to make money, most of the income is used to buy a gift for Xiao Qiong.

In addition, he also found a good hairdresser and changed its clothes.

Sure enough, Duan Jingyang is handsome than before.

But is this really useful?

Xiao Qiang is actually a passionate girl. He said that she can't forget the front boyfriend, but she is better to say that she is more enjoyable.

Because the reason for breaking up, the family of the former boyfriend gave him a rich family.

Forced to the family, the former boyfriend can only temporarily break up with her.

As a result, the front boyfriend has just broken up, and it is together with the rich.

These two people have a lover, secretly secretly linked.

They don't care about their current, immersed in the past, enjoy two different love relationships.

Gradually, more and more contacts in Xiao Qiong and the former boyfriend are more and more unscrupulous.

Even a few times, when the side of Duan Jingyang took the phone call.

This way, Duan Jingyang bite his teeth.

Sometimes love is like this, let people can't let go.

Because of love, he chose tolerance. Because of love, he plans to marry.

He actually thought that marriage can make Xiaoqiong.

So he took out all the savings and bought a wedding room and planned the next proposal.

Asking for marriage, he found a team planning and spent more than 20,000. The wedding ring is also a famous brand, which has spent more than 50,000.

Such a careful marriage process is really a successful proposal.

Because Xiao Qiong's ex-boyfriend is also married, she reluctantly accepted the marriage of Duan Jingyang.

Duan Jingyang, who was successful, was happy, and immediately began to prepare a wedding.

He shouted six good brothers as a companion, and he also took the wedding banquet in the local best hotel.

I have prepared for more than three months, and the wedding begins.

The weather is very good at the weather, it seems to be happy for this couple.

The process of picking up the relatives during the day is smooth, and it can be reached at night, and things happen.

On the evening, the guests were full of seats, and the company was with the new people, while the hotel lobby manager stared at the rear kitchen.

Everything is in order to be tight, and the wedding process is the dinner after the wedding process.

The music started, and the company began to host.

The bride slowly walked to the center of the stage, petals and balloons made the scene very romantic.

At this time, Xiao Qiong's ex-boyfriend appeared.

He also wore a suit and walked to Xiao Qiong in the surprise of everyone, and looked at her.

Xiao Qiong was not angry and was not surprised. He was still eager to tears, and he went to the arms of the former boyfriend.

Xiao Qiong took a microphone and said a sentence: "This is our final saying goodbye."

At this time, there were even someone started singing.

Siyi gods a little panic, busy and whispered to Duan Jingyang is not arrangement.

Duan Jingyang said that said: "Yes, it is a surprise arrangement. I see the person who is bid to be me!"

He took the microphone loudly: "Today's wedding is over, wedding cancels, you are embarrassed."

When I finished, I gave the microphone, and he didn't care about the obstruction of his relatives and friends, took off the dress coat and ran to the background makeup room.

The next thing is like the beginning of development, the scene has fallen into chaos.

Xiao Qiong didn't think that things would become so ugly, and the parents who were thrown, they were desperate to die ...

This Xiaoliang not only lost his own happiness, but the future reputation is bound to be unaffected.

Xiao Qiong in the case was actually shouted former boyfriend on the wedding, which can thoroughly touch the bottom line of Duan Jingyang. This wedding farce also tells us that the feelings are not a jade, and we must remember the following two principles.


One: Love a person, but also give the other party a clear bottom line.

Love always has a magical power that makes people lose ration.

Even if the other party is not worthy of silly.

But you can't control your love, so you will be willing to be wronged.

In fact, there is no mistake in love.

After all, it is also a lucky love that will make yourself crazy.

But we must guard your dignity and bottom line.

Don't let you go to love, put down all pride.

You have to remember that love is always a two-way.

If you don't have you in my heart, don't take some insults.

Duan Jingyang in the case is because of the bottomless line with no bottom line, it has led to the ridiculous incident on the wedding.

If you are not suitable, you don't die, you don't let go.

The bottom line is responsible and protected by yourself.


Two: Remaining, don't overdraw love.

When a person is used to being prejudice, there is a righteous capital.

But don't forget, even if you love you, there is also exhausted day.

Those who are spoiled, always confident.

They think that their status is unmanned.

So there is no consulverse, and it is unscrupulous.

I thought it can easily grasp the development of this relationship.

On the moment I lost, I found out how regret it.

The girl in the case was canceled at the wedding, I think it must be a panic.

Because the character of the former boyfriend, she is a clear.

People who really love her have been kept, and her ending is caused by oneself.

Don't rely on the love, you will be careful, you should be careful that your happiness will walk away.


Marriage is a very happy thing.

It can always have a confused men and women.

Give this a smooth life to a stain.

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