"My son married, I got a wedding with a lover and ex-wife, I collapsed.

When two people live together, they will inevitably see each other, this is a very normal thing, because there are no two people have the same habits and lifestyle, and in the usual life There are some friction and shields, but more than two people's understanding and feelings.

But this is based on two people understand each other, and if a person only considers himself in marriage, this friction and contradiction will only hurt marriage. However, many men, families in the hub, actually have such problems, because as the husband of the economy main force, it is easy to understand the wife, thinking that the wife at home will be very easy.

Once this is not considered to be enlarged, the wife will feel cold, and at this time, I still feel that my husband is, it can only face the result of family crushing. But the contribution of his wife in a family is not small. If a husband can't see, he can only let him lose, let him wake up. Unfortunately, I really regret it.

Today's story comes from the sharing of Netizen Li Nan.

Level graduation college student

Li Nan and his wife Song Ting married for 20 years, saying that there is also feelings, two people have already become the feelings between relatives, saying that there is no feelings, Song Ting has done such a housewife, put Li Nan, the son and her in-law Taking care of the proper post, Li Nan is grateful.

It is grateful to grateful, Li Nan has made a young family housewife, which has become a yellow woman Song Ting, and there is a dislike. Especially in this year, Li Nansheng, sitting on the position of the manager, the superior feelings brought by the work, and also brought back home by Li Nan, and even more couldn't see Song Ting.

However, Li Nan is still just an account, there is no plan for divorce, but in the company, a group of college students just graduated, after the intern, Li Nan's heart is active.

This pile of college students have a girl named Xiaoya, a lively and lovely personality, just in the hand of Li Nan, a temporary assistant in Li Nan. On the first day of the first day, Xiaoya made a full expression of Li Nan, and every day after the day, Xiaoyu will say a lot of praise for Li Nan, and will give Li Nan personally make love. .

In this way, Li Nan gradually forgot to give himself a twenty-year meal Song Ting, identifying that Xiaoya was his true love, and the more disliked for Song Ting, but also always took Song Ting and Xiaoyi, Song Ting is not A fool, soon he heard it from Li Nan dialect, then caught his traitor at the door of Li Nan at two years.

On the same day, Li Nan said that he had something to go home, and the result was the last thing ruined his marriage.

However, in fact, Li Nan wanted to have a Song Ting after work with Xiaoya, so he was not feeling embarrassed, and he also wanted to give Song Ting a lot of property, then signed a divorce. Agreement.

The next day of Song Ting, Li Nan didn't care about the family, but also because of the practice of Li Nan, leading to the good parents who have been taken care of by the daughter, and immediately Just graduated from college, I don't want to listen to Li Nan's back here, but stay in the city.


If the discovery, Li Nan, not only did not feel regret, but also felt that his loved ones were unable, because in these 20 years, Li Nan has always feel that he is the biggest hero and diligent work in his home, but the family will live so good. life.

Therefore, for the whole family, Li Nan is very angry with Song Ting's practice, and Song Ting, which has been divorced, has hated. Coupled with small elegance and seeming comfort, Li Nan is gradually accomplished into an alien, daily and small elegance seemingly romantic, followed by work.

However, after a year, Li Nan has begun to be somewhat embarrassing, because the stimulation and passion of young and beautiful girls have been completely do not pay attention to the problems brought by the body and work. Coupled with Xiaoya, although the mouth is sweet, it will spoiled, but no matter whether any housework is complete, Li Nan, who is used to take care of Song Ting, gradually feels uncomfortable.

It is precisely because of this, Li Nan has never been ignorant, causing some contradiction between two people. But looking at Xiao Ya, I only know that I have to make money, Li Nan is more than a thoughtful thoughts, and gradually thinks about Miss Song Ting.

However, after the divorce, Song Ting took Li Nan to black, parents, sons and didn't want to talk to them more Song Ting, so Li Nan can only be a thought.

But who knew that in the wedding of the son after a year, Li Nan, who participated in valentine, once again saw Song Ting, and Song Ting, which had already been different from the original yellow face, although the youth is beautiful. It is impossible to earn back, but now Song Ting is maintained, wearing a dress is also very temperament.

I saw that Song Ting Li Nanxin couldn't stop thinking, this is the person who should stand around himself.

Xiaoya saw Li Nan's flower idiots. Li Nan, Li Nan came back, and at this time, Li Nan saw a man who know himself, went to Song Ting, pulling up Her hands.


This man is a total of Zhang, who has worked with Li Nan, a few years old, his wife died because of his fertility, and he had been single because of his wife.

How did Li Nan also though these two people will go together, but I think so I can't make a marriage with Song Ting, so I will burn in anger, I will go forward to ask Song Ting. Li Nan is a bit shameful, and the family who looks at Song Ting gradually gathered, as a small three in Xiaoya naturally did not dare to go, he first secretly left. In the face of Li Nan's question, Song Ting also did not leave directly.

"What is your identity? Do you not get married?"

Li Nan is calm down, thinking of this is the wedding of his own son, thinking of Song Ting is already his own ex-wife. At the same time, Zhang Zhu, who said around Song Ting, said to Li Nan, "Li, you are working on the overall situation, but now you have to take care of your ex-wife, is it a little too much?"

Although Li Nan is angry, Li Nan can only endure, it is hard to endure the son's wedding, Li Nan to find Song Ting, telling yourself, I know that two people have already married. Zhang Mong likes Song Ting's seriousness to the family, but also distressed that Song Ting was betrayed, so he was particularly good for Song Ting.

After listening to the remarriage life of Song Ting, Li Nan also can't open the mouth, and looked at the back of the two people, Li Nan finally collapsed.

"My son got married, I got the wedding with the family with the ex-wife, I collapsed."

After returning from the wedding, Li Nan has spoken with Xiao Ya, and then started a heart thinking for his original place for the initiative, but Song Ting Li Nan has been back. I can only have to apologize and regret, let my son and parents no longer have comments. But the event has been cast, and the most regrettable thing has not been kept.

Everyone has different life and life, and the married people will have different marriages and days, but when they experience these, many people often can't help but envy others, thus hate their own life. As we often say, when you envy others, others are envious of you.

Li Nan used his personal experience to interpret this truth, Li Nan and Song Ting married for 20 years, Song Ting strive to be a good wife and good mother, waiting for her husband, herbal in-laws, take care of his son, but finally was discarded by Li Nan. After the divorce, Song Ting got the cherishment of others, and Li Nancai who lost everything began to regret.

We always say that in Fuzhong, don't know, in fact, many people are like this, when we envy others to surround, free to play, but don't want to go home, there is a hot meal, and some people always care about themselves. . Wait until you lose this warmth, you will regret it after you lose your permanent care, you can only get jokes.

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