"Mao Bao" not only is old, but also often drunk and beat his wife, and his wife will not bear to share divorce.

Every family has a difficult experience, happiness families are similar, unfortunate families have some same points.

In particular, the life of parents and children's families is very common, and some are "Mombao Men", and there is "Den Bao Men".

Many men rely on their parents in their thoughts and behaviors, some people are material wealth relied on their parents. Because men are late, coupled with some parents did not give their children to people's life, solve the workout opportunities for personnel issues.

So many similar family contradictions, you can see that men's mediation wisdom in family contradictions is lacking. In terms of family responsibility, it will always see the man clipwanded between his wife and parents. Phenomenon.

First of all, the husband wants to respect their wife's reasonable requirements, the wife must understand, support the husband, and each other should be inclusive and love each other.

Again, no matter whether the son is clutched between his mother-in-law, or the daughter is between her husband and her family, I remember not to add the oil to the vinegar, but the left and right is not, but to mediate the contradiction between the two parties, and the big things are small.

Finally, happiness is also maintained, need wisdom to contribute.

Experience their own work skills in various trivial things to enhance their lives.

So do not do your parents, don't worry, you can go to suggest, but it is best not to dominate, try to let the children go to analyze the judgment, let them understand the people after the various things treated.

Daughter-in-law said that she felt very collapsed, I feel that life is not meaningful, it is very frustrated, I want to divorce my husband, escape this family.

Since Color Ling and her husband have children, mother-in-law is picky her, and all kinds of findings have been interfere with their little two.

The reporter called Cai Ling: How long have you get married.

Color Ling Answer: We have been married for five years.

The reporter asked: Who is the child?

Color Ling said: The child follows her grandparents, and her husband also follows his father and mother, mother-in-law, and father-in-law do not let her see the child.

Color Ling came to her husband's home with a reporter, and he saw her husband Wu Ding, her mother-in-law Li Huifen and father-in-law Wu Yingjun.

The reporter saw the text message sent to her mother-in-law, so he asked his mother-in-law.

The probably content of the SMS is that Cai Ling feels too much in the mother-in-law.

Color Ling said that if you don't want to pass, let's make a clear, Cheng Tian is not a way, and the family is reluctant.

My mother-in-law said: In fact, she hopes that they have a good life.

When the reporter asked that Hua Ling's information about the message, Colic Ling was excited: it is indeed, and dare to guarantee with his own personality, use his own life to guarantee, any sentence inside, no sentence is fake.

She recognizes the paid of the father-in-law, but sometimes the father-in-law is still too much.

In addition, if the father-in-law really feels that he and Wu Ding are not suitable, you can divorce.

I have no complaints for them, I only blame her for my husband and not rubbing the eyes, it is her problem.

But my mother-in-law can't say that all the questions are because of her.

Color Ling did not say that she had a lot of opinions on her mother-in-law, but her mother-in-law has always been a husband, not only let her husband returned to the side, but also intentionally provoke her relationship with her husband.

My mother-in-law is worthy of whether you are not called Wu Ding. You said that he went back to he hacked him, you didn't call him back.

Mong Wu Yingjun said to the reporter: There are two houses in the house, and the Ling Ling lives. If they go back, they will hack them there.

The reporter felt very surprised, asked Qi Ling: Have you said this?

Color Ling Answer: She said.

The reporter asked: What is the deep hatred and hate that you can tell you how to poison?

Cai Ling said: Wu Ding drunk the wine, I have been playing alcohol, I have been playing alcohol, and she said that she said that she didn't want to hurry. I can't kill her, then she was very afraid, I called my mother-in-law. Saying that my mother-in-law will pick Wu Ding!

Wu Ding said: In fact, it is a small noisy between the usual couple, I think this is normal.

Coloring is crying: he hits her with a drink, and it is particularly embarrassed, Wu Ding more than 200 pounds, more than 90 pounds, so she is definite.

Color Ling gave the reporter who have been a photo of the past it in the past, and it can be seen that there is a trace of nail scratches under the eyes, and Color Ling speaks on his legs.

The reporter then questioned Wu Ding.

Wu Ding said: Is this a hurt?

Color Ling said: One night, go out to dinner, Wu Ding will come back very late.

So she took the child back to the bedroom, just more than an hour, the bedroom door was opened.

Wu Ding took the quilt and pulled her legs directly, and took her hair. After felling her, after fell, stepped on her face with his feet, and fiercely hit it with fists.

Then she hugged the child, the child was scared wow.

Wu Ding said with the reporter: On the day of the incident, he didn't drink, nor the situation she said, he secretly ran to the bedside and looked at the child. Just because I saw a child, my face was scratched.

The reporter was amazed: Is there a way to go out? This is too scary.

Now everyone should not argue this matter, because everyone's way, it is incorrect, and the violence can not solve the problem.

Not only can I solve the problem, but I can expand the problem. Now the country has promulgated the "anti-domestic violence law". You have two fights. It is not just a category of housework, but has violated the legs. I hope that you will not happen again in the future.

Color Ling said: From the finish marriage to now, my husband didn't go out and earned a penny, then I didn't go to work, I didn't go to work, I went out to drink every day. After drinking, I will do it.

Wu Ding said: He is working out, there is a work unit.

Color Ling said, the husband is a job in the original unit, but there is no to work every day.

Wu Ding's argument: Why didn't you go to work? Don't go to work, will you make me a job?

Color Ling said: Do you have a salary of salary? If you have, you have given a look at the reporter.

The reporter asked: After you get married, are your finances are not open?

Color Ling said: Because there is no income, since she married, she didn't have seen her husband, including her husband's provident fund, there was no way to pay, all she helped.

Mother-in-law explained: At least every month is given to the son 6000, the child is also responsible for both old people, all spending is his money.

Color Ling said to his mother-in-law: You let Wu Ding said, why is it married, or a money Gonggong's mother-in-law.

The reporter asked her mother-in-law: Your son is already married, why should I give them money? Why do their children want to raise them?

Mother-in-law explained: That's because they didn't earn money, my son is off, that is, I think he is low. I have been doing business for a while, but the business is not very good, so a family is rented by six stones, and the old couples are pension.

Color Ling also explained: She is a second-hand housing, not to say that after selling the house, I will give it a decision.

Even sometimes, a set of rooms will drag for one year, and the usual mother-in-law will take the initiative to ask her to have money? If there is no money, give her, but it is generally refused.

The reporter asked Wu Ding: You don't work, is it because what is the hardship? Why is you always don't work?

Wu Ding's unwisely answered: it is because the income is a bit low.

The reporter said: Did not earn money, you have to face your own problems.

Because two people get married after all, if they live good, the two people need to work together, not to rely on one, or by parents.

Because of your parents, you should have a burden to your parents more, as a lifetime.

This problem must be seen as a child, and the parents are getting bigger and bigger. They can help you how long it will help you, can I help now?

Your own life, I will eventually rely on myself, now is a good age of struggle, as long as I am not afraid of hard work, I will live a good day.

The reporter said to the father-in-law: As an old man, I have to listen to the voice of my wife.

The reason that affects their marriage is because Wu Ding does not work, as a man should cease to stand.

First, relying on the elderly can not rely on a lifetime, second, daughter-in-law married this man is looking for a relying on it, two people live together.

But if something is going to take care of your parents, Color Ling she will feel that there is no self-esteem, so she wants this man to support the entire home.

Color Ling said: Mother-in-law is not she wanted at all, she wants her husband to earn money.

The son's marriage is not good, and there is a great cause of parents.

To make your parents, try to provide good conditions for your child, but it is necessary to emphasize that while giving the child, it is equal to the ability to deprive him, and to take care of the matter.

Wu Ding said that after the year, find a job, suitable for his own work, nor to the distance, just find a job and take care of the family.

Color Ling cried and said: I agree with you, where you go to find a job.

Wu Ding hugs his wife and said: Don't cry, everything will pass, it is not difficult.

Husband is late from the arm, particularly solid, especially powerful.

Color Ling also apologized to his mother-in-law: Since he used to do it before, but especially distressed two old people.

She feels a lot of things, I don't want to participate in my mother-in-law, because the child's own, you need to let them take a good job, and you will take your parents' responsibility.

My mother-in-law agreed to Qi Ling's request and embracing with the Ling Ling, said: We will not participate in the things in your young couple.

The reporter said: Only when they are harmonious, you are harmonious, I hope that the father-in-law, you have your experience, and your strength, go to warm son and daughter-in-law, be their back shield.

Two people came together, due to the concept of concept, the habits, the attitude failed to face the same people, things, and things will have different views and reactions, so they inevitably produce some contradictions.

Moreover, the more people involved in these people, things, and things, the views, the reaction will have different.

Then, the strong party will make decisions for the other party, and the weak one will not realize their own ideas, it will be dissatisfied with his own mind, and it will accumulate resentment, contradictory and unruly conflict.

So the role of parents playing, but should be a suggestion, regulator, and affordable.

It is not the leader who participates in the children's family and become the leaders of their family things, often doing so may result in contradictory conflicts.

So, be a wisdom parent, and the children with wisdom are particularly important.I hope all the families in the world are harmonious.

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