What kind of ending will there be more than 15 years after marriage?If you say

Hello everyone, I am Yu Yu, welcome to Yu Yu and love. Write an emotional text, I hope to use the temperature of the text, bring you some spiritual comfort.

This kind of thing is like this kind of thing, it seems that it is not blame in today's world. Just like every woman can't laugh, every family can face the threat of marriage.

Some people have a marriage, there is no extraction, and there is also a play. But there are always people who like to be true, and they can maintain the wedding circumstances for decades.

So what endover is those who can maintain the marriage to more than 15 years?

real case scenario.

Ms. Ding, 45 years old.

I and the first love because the opposition of both parties, did not come together, and later married. But you can't always be willing to be willing. Although you have already been a mother, the original situation is still there. Therefore, resolutely decided together, although I know that there will be no open day, it is also sweet.

I have been a small 20 years, still is the underground lover of each other. I just started together, I am not willing to be big and bright, but I accidentally fall into a third party.

Over time, the mentality is also a lot of peace. I feel that as long as I care about each other, everyone lives well, it is a very happy thing.

Perhaps because there is no troubles in life, I cherish the time that every time, I won't complain it, I like this day, I will continue.

Mr. Meng, 50 years old.

I am just 15 years, I am in a half-way state. I have to admit that the time to get along with the two is very beautiful, but she always can't set their position, I always want to be a hostess of the family, I don't have to continue again.

My wife is marriage, and the two families are also partners, and the strong combination is just a stronger than business. So, want us to divorce, this is an impossible thing. I founded her, I also said very clearly, I can give her feelings to her money, but I can't have a marriage, this is my bottom line.

At first, she is still very embarrassed, saying that as long as I am this person. Of course, I didn't have to treat her, almost all of her holidays, I don't have to worry about the material, I bought ten store rooms to give her, and the annual rent is enough for her overhead.

Recently, she always said that there is no sense of security, always saying that the best youth is in me, can't always don't see light, she also wants a child belonging to her own.

I also understand that her thoughts are not wrong. But I am also a businessman. I think we are in the premise of being condition. Now she has to breach, then they can only leave in advance.

It is necessary to say that there is no feelings, but I am more sensible. In my way to tolerate, she can do whatever you want, but it is really no longer. She also drunk more than half of the night, I didn't have a conscience.

Among the people have always live up to many people, not to live up to others, they live up to themselves, and I am the selfish person.

Ms. Hua, 40 years old.

I don't have a lover, but my husband's lover is constantly, even if it is not derailed, it is on the way.

Why can I have tolerate it, probably is not willing, probably not to benefit. Looking at other people's divorce, I can think of the wind, but I have thought about it again.

The first time I knew that the gentleman was derailed, it was in the child's full moon wine, the woman made a look at him with him. I can't wait to drop the child at the time, and then with them. Fortunately, I is reasonable, the child's cry is awakened me.

It turns out that some people like derailed in my bones, my gentleman is like this. At first I thought about making money and then economically independent, can a child who can help? My mother-in-law is late, my mother is not good, and I can only bear it, I want the child to say it.

Just dragging the dragging, the lover outside the husband also changed another. Now look back, if he is a big boss, give me enough money, it is only a small bag, so many years, I don't have a small life.

Slowly, I will die, he loves anyone with who is good, as long as I don't get me, I don't know. As far as I know, he is not completely happy, there is a pillow who is still more than ten years, or the data of his hand, there are also families. I will see my kindness, I can't afford my heart.

Finally, how do I think of it, he has a lover as a liberation, save home to pick three and pick four, and save me. Once again, that data is helping him make money, but also go out to eat and accompany the wine, which is equivalent to earning money to support our mother, one person is used, why not?

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