Is the four lover relationships, is it?

Two people have been married, life will always be moving.

There was such a line in the TV series: "Wife will tell you how much money is a pound, and the lover will tell you how many stars in the sky."

One sentence says the difference between lovers and wife.

Perhaps long marriage makes you feel dull, so you are a tenderness and romance of lover, but this is nothing but mirror water month.

Just because you are separated from life, it is beautiful; once you enter a real life, there will be a variety of chicken towers.

Think carefully, in fact, "lover" relationship, nothing more than these kinds:

"Green Valentine", has a "red lover" with regrets, and gets a "blue valentine" that has become a painful "blue lovers".


Network lover

Network lover and is also called green valentines.

This kind of lover, pay attention to spiritual communication, generally only exchanges on virtual social software such as WeChat, QQ, they don't have to meet, nature will not have deeper feelings.

Marriage is long and trivial, and it will last for a long time, inevitably rely on both parties.

Only some people have chosen a forbearance, some people can't help but find a lover on the Internet.

Because I won't meet, I don't have to take the corresponding responsibility. They will say the most sincere words, do a lot of promise; will also spread the biggest lie, and disappear when you don't need it.

Online lover, because they won't meet, they will say the most sincere words, and they will be lying the biggest lie.

This kind of lover relationship is more like a emotional tree hole, you can listen to all disappointments that accommodate you in marriage, depression.

But it is also because there is no realistic emotion foundation, there are many beautiful illusions.



Life can have an almost sexual confidant. It is a blessing. If you can join a partner with the other side, it is even more happy, but some people are no longer.

It may be that the timing of encounter is wrong, it may be too late to appear too late, the fate of the fate is really unmanned.

The TV series "St. Pearl", Erkang and Qing, the "Model Couple", which is a "model couple" in the eyes of the eyes before Ziwei appeared:

Qingmei bamboo horse, Lang Talent girl, status, mutual appreciation.

However, the emergence of Ziwei broke the balance between the two, although it is good everywhere, the emotional and understanding of the rickets is not less than the Ziwei, but finally in love with gentle Ziwei.

After the sunny, after aware of their love, I put it down from my heart.

Perhaps, the true red is so, there is your own persistence, more pride, if you can't have it, you will give up.



Two people have been together, passion will slowly dissipate, no matter whether you do not admit it, there is always a new love.

Many people are looking for excitement outside the marriage, which is just to meet the needs of the body, but between men and women, especially middle-aged men and women, once sleeping, emotion is easy to become metastasis.

At the same mission, men and women smoked a song at the beginning of the students, and hooked many years ago.

With the deep chat, the topic is getting closer, and the man said that the wife said that his wife was born, he would not let himself close; the woman complained that her husband was always going out, regardless of home.

In this way, the middle-aged men and women in the two bodies have reached a consistent, only to meet the needs of each other, do not affect life.

It can be sleepless together, they find not only physical fitting, and there are common views in many things, they are more suitable for husband and wife;

But their original, an ANAN 分 照 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 老

For the two people, the deeper is more and more, can only endure.

There is a lover who has a physical relationship, the hardest thing is hard, maybe I just want to take the kidneys at the beginning, maybe there is an emotional animal, fall asleep, it will inevitably not help themselves.

One passion, but I didn't walk the identity, hurting people sad.


soul mate

This kind of person is most important to be mostly in mind.

They don't care about your money, don't care if you have an identity, you don't care, you can never, as long as she loves you, I am willing to care for you.

A hot love can be met in a lifetime, which can be encountered.

If it is single, how do you say it, but if you have been married, it is easy to cause the tragedy of three people.

Because of the heart of love, how to bear the other party has not identified, and I really love you, how can you be willing to have another person around you, no matter how you choose, it is a slap.

The life of modern people is convenient. If the men and women have not been so serious, with many people, finding lovers is not a new thing.

But a clean and specific feeling is true luxury.

When people go to middle age, there is a harmonious family is not easy. Don't ruin you bad happiness because of following the style!

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