Phoenix male is difficult: My mom is in charge of the feeding of my child's 10-year-old daughter, my wife is 3 years.

Time to kiss your face, the years whisk, my dark fragrance. The breeze is slow, and it is reflected in the heart, and suddenly, it is easy to be free. I am your sensitive.

Seeing this title, do you think this daughter-in-law is not forgive to forgive your mother-in-law?

The writer Zhou rushed to say a very in place: "If a person has a few bear relatives, the happiness of life will decline straight."

Close to the year, go back to the hometown, we must not avoid dealing with relatives. Some relatives are simple, treat you as a loved ones, just talk about the feelings, don't talk about your interest, even from the heart, to provide you with the help, there is such a relative, it is our blessing, but some relatives like to put I am built in the pain of others, adding you, affecting your life.

Give young children to feed or some things that can't eat, they are interested in being good for children, but a picture, as for children, they often consider, or don't care.

The child is precisely the biggest soft ribs of women, the woman is soft, just for the mother, as a mother, who is not good for her child, she can't continue to be indifferent.

Recently, when I went out to buy something, I met a junior high school classmaster, and I had a few words. When I asked if his wife came back, Zhari Mori bowed up with me, told me that he was clipped between my mother and my wife: "My mom will tender the feeding of my 1 year old daughter, My wife has been in 3 years, I have become a sandwich biscuit, and I don't want to be good on both sides. "

Zhou Mor is my old township, the family is poor, the parents are beginning to eat farmers who have eaten by the day. In the middle of the morning, the Morns of Zhongmachen and some peers were in the city. She went to the city to work in the city, Zhou Chen's mother Stay at home to take care of your son, serving your business, and save your son to study.

Zhou Mor and my same age have always been the leader of the same age, excellent achievements, high income, and a good university, working in secondary cities, have broken through 300,000, 6 years ago, married wife, I have a daughter, with my own small family, is a Phoenix male in the mouth.

There is a woman, there is a car, there is a car, the career is a parent, and the morning let us feel very envious, but the morning has encountered an annoying thing, that is, the contradiction between her mother-in-law.

"My mother is not with my wife, I started when I got married, only because my mother felt that my wife couldn't help it. In her opinion, I should marry a gift, accompany the house, to men and The in-laws have hundreds of people, and the active serving the municipality to let them enjoy the city's only girls, rather than marry a family with my family, both of the gifts and wedding rooms are not willing to bring them. "

In addition, the mother's mother's mother saw a daughter-in-law, asked her that she didn't have a son's life, and resolutely opposed this marriage.

After the granddaughter was born, the mother of Mor Mom became more and more, and the daughter-in-law should not be married. It is more and more likely to abandon the daughter-in-law. It is good, and a family of three in the morning does not live with his parents. The contradiction is not too much, until that time New Year.

Three years ago, Zhong Morns took a 1 year old daughter back to the old family, and the family group.

Starting from a family of 3 to home, the conflict of her mother-in-law began to high. The daughter-in-law just took the baggage, and the things were placed, and the mother of Mor, called her to cook in the kitchen. At 6 o'clock in the morning, I came to the door on the floor, shouting the wife got up, cleaning, and worked hard, let Zhong Ming's wife feel exhausted.

Zhou Chen can't see it, grabbed the things in my wife, I didn't work, and I would have a good day for the third day of the New Year.

On the third day of the New Year, many relatives came home to celebrate the New Year, together with a dinner, Zhong Mor and his wife were busy in the kitchen, preparing lunch for 12 people. Just when they were busy, I heard a crying of one year old daughter.

"I went out with my wife and saw that I didn't say that my wife, I was alive. My uncle took my daughter, holding a wine glass right hand, I am in my daughter, other people, especially I have seen my parents, nor to stop, happy haha ​​laugh. My daughter is only one year old! How can I drink? Who is responsible? "

"What do you want?" Zhong Chen's wife rushed to the past, and grab the daughter and gave the relatives who feed her daughter. The relatives were smashed, and the reaction came back to the red ear. I want to do my wife in Zhou Mor, I can't move my wrist.

"You have a hill, have there any tutor? Do you understand the elders? Actually dare to play the length? Anti-day." Zhong Chen's mother saw the wife actually "offer" elders, let them lose his face, very angry, shoot The table is to be a wife.

When Mother asked my mother, when I contained my relatives, my mother's sentence was completely intensified by her mother-in-law contradiction: "Just start a joke, picture a pleasure, what is big? You are young, it is also included, There is no fart. A gimmick, is it worth such a petty? "

"This home, I don't want to stay at all, do you follow our mother and daughter?"

Mother, Mom, listened to the daughter-in-law, while floating from your mouth, pulling his son, did not let the son walk. Ok, Zhou Chen is distressed, caught, can't tolerate them such as the behavior of her daughter, breaking away his mother's hand, holding his wife's car, and going.

After the morning, the parents did not call, accusing the son and the daughter-in-law to let them lose their face, asking them to come back, and apologize to relatives. Zhou Mor did not take care of them with his wife, and his wife didn't want to see it. Three years have passed, the wife's breath is no longer eliminated, when the husband advises her to go back and see, the first reaction is refused.

"Either go back to each home, or don't go back, if you want to go back to see your parents, I don't stop, you drive back, I bought high-speed rail tickets, take my daughter back to my family to see my parents, after year later."

"You haven't returned to my parents three years. During this time, my parents came to the city to see us, you also gave them cold ice, don't give them a chance to get close to daughter, they are really sad, the old people also found The relationship between you is wrong. I have repeatedly, my parents said, they all came out, I would like to see people. I will give me some face this time, go back to me, tell my parents, don't let me be there. Ok, ok? "

No matter how many times, the wife's attitude is still very determined, it is refused to go back: "I don't want you to be around, but your parents are wrong, they are not realized now, I don't realize my mistakes. I have a bad thing to talk to by people, why do I bow? I bowed, isn't it to admit that I am unreasonable? "

The wife's wife is very clear, the husband is a son, and the filial parents should be, giving the mensive money, give a gift to the in-law, go back to see them, it is, she is a mother of her daughter, she wants to protect her daughter, will not be so easy Forgive the behavior of the in-law.

The mother-in-law contradicts, Zhou Yor is a difficult: "I have been being attacked, it is enough. I blame my mother, I really don't understand, she is so wife and my daughter, I hope I am divorced? I am divorced. I am divorced. Is it good to her? "

As Susan Fauover said: "For the manipulated parents, the child's marriage is very threatened. They regard their children's spouses as competitors who compete for children, and there is a fierce war, while children In order to take into account the relationship between both sides, it is often caused by the enemy. "

The relationship between the mother-in-law is essentially a triangular relationship. It is made by the mother-in-law, a man, and a wife. The man is the key to adjusting these two women and let them live with.

At the same time, if the mother-in-law is sharp, not only the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law don't want to have a good day, but the man is even more. One side is my own mother, accounting for filial piety, one side is my own wife, occupying the situation, which is the problem, will be sinned, let them feel pain.

Just as Zhang Ailing said: "People to middle-aged men, often feel lonely, because he opened his eyes, there is a person who relies on him, but there is no one he can rely on."

In the contradiction between the mother-in-law, there are three people who are lost, so I hope that you have a mother's own son, don't follow the daughter-in-law, so as not to ruin your son's family.

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