"My wife, I have been 43 years old, I have a good heart, but I will not leave her"

Hello everyone, I am Yu Yu, welcome to Yu Yu and love. Write an emotional text, I hope to use the temperature of the text, bring you some spiritual comfort.

In the middle of the middle age, some people not only have a strong life, but also the enthusiasm of driving marriage is gradually decreasing. The most common idea is: pulling a lover's hand like "left hand to pull the right hand." Middle-aged men and middle-aged women are young when they are young and numb, but this does not mean that they will lose their ability.

Some people say that men are 27 years old, don't expect them to pay all for love, because their love has been burned.

In fact, this is also divided, divided. Marriage requires maintenance, good marriage, the atmosphere, also requires high-quality business to nourish. Not everyone will walk into the strange circle of love, there are people, have the ability to be patient with the wedding of the marriage into love, the cluster is a vitality, there is a true chapter along the road.

The companion is more likely to accompany us for a long time than the parents. Good marriage will naturally add more fun and taste to life, so the partner around me gives us love and other spiritual value and emotional resonance, which will give us a sense of belonging.

45-year-old Fan Wei is a very significant difference between with other middle-aged men in a tumble of their marriage: he is very calm and is very contentating for marriage. He summarizes yourself to your love: "My wife, is 43 years old, is good, but I will not leave her."

Mr. Fan is a filial man. After he is 70, his brother and sister, parents attach great importance to his little son's lifelong event, I hope he can stay around, find a downtime. But later, he and his wife Li Rulan were in love, parents found that this woman is far from their daughter-in-law.

Li Rulang has been a junior college. The academic qualifications are more proud of Fan Wei. Her heart is not like the parents, thinking that the big bread, although the degree is low, but after marrying the door, listening to her husband, listen to the law. Unfortunately, Mr. Fan finally be the master, and Li Rulan is a wife.

At that time, parents put down: Your wife is good, don't listen to us, there is your bitter to eat in the future!

He doesn't care about it, how can he combine her in the case of his wife's character? Although Li Rulan seems very good, it is actually a "人", and the things that look for it must be done, no matter what others say. The human life is not a person who is moving with the stream. This is the most appreciated.

After the two are married, the quality of life is like sesame flowers, and the holiday is high. Their towns launched a policy that supports the establishment of small businesses, and Li Rulan has become a person who eats crabs. Not only did he resigned the sea, but also on the bank 200,000. After 5 years of entrepreneurship, their farm and canplanca became the patronic enterprise in the township, and the income also climbed.

Li Rulan's high-profile businessman, everyone has a satisfactory vision. He as a woman's husband, natural heart is also very admired. But it is said that he has the most appreciation of his wife, which is the ability to control the marriage.

At the same time after marriage, the wife and he were busy with him, and he also gave him a pair of twins, and the old people on both sides love their children. They all said that they have a good job, but the elderly are in the educational philosophy, and some are different from the young people. In order to be sinful in the two sides, Li Ran is hired by the babysitter in the busy work. After get off work, I have never lacking a mother's role and never missed a mother.

The children are big, read junior high school, and have excellent academic performance. They also step into middle-aged, career and marriage double harvests, can't leave their wife's silent work.

Mr. Fan's greatest profit of his wife is, it is not only that she is well balanced, she is still her attitude towards her family. The two men have been married in 17 years, and the small contradictions are not, but the wife can always handle the Qiankun, and the opponent is annihilated in the germination, his parents and brothers, no one does not boast her.

The first is the relationship between the mother-in-law, saying that the woman's relationship is handled by a thousand people. After men married the wife, they were difficult to do in the middle of the wife, but he had never had a "sandwich biscuit" since the marriage.

Although the wife Li Rulan did not be optimistic before marriage, but she had a friend and her mother and her mother and daughter after marriage. Fan Wei's mother is also a person who has two daughters, but she always said that the child is very kind, although she is not very intimate, but I feel that the two people feel very refurbished, I can't pick it up. Fault.

Once again, it is a aunt. After the little augler, I was not good after marrying. After my sister was laid off, I was refused by Li Rulan after a few times. Her reason is clear that it is better to teach people to fish with fish, and it is better to teach them to make money.

Li Rulan refused to borrow money, it is very simply, but it is not ambiguous. With her help, the economic conditions of a little aunt changed significantly. Now that the husband and wife will see people to praise.

What about his husband? The two have no red face since marriage. Although she is a strong woman who said that one of them is, she always gives her husband to face the face, never saying that he is not good in front of the outside. But if the two have disagreement in the career or family, she is never concession.

Just adhere to the principle, the wife has never been an onset of things and will not hurt the relationship between husband and wife. The two have a small contradiction, she will not revenge as other women, always talk about it, do not complain, not careful. Facing your heart, in fact, these four words are a summary of their own, and it is also the biggest award for her. Woman, who said should be a warm and weak? The wife's heart, just say that she is asking as a man, thinking that it is not easy to give up her principles. But she also has a very hard feeling, putting their families first in my heart.

The man admits that his wife is not a moon. It is now 43 years old. It is not a woman's most beautiful age, but whenever he and his wife are together, I always feel that my love is still the same as talking about love. . At the end of the root, he was deeply convinced by this woman's high-profile business.

High lovers in marriage, never let you do a good person without principles, done smooth. On the contrary, it is a master of taught marriage.

There is a principle, there is a scale, it will not make others easily feel that you can be weak, stay in the distance, and it will easily be awe and respect. Women's heart is soft, and the character can suppress this.

Stepping into the middle age, Mr. Fan said that he has been inseparable from his wife, I think this is the best look of love. In addition to deep feelings, the wife's marriage emotional business is also a full point. Treat marriage, like a pen, in advance, the pattern, determines the last depth of this.

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