25-year-old woman and her boyfriend, refused to marry before, and did not answer the room to sleep: Say my wonderful

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For gender relationships, I always identify four words "you love my wish", especially in sexual relationships, no one can force who, no need, whoever, as long as there is love, as long as you don't want it reject.

However, although love is selfish, it can't be selfish to the partner, but I can't get cheap, so it will only make the feelings to destroy.

Not long ago, I saw a post, and the girl's entanglement made people asthing.

Li Mei was 25 years old. He came to Shanghai since he graduated from college. There was a boyfriend who chatted for nearly a year. It is also the same outside the field. The feelings have always been very good, and they have already lived together. I originally thought that there were no lovers together, but also saved the room rate, but after the two lived together, the problem became more and more.

"I have two months now have three months now, but because I feel that I haven't married, I have a house, I have a house, I haven't slept together." So now Li Mei is still a place.

In fact, Li Mei did not have an object. On the contrary, she had three boyfriend before, perhaps because of the cause of traditional education, let Li Mei feel that life is unstable, and it is not necessarily married, so the former will always stay hug. Yes, but break the bottom line.

"I can't think of myself, so I have always been very good. But I have seen the parents and prepare for marriage, but I still reject it for Zeng Kai before marriage."

Especially a Valentine's Day, I sent Li Mei a very expensive necklace, and prepared a waste of dinner, as well as flowers and champagne, which made Li Mei very happy, under such a atmosphere, Zeng Kai I want to break the "barriers" between the two, and the distance is growing once. However, even if Li Mei is still refused.

"In fact, I have already slept together, I didn't object to this, I thought this is enough, but I feel that he touchso, and the lower body has a clear reaction, and even I want to go in. , I immediately guarded the whole body and said it would not. "

It may be that Li Mei's expression or movement is too fierce, which makes Zeng Kai very unhappy, and even two people quarrel, and finally Li Mei took the initiative, but she still did not agree with the two.

Therefore, Zeng Kai is still in a housing, but for this requirement Li Mei does not agree: "I have a cold, I like my boyfriend to hold my sleep, but sleep, do you have to have a relationship? I really don't understand, and then I said that many times I didn't want to have sex before marriage. Why did he do not understand me? "

In fact, Li Mei did not intend to see Zengkai's chat history. He talked to him and Li Mei with a female friend who had been married. The woman Li Mei also met, named Lu Dan.

"I will see Lu Dan to analyze the boyfriend to say that I am a wonderful, and I still say that I am not very normal. I may not like her, my boyfriend thinks that I don't trust him, this makes me feel very angry. I am really exclusive. Before the marriage, but listening to their words, I am sad and helpless, is this really selfish? "

Li Mei is more emphasized to the boyfriend, at least more attention to the three boyfriends, from her to see Zeng Ke parents, live together, can see the needs of men to "sex" There is a serious estimate, and the two will now have a contradiction.

Li Mei asked if he is selfish? I think there are some.

First of all, Li Mei's anti-marriage is not wrong, just as it is also comfortable: self in love, then love people. It means that one person only loves themselves, and steadily treats everyone, and can have the ability to love people. This love is more stable.

On the contrary, if a woman doesn't know, it will give yourself the most precious body, then let others love you?

For this point, Li Mei has no selfishness, but for the body, it is more self-respect for the feelings. This is also beneficial for future marriage. It is just that Li Mei actually disagree with her boyfriend and her housing. Some people don't touch it. Qing head.

Li Mei's idea may like her boyfriend to sleep, think that sleep is sleeping, can do not need to have a relationship, in fact, this is already typical female thinking, even a little female right.

Although the man knows that it is self-control, "food, sex", this is both natural, have been agreed to sleep in the same bed, how many people can control? I want to think about my boyfriend, and Li Mei also wants to eat grilled skewers. My boyfriend doesn't give her. If I can't see it, I can't see it, and I have been forced to see him together by my boyfriend. Li Mei doesn't feel painful? This is also the case, it is also the case, but it can't go in, it is a bit strong.

There may be many people say that "the man who really loves Li Mei will definitely understand the restraint, leaving Li Mei's first time to the new marriage night." It is said that if Li Mei is really do not want, then don't touch Zeng Kai The mood, since I have dial it together, then I have to conscious.

In the feelings, women can only take advantage of the cheap, the Lord who can't suffer, the feelings are two people, and they must be two-way, only two people are equally heart, with love, this feeling can last long and stable.

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