Women have a relationship with men, what is the difference between and many times, listen to the statement

Marriage needs two people's common operations. At the beginning of the marriage of the marriage, everyone has a beautiful embarrassment of the future husband and wife. However, some people walk, they are scattered, and the news that derailed is unfold, not only male will Arrival, many women will come out of this step, there is a saying: only 0 times and countless times, then, the woman is derailed, and the other men have a relationship, what is the difference between the first and multiple times? Let us listen to the statement:

1. Ms. Wang said that he is derailed is a classmate party, and a classmate in high school. Two people chatted, drinking a lot of wine, I don't know how to go outside, I have happened. Things, I am afraid afterwards, I feel that it is very embarrassed to my husband, but later men have appointed Ms. Wang several times, slowly afraid of and embarrassing feelings.

2, Ms. Liu tells, at a party in a colleague, he is a friend of colleagues. When he chats with him, Ms. Liu was attracted by his humor, and the more people chatted, and there is a meeting. After the feeling of hating, I later contacted several times. I finally had more than a day, and there was a relationship. Ms. Liu was very afraid. I was afraid that she was found to break by her husband. She still had a child, she didn't want to let The child can't afford itself, so I refused the invitation after the man, broke the connection between the two, returning to the family, and there was no happening.

Whether it is a man or a woman, it is an unsteady, it is extremely irresponsible for marriage and family. If there is a child's health growth, it is possible to make the child's psychology to create a shadow, causing psychological diseases. Produce. Do you agree?

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