Marriage is sometimes like a trading bureau, morning and evening

I never thought that my marriage would actually have problems.

I didn't think of the problem, I will be my husband.

I haven't thought about the problem, I will be my own.

My husband is a classmate, I think it is very good, I have known his feelings, I have learned from high school, I have been graduated from college, allocate to a school teacher, we are the golden girl in the eyes of too many people, we Go to get off work together, go down together, go out together, look at the child, honor your parents, how many people look like we are a perfect marriage.

From a poor two white to the city, we have experienced all the experiences of Dao University graduates.

In the spare time, we want to adjust our life.

As long as the weather is allowed, our left neighbors are in the downstairs, drink tea, chat, have a few neighbors, even have a bit of barbecue, your family takes a little flesh, my home is a little beer, everyone It's a pleasure to eat and drink.

I usually go out and go out, find a reservoir or farmhouse, fishing together, giving a wild, share the happy time belonging to us.

In such exchanges and interactions, we are all familiar with the neighbors. Most of our buildings are teachers who are almost old, and everyone can do, hobbies, just have time, everyone is playing together. .

The problem is playing.

After all of all the hobs are played, several men have started playing various cards, mahjong, poker, sometimes speaking money, sometimes not speaking, anyway, it is a community, when eating and drinking, the card upstairs.

I especially like to play cards, especially women's neighbors, play cards to obsessed, as long as the organizational bureau, I will never have her.

As long as there is a little free time, always come to my house to drag my husband to play cards, I am embarrassed. Sometimes my husband doesn't have time, she will be dragged, I can't do it.

And her husband is my colleague, although I also like to play cards, but as long as it is a female neighbor at home, it is basically no position.

They played a card, they lived in the middle of the night, sometimes hit three or four o'clock in the morning.

After finishing the card, I always smoke, I don't like the smoking man, as long as the husband plays, I will consciously take a bed, don't let him join me.

Even if he takes a bath and can't wash the strong smoke.

The key to the key card is too long, directly affecting the rest, come back in the second half of the night, and directly affects my rest, I have proposed a few protests, but there is no effect, the play card, you are not used.

Every time I organize the license, there is no second half of night, my husband is not back.

This toss, don't use a break in one night.

I proposed to protest many times, they go out to play cards, throw me home, let me always be alone.

However, the effect is very small, there are several times, I even quarreled a few times with my husband, but the neighbors did not care about this, their group organizations.

I said this line, win the way, this family has children, and also needs to be tutoring, and more need to take care of the old man, how can I play cards every day.

I even went to my neighbors to present my opinion, but the people playing cards, but they still played them.

As a neighbor, I can't be too big, so let the neighbor joke.

In fact, it is now recalling, my opposition is still not strong enough. If I enhance their mahjong table a few times, I may have to change, but I am too taking care of the face, but let myself fall into endless trouble.

The husband of the door is also my classmate, I have opinions on this, but I can't stop my wife.

Sometimes, I will run to my house, talk together, talk together, sometimes bored, go out to take a walk together.

The same situation, let us have too many ideas exchanges, through a period of communication, there is a similar thing we have even have too many things.

The family members of the two obseudiments, throw us two people to see the child, sometimes the child is sleeping, they don't come back, I can't do it every day.

If we discuss, if you can, you will go home to talk about your respective family.

The result is minimal.

When I talk about the life of the two sides, I didn't think that the neighbors have the same feeling, saying that his wife often hits all night, and his big man is also alone.

Said, there is sometimes a consensus, but through the current point of view, there is no solution.

Who can get this life pattern.

I don't know why, maybe it is poor.

In our regular interaction, we have produced some sympathy and feelings.

It's too close to unknow.

After a period of communication, we have a thought of mutual comfort.

When I started, no one was embarrassed.

When I went out to take a walk with me, when I got a pain, I had embraced me.

Although I am very opposed to the bureau, my body has some reactions, but I know that we are dangerous. In case there is an accident, two families are not guaranteed.

But I have no ability to push away.

With the first time, there is a second time.

Although we all know the consequences of our doing, but in front of the reality, it is a lot of helplessness.

Judiliatably hugged from the beginning of a walk, to us, they play cards, we mood children, sitting at home.

Although I hang, I have passed for a long time, everyone is unanimous.

We all like this tacit understanding, sometimes the courage is bigger. But we all know what we do this is.

Usually we rarely be at home, just when you go out, express it, usually half of your home.

I rained outside that day, we can't go out, they organized play mahjong, I heard the male neighbors gently knocked on the door, I was happy to open the door, sitting and said, because we know, their bureau is generally not The second half of the night can't be complete.

So we boldly, sitting in the living room, even have some overused actions.

I didn't think that the outside door suddenly opened, my husband didn't know why, my stomach was not good, I was back, because he used the toilet that was not used to the door, but he saw that we were together. I got awkward.

After hearing the woman's neighbors, it was also a big noisy, and a community was quarrels.

This is a mask.

I am divorced calmly with my husband.

The husband and the neighbors of the door have also regretted that they have smashed the mahjong table and no longer come.

Because we are familiar, we can't leave, then re-combined with such people.

Two families are so destroyed.

We four, each moving out this community.

No longer exchange.

Recall this experience, all hurt.

I don't justify myself, things are like this, as long as you do it, you will be responsible for yourself, I hope some families have passed this story, a little alert, cherish their families and around people, don't wait, I will regret it.

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