Hunan women blocked by love, boyfriend mother, mother: she is for house

My son married, as a mother, it should be more happy and happy than my son, people often say that only children of the world, no parents, then if a mother obstructs the child's marriage, this is intended? ?

After graduating from Hunan Xinhao's Xiaolan (pseudonym), after graduation, he gave birth to a daughter. This child has been born for two months, but Xiaolan suddenly wants to divorce, and choose it. runaway. After Xiao Jun learned that his girlfriend was leaving, he immediately wanted to save his girlfriend.

It turned out that Xiaolan is angry with his own mother. Because the mother-in-law promised to give the color ceremony because of marriage, now the child has been born for two months or not to be honored, which makes Xiaolan feel that he has been deceived. Because Xiaolan has graduated from college, it has not officially prepared, in order to marry Xiaogang, but it is still a bit too early to have a child to Xiaolan. After all, two people have not worked, so when I first pregnant, Xiaolan didn't want this child. But the boyfriend doesn't give yourself a surgery, and ultimately can only have this daughter helpless.

In fact, the family's family conditions are not bad, although the mother is still married, but the Father has always raised Xiao Gang, and I have been a college graduation. For the marriage of Xiaogang, Xiao Gang's mother can't say, Xiao Gang The mother believes that all this is because Xiaolan will lead to his own parents to become like this. Although Xiaolan can do it, it is too violent, and the character is too extreme. So a family is not satisfied with Mranan, I want two people to get married after a stable work, but the son and Xiaolan are alone, and this makes the whole family.

And for the colorful gift money that Xiaolan, he didn't say it. I said that I waited until I retired, I will give Xiaolan gift, now two people can't afford to raise children, Zhang Dou is going to make small The just can't accept it, the most important thing is that Xiao Gang's mother and stepfather bought a new house, and left the old house to Xiaogang and live, this is already the biggest heart of the old couple.

In the eyes of the mother, Xiao Gang and Xiaolan are always unbelievable, Xiao just listened to Xiaolan's words, because they were angry, they were renovated at home, and Xiao Gang did not open the door, since then, Xiao just The mother who believes that Xiaolan said to Xiao Jun, this is the fact that Xiaolan is in front of him, so Xiao Jun has made his mother wrote a protocol, agreed to transfer the old house to himself. Such behavior makes the little mother annoyed.

Xiao Gang's mother believes that a big man should struggle against his own efforts, not to give all the stress to yourself, now they have two births, it is very likely to be a house. When I heard my mother-in-law, Xiaolan seems to be totally, because Mran Lan also believes that Xiao Jun has seen it in the future, even if it is a child, but also choose to give up this feelings. After all, if there is no shelter of my mother-in-law, I can take responsibility for my husband and father in the next day.

After the mediation consultation, Xialan said that he would reconsider the feelings of two people and the future, after all, two people have been together for many years, and they can't let go, and now there is a child. Just hope that Xiaogang can take responsibility as a man, instead of fearing the shrinking hiding behind his parents.

Some people say "there are too many people in this incident, and things are naturally stronger. In fact, it is very simple, my mother is willing to provide the room, I am willing to help, the two sons are grateful, live in and slowly take the day. May Girl The mother's family is ignorant, and the two children are stupid to force the male mother. Xiao just too lacks, listening to Xiaoli, it is reasonable to go to this point. "

Some people say "In fact, Xiao Jun can still, Xiaolan is not wrong, Xiao Gang also knows to retain your girlfriend, still hold her daughter want a home. It is too young, the wings are unbairy, if you can get together for three years, for children Going to school, it will be a happy home. "

Others say "I have just caught a good brand, but I played a bad brand, not only didn't give you a mother, but also for what you want, what is the mother, the family is not easy, it is also a mother, son. I would like to thank my mother to fund themselves. Instead of being asked. "

The author thinks that there is no mistake in this matter, Xiaogang is too young, excessive relying on the mother, if Xiao Just is not married, maybe the mother is still willing to help, but Xiaogang is almost married and born, not going to work It is still here to compete for a house, perhaps this is the reason why a mother is disappointing or even despair. Because of this matter, the core is Xiao Gang. All this is also the responsibility of Xiaogang. No matter whether the two ports will be returned to the future, I hope that Xiaogang can take the responsibility as a man. After all, two people are also college graduates. It is not difficult to find a stable job. If Xiaolan is willing to forgive Xiaogang, I believe that Xiao Gang will definitely vain, and will not repeat the same mistakes.

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